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Is this a worthy successor to the Premiere?
MovieFinatic7 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
And you didn't think Season 7 could get any better? Think again!

Sunshine and Frosty Swirl deliverers greatness, in an episode with no plot holes, inconsistencies or bad monologues. Written By Manny Coto and Directed by Steve Shill; they create a florid episode, matched with brilliant cinematography.

One thing that I am serious about in the episode is it's perfection. Perfect cinematography, great writing and direction as well as fantastic editing. I loved how they were able to mix great sound tracks from the first and second season of Dexter, making it feel very original and also making it feel as if the show has gone back to it's extenuating roots.

The episode begins exactly where the Premiere ends, and doesn't fail to deliver; as Dexter gives up everything on his past victims and nearly contemplates him being the Bay Harbour Butcher. Through all this James Doake's is once again mentioned which is great for fans and is a fantastic plot line. Though what really had me going this episode was Louis; We learn't a lot more about his personality and his motives.

Ray Stevenson's character Isaak, is introduced and we find out as the audience that he is much more that just a rich man, he is a ruthless and capable of murder. As we find out more about him with divulge into his background and the Mob.

Overall, this episode in my opinion took crown over the Premiere; thanks to it's brilliant dialogue and it's perfect writing and directing.

I am happy to give this episode of Dexter a 10/10. This season so far is shaping up to be one of the best yet.
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Blood Attraction
Claudio Carvalho24 July 2014
Dexter is forced to disclose his urge for blood to Debra after her discovery of his weapons and souvenirs. Debra decides to keep the secret and heal her brother. Dexter is forced to move to her house, since she wants to keep eyes on him twenty-four hours per day. LaGuerta secretly investigates the blood slide. Meanwhile Dexter is curious about Louis Greene and how much he knows about his secret life. Dexter finds a means to escape from Debra's surveillance when a serial-killer discloses the place where one of his victims is buried. Dexter is assigned to be there with the man and in the lunchtime he threatens Louis. Meanwhile, Angel and Quinn give successive raids in the strip clubs expecting to find an informer to give a clue to Mike Anderson's killer. However Dexter has killed Viktor Baskov and the owner of the strip clubs Isaak Sirko comes from Ukraine to know what happened to Viktor.

"Sunshine and Frosty Swirl" is an emotional episode of Dexter, with Debra acknowledging Dexter's dark passenger and trying to impose a new code for him. Louis seems to be an evil spoiled man and he has challenged the wrong man. LaGuerta's agenda with the blood slide is a mystery. Isaak Sirko seems to be a big shot of the Ukraine mafia. Dexter feels some identification with Wayne Randall and in the end it seems that he attracts blood. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Luz do Sol e Sorvete" ("Sunshine and Ice-Cream")
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Dexter S07E02. A nice Follow-Up.
ShaShank_MovieFreak8 October 2012
This episode starts with Dexter confessing to Deb about his dark passenger and Deb imposing new code for him to follow. Also, there are some developments regarding the case of Kaja's murder.

There were some good moments of humor b/w Deb and Dexter, which I better not spoil here. However, what stands out is the climax, which was totally unexpected and packs a good enough emotional punch. The acting of Michael Hall was outstanding in some scenes and some scenes between him and his sister Deb were really heart-wrenching. This season sure is gonna have the highest amount of emotional content than all the other previous seasons.

A very nice episode. I'm wondering what the writers will come up with for the various story lines in the next episodes. Can't wait until the next Sunday.
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Dexter Sunshine and Frosty Swirl
dalydj-918-2551757 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Last week when Deb found all of Dexter's weapons he tells her that he only kills certain people because of a code their dad thought him. Dexter learns from Masuka that the hand evidence he is looking for was sold online by an ex-employee that he had to fire. Debra really wants to find the murderer of her cop friend. Debra try's top get Dexter to get treatment and stop with the killing but he believes he cannot do that because he feels he needs to kill these bad people. The police go back to the strip club announcing they are back. Quinn then starts talking to one of the dancers only to be interrupted by some important information. Dexter moves in with Debra and she is keeping an even closer eye on him. Debra starts to ask him a lot of questions about what the feeling of killing is. The force investigating the case believe they have a witness but the security tapes establish that he was not lying where he was. When Dexter wants to do something he now must have his sister watch where he goes but she gets caught up giving him the time to get away from her. Dexter learns Lewis was the one who canceled his credit cards last week but before he can look at more Lewis comes home so he stays to look at more forcing him into the wall. Lewis tells him he was messing with Dexter was because of a game. When the club is checked again nothing turns up but after they leave a conversation happens between the owner and someone who seems very suspicious. LaGuerta seems to be getting close to something as she know has samples of blood getting closer maybe the finding out about what Dexter does. Dexter has to drug Debra's beef so he can get to the killing of Lewis. When he try's to kill he has to right Debra because he promised her he would not. She gets there and he tells her that he went out to kill again. It seems that the villain for this season has killed his first person the witness in the police murder case. The prisoner that told Dexter it's OK to kill ends up killing himself because he didn't want to go back to prison. Another nice episode with the Dexter/Debra stuff being the most interesting to me.

EPISODE GRADE: B+ (MVP: Michael C. Hall)
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