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TV listings and previews: plan your week's viewing - 17-21 September

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Good Cop, Leaving, and Parade's End jostle for attention with documentaries, and Celebrity MasterChef, in the TV week ahead

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MondayMasters of Money

9pm, BBC2

Debut of a three-part series presented by the BBC's economics editor, Stephanie Flanders, pondering in turn the relevance of three economic philosophers. The next two episodes will consider the legacies of Marx and Hayek, but tonight it's the turn of John Maynard Keynes. Flanders argues that we are living through the supreme test of Keynes's core belief: that the best way for a broke nation to stimulate growth is to spend yet more of the money it doesn't have. Keynes also bequeathed the supreme caution against overly utopian economic planning: "In the long run," he observed, "we are all dead." Andrew Mueller


9pm, ITV1

The passionate affair between middle-aged hotel manageress Julie (Helen McCrory) and studenty staff member Aaron (Callum Turner
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Gok Wan to host new Channel 4 dating series 'Baggage'

Gok Wan has signed up to host a new Channel 4 dating show. The How To Look Good Naked presenter will front Baggage, an eight-part series set to air later this year. The show will see contestants choose potential romantic partners by revealing their secrets and personality traits, which are hidden in suitcases. Wan's appointment is said to be Channel 4's next step of making him a more general presenter, rather than just fronting fashion programmes. His most recent show saw him practising his culinary skills in Gok Cooks Chinese. Other new shows coming to Channel 4 include The Anti Social Network, a cross-platform (more)
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Gok Wan: 'I will die of embarrassment if I get called a TV chef'

Gok Wan: 'I will die of embarrassment if I get called a TV chef'
Gok Wan has insisted that he is not a TV chef. The presenter is currently hosting new Channel 4 series Gok Cooks Chinese, which showcases his passion for Chinese food and culture. However, he has revealed that he would "die of embarrassment" if he were called a TV chef. "Not because it's a bad thing. Just because I'm not really. I'm a cook and I do my job on the telly," he told Pa. Talking about his cooking past, he (more)
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TV highlights 04/06/2012

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Great British Menu | The Diamond Jubilee Concert | Gok Cooks Chinese | Revenge | Game Of Thrones | Surviving Progress

Great British Menu

7pm, BBC2

The current series of this cooking challenge has an Olympic theme, but if you don't grasp that immediately, there are enough references to "Olympian cooking", "gold medal food" and so on to leave you in no doubt. Interestingly, there's a new tactical, sudden-death element to the final week: not all the chefs will be cooking all of their dishes. If the judges didn't like the dish before, and the cook hasn't sufficiently tweaked it, they won't be getting a second chance to cook it. Airs throughout the week. John Robinson

The Diamond Jubilee Concert

7.30pm, BBC1

As with anything described as "the brainchild of Gary Barlow", this big gig could go either way. If you can gather four generations of slightly tipsy family round the box, there's plenty to
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Diamond jubilee TV guide – picks for royalists and republicans

Whether you want an escape from union flag bunting or wall to wall royals, we have the perfect TV guide for this diamond jubilee holiday weekend

The diamond jubilee is going to be everywhere this weekend – the shops will be covered in Union Jacks, there'll easily be enough bunting to garrotte the entire population twice, and television will be rammed with it. However, it won't be entirely impossible to avoid. So allow me to present two bank holiday TV guides, one for royalists and one for republicans...


Royalists will have slim pickings. Pretty much the only piece of serious diamond jubilee coverage comes in the form of How To Paint A Queen: A Culture Show Special (BBC2, 8:20pm). It isn't about Queen Elizabeth exclusively – technically it's more about Britain's relationship with women and power – but fret not. Your time will come.

Republicans however, can go crazy. The Cube
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