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  • The kids of New Directions go head-to-head in their annual boys vs. girls mash-up competition using the music of the movies. Santana's snooping results in two shocking discoveries. Will's weekly assignment for New Directions is to choose aspirational songs from their favorite movies, and he pits the boys against the girls in a Glee Club mash-up competition. Snowed in at their New York apartment, Santana continues to ruffle her new roommates' feathers. When her snooping reveals two shocking discoveries, it leads to speculation about one cohabitant, and elicits a difficult confession from another. Meanwhile, Finn tries to locate Emma; Rachel, Finn and Marley each make risky confessions with varying degrees of success; and a secret about Brody is revealed. The glee club's latest assignment is to choose a song from a movie and the members of New Directions sing the hit series' landmark 500th musical performance with their rendition of the "Animal House" anthem "Shout." Meanwhile in New York, Santana makes herself at home in the loft a little too quickly for Rachel and Kurt's comfort.

  • As everyone recovers from Will and Emma's wedding, the Glee Club members are tasked with performing their favorite movie songs.


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  • This week's theme is songs from movies. It will be mashups and feature a girls vs. boys competition. Artie is working on a movie and said he'll offer staring rolls to the winning team.

    Finn takes Will aside and asks how he's doing. Will says he's giving Emma some space but Finn thinks he should be more proactive.

    Finn asks Sue about Emma and learns only that she's cashed in all of her vacation days. He then goes to Artie and asks for help with the search. Artie thinks they should go to Emma's parents.

    The kids agree to do a combo song with everybody in the same song as a warm-up. They pick Animal House and perform Shout.

    Santana is snowed in with Kurt, Rachel and Adam. Rachel is getting a little tired of Santana. They watch Moulin Rouge. We see Kurt and Blaine on a rooftop singing Come What May. It is a daydream from Kurt, who is now weepy. Santana stands up and tells the group she thinks Brody is weird, using as evidence the $1,200 in cash and pager she found in his room. She thinks he's a drug dealer.

    Artie and Finn bring Emma's parents into the school under false pretenses. They say Artie needs help with his college essay and they ask for Emma's address.

    Rachel calls Brody to see where he is. He makes up a fishy-sounding excuse and Kurt tells Santana he agrees with her.

    The guys perform a mashup of Danger Zone and Old Time Rock and Roll. The crowd loves it.

    Before the girls' performance Marley confides in Kitty and she kissed Ryder. The girls performance combines Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend and Material Girl.

    Adam asks Kurt if he still loves Blaine and wonders if he was his rebound. Kurt says he wants to be over Blaine and Adam says he's taking them to movie.

    Finn tells Will that Emma is staying with her sister. Will doesn't think she wants him there but Finn insists he should go to her.

    Will stands outside Emma's window and sings In Your Eyes with the Glee kids backing him up. He holds up a boombox, Say Anything-style and she smiles. He asks her to come down so he can tell her how much he loves her. Emma admits she didn't feel like she knew him anymore when he came back to town. Will thinks they should start from scratch, beginning with a movie that weekend.

    Santana confronts Rachel about finding her pregnancy test. Rachel bursts into tears and Santana comforts her.

    Jake admits to Marley that the romantic Valentine's Day stuff came from Ryder. He comes up with the idea of recreating the Unchained Melody scene from Ghost. She starts to imagine Ryder being there with her. After he sings she pulls away from him and admits to the kiss with Ryder. Jake walks out.

    The entire club is named winner of the contest and Artie will find room for all of them in his movie. Will takes Finn into the hallway and thanks him for saving the day. Will thinks what happened might make their relationship stronger. Finn then blurts out that he kissed Emma. He apologizes but Will walks away without saying anything.

    The episode ends with the kids performing Footloose.

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