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Interview with American Horror House Actress Isabel Cueva

After the recession hit and acting jobs were leaving for out of state incentives, American Horror House actress Isabel Cueva took matters into her own hands, and completely transformed herself as the star, director, writer, and producer of a short film which brought her international attention. The multi-talented filmmaker tells CineMovie why she re-evaluated her career when the economy took a dive.

After gaining attention as the star of her short film, In The Name Of Freedom, Isabel opened up more doors for herself as an actress including starring on Syfy’s original film, American Horror House with Morgan Fairchild where she hints she may be doing a bit of the scaring.

Her upcoming projects also include working opposite Luis Guzman, Terry Crews, and Eugenio Derbez in the upcoming Lionsgate/Pantelion film Aztec Warrior, with Danny Trejo in Showtime’s American Flyer, and

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American Horror House with Alessandra Torresani airs on Syfy tonight

American Horror House starring Morgan Fairchild and Alessandra Torresani premieres tonight at 9/8c on Syfy.


On Halloween night a sorority house is overrun with ghosts while a vengeful housemother goes on a killing spree. The American Horror House Original Movie is directed by Darin Scott (Dark House) and stars Morgan Fairchild and Alessandra Torresani.Entertainment Weekly says:

Continuing Syfy's schlock legacy, Horror pits buxom sorority pledges against an evil housemother (Morgan Fairchild) who's harvesting the souls of unfortunate visitors. The gore, acting, and screenplay are decidedly camp — which I suspect is kind of the point — making for silly, brainless Halloween fun. And to prove it's ultra-contemporary, it's all set to dubstep! No, really.

And from Shock Till You Drop:

American Horror House works because it does not take itself seriously and has modest ambitions. With healthy doses of sniping sorority girls and plenty of pop culture references, very often it is intentionally funny.
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Syfy Tonight: Morgan Fairchild Discusses 'American Horror House'

Syfy's 13th Day of Halloween proves dreadfully unlucky for the partygoers and sorority pledges in tonight's original movie, American Horror House. Morgan Fairchild and Alessandra Torresani co-star in this ghostly tale directed by Darin Scott (Femme Fatales, Dark House).

Last week screen icon Morgan Fairchild spoke with reporters about her wide-ranging career, this film and what it was like making it.

She began by revealing her fandom for these kinds of films, which was the primarily reason she agreed to play Ms. Margot here. "I must confess I’m quite a devotee of the Syfy movie channel. I watch Syfy movies on the weekends. I’ve always enjoyed these kinds of fun movies. Even when I'm not at home, my boyfriend knows to record their new nine o'clock movies for me every Saturday. I like monsters and ghosts and I’m a big vampire fan. I loved Dracula and Frankenstein and all of that.
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Exclusive: Isabel Cueva Talks American Horror House; New Clip and Photo

With Syfy’s Original Movie American Horror House debuting tomorrow, October 13th, at 9Pm, we caught up with Latin actress Isabel Cueva, who stars alongside Morgan Fairchild and Alessandra Torresani in the Darin Scott-directed ghost flick.

Cueva, who previously appeared in Jack the Reaper and will next appear alongside Danny Trejo in American Flyer, said of her experience with American Horror House, “I love playing dramatic characters, and I loved the experience of playing a character that changes throughout the story; the killer in this movie is very creative in the way he/she kills! You will see people die, but not in the common ways we see in horror films, and while I don’t get to do any screaming, I do cry.”

Check out the exclusive clip and photo below as well as the trailer for American Horror House.


On Halloween night a sorority house is
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Morgan Fairchild's 'road to bitchdom' highlights American Horror House for Syfy (Video)

In Syfy's original movie, American Horror House, the hottest sorority house on campus has a killer secret - and the queen of wicked antagonists, Morgan Fairchild, is square in the center. American Horror House premieres Saturday, October 13 at 9/8c as part of the network.s 31 Days of Halloween. Morgan Fairchild, who stars in the Syfy original movie family film about a haunted sorority house. Morgan Fairchild is cast as House mother Ms. Margot, the catalyst described as pure evil. This is no "American Horror Story," and is completely suitable for family viewing. Written by Anthony Ferrante and directed by Darin Scott, American Horror House is a tale of a little girl murdering her parents in bed (because
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TV on Tap: NBC Sets a Date for "Mockingbird Lane," a Soap Great Comes Out, and Is Colton Haynes Leaving "Teen Wolf"?

New episodes of Degrassi return with an awkward family dinner.


The internet was in shock yesterday as reports broke saying that Colton Haynes is leaving Teen Wolf, though producers denied the report. E! adds that the show decided to move on because Haynes' team took took long to respond to an offer for Haynes to stick around for two more seasons.

It's official, NBC announced that it will air the Mockingbird Lane pilot on October 26, leading into that synergestic Halloween episode of Grimm. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed it pulls a Nightingales and does well enough to get a series order (though I hope it turns out to be a better series than Nightingales).

In a bit of small mercy, TNT has cancelled the reality competition series The Great Escape. It was a great concept and they had some terrific locations for challenges but what was on screen
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Women to Watch: Isabel Cueva, Award Winning

Isabel Cueva and I met in 2010 at Laliff where her short In the Name of Freedom showed. Since then she has been busy writing a script she plans to direct. It's good to see a Latina sister moving ahead in the film industry, not an easy task.

Now Syfy Network has announced its line up for their Annual 31 days of Halloween, and making it into the line up is Syfy’s original film, American Horror House, directed by Darin Scott. This Latina Actress, is one of the stars along with Morgan Fairchild and Alessandra Torresani. It premieres Saturday October 13 at 9Pm/8Pm Cst.

Cueva has also recently wrapped the upcoming Lionsgate/Pantelion film, Aztec Warrior, opposite Luis Guzman, Terry Crews and Eugenio Derbez, to be released in 2013.

The stunning, multi-talented, beauty is also an awarded film director, producer, and recipient of the Alma and Cine Golden Eagle award. She has also been lauded with several Best Actress, Best Writer, and Best Short film awards and nominations for her directorial debut film In the Name of Freedom which is now in global distribution.

Isabel has worked opposite Danny Trejo on American Flyer, which is scheduled for airing on Showtime, she can also be seen in Jack The Reaper available on DVD.

Isabel is currently a series regular on the comedy international pilot/web series Hollywood Angels and has recently been attached as the lead in the Indie feature Shallow Water (

The American Horror House:

On Halloween night, a sorority house is overrun with ghosts, while a vengeful housemother goes on a killing spree.


Directed by Darin Scott

Produced by Active Entertainment.

Starring, Morgan Fairchild, Alessandra Torresani and Isabel Cueva.
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Review: American Horror House

If you are looking for something original or suspenseful, do not bother with the Syfy Channel’s American Horror House, airing on Saturday, October 13th as part of the network’s 31 Days of Halloween.

However, if you happen to be in the mood for some goofy fun and, generally speaking, enjoy Syfy fare, look no further.

Penned by Syfy veteran Anthony Ferrante (Haunted High, Leprechaun’s Revenge, Headless Horseman) and directed by Darin Scott, who helmed Dark House and co-wrote Tales from the Hood, American Horror House is a convoluted mess. It kicks off with a little girl murdering her parents in bed and immediately jumps to the present. Who they all were and when the murders occurred is unclear.

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Trailer Debut for SyFy's American Horror House

On October 13th, SyFy will debut the original film American Horror House from director Darin Scott.  Scott previously penned Tales from the Hood and directed Dark House and a number of Femme Fatales episodes for Cinemax.

For his latest offering, he pulls together a cast that includes Morgan Fairchild and Alessandra Torresani.  The film is set against the backdrop of Halloween night (naturally) and a sorority house is overrun with ghosts.  Meanwhile, a vengeful housemother goes on a killing spree.

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A Trailer Moves In for Syfy's American Horror House

Earlier today we got word that Syfy will be premiering its Original Movie American Horror House on Saturday, October 13th, as part of the network's annual 31 Days of Halloween, and now a trailer for the film has arrived.


On Halloween night, a sorority house is overrun with ghosts, while a vengeful housemother goes on a killing spree. The American Horror House Original Movie is directed by Darin Scott (Dark House) and stars Morgan Fairchild and Alessandra Torresani.

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Syfy Announces 31 Days of Halloween Lineup; Highlights Include Original Movies American Horror House and Rise of the Zombies

Syfy has announced its full "31 Days of Halloween" lineup, and the highlights include a special holiday episode of "Paranormal Witness" and Original Movies American Horror House and Rise of the Zombies.

From the Press Release:

For the second straight year, Syfy will serve as tour guide to Halloween in New York City with its imaginative 31 Days of HalloweeNYC, a multi-media, on-the-ground partnership with NYC & Company, the city’s official marketing, tourism and partnership organization.

To expand Syfy’s annual 31 Days of Halloween programming spook-a-thon into the streets of New York, the channel will unleash a rocking three-day Syfy Halloween NYC Fest in Manhattan’s Flatiron Plaza featuring music to face painting, along with a first time retail partnership with Spirit Halloween and support of 14 New York City Parks Department holiday events from Pooch Parade to Shocktoberfest and the annual Central Park Pumpkin Festival.

As well, 31 Days of HalloweeNYC will enrich
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Syfy’s 31 Days of Halloween Kicks Off With an Abduction

Technically, Syfy‘s 31 Days of Halloween celebration started on Monday, but it really gets going tonight with the broadcast premiere of a special 90-minute episode of Paranormal Witness, “The Abduction.” Based on the 1975 UFO abduction case in Arizona, this docudrama will have you glued to your viewing device. It is astoundingly good.

At the other end of the month we’ll get to vote on the Face Off winner. In between will be episodes of Ghost Hunters and Syfy Original Movies and of course, the very excellent Haven.

TV Spot: Syfy – 31 Days of Halloween

Click here to view the embedded video.

31 Days Of Halloween

Premieres Monday, October 1 running through Wednesday, October 31 – Syfy’s annual month-long spook-a-thon showcases ghoulish programming from original series, original movies and theatrical films, concluding with a live Halloween episode of Face Off.

Paranormal Witness (Special Extended Episode)

Premieres Wednesday, October 3 at 10Pm – For the first time,
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Syfy Announces 2012 Fall Schedule

Syfy Announces 2012 Fall Schedule

Syfy has announced a slate of fall programming that is set to include two new shows, the return of four shows, and several new movies, as well as a live finale for a viewer favorite.

Hot Set will be the first new fall show to premiere on Syfy this year, debuting on Tuesday, September 18th at 10:00 following Face Off. It will bring together amateur set designers and challenge them to build extravagant, movie-ready sets before revealing them to an esteemed panel of judges. The other newcomer to the network will be Viral Video Showdown, set to premiere Tuesday, October 30th at 10:00. Each week, two teams of viral video creators will go head-to-head in creating a video based on a theme and try to impress the panel of judges with their creativity and originality.

The eighth season of Ghost Hunters premieres Wednesday, September 5th at
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Teen Who Wanted Racy High School Yearbook Photo Arrested With Her Mom

18-year-old Sydney Spies, the Colorado teen who gained national attention earlier in 2012 after submitting a photo of herself that was deemed too racy for the Durango High School yearbook, has been arrested along with her mother.

According to The Durango Herald Sydney and her 45-year-old mother Denise "Miki" Spies have both been arrested after police busted a party at the home of Miki Spies, who was home at the time of the party, where "numerous" underage partygoers were drinking alcohol.

Sydney is accused of attempting to block a police officer from entering the house while her mother is accused of refusing to give her name and identification and when police attempted to question her further she allegedly "broke into a full sprint" for her front door. After a brief struggle, police arrested Miki in her bedroom after she attempted to slam the door on the police.

Sydney faces a single
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Danny Bonaduce and Barry Williams in 'Bigfoot, no miss Syfy Saturday film (Video)

Syfy's "Bigfoot," starring Danny Bonaduce and Barry Williams airs June 30th. June on Syfy means it's time for escapist popcorn fare, over-the top-summer flicks for families; the big, special-effects-driven movies you have come to love. So far we have seen Arachnoquake, Jersey Shore Shark Attack, Swamp Shark and SwampVolcano. CGI B-Movie masterpieces that really have the creatures jumping out at you. The Partridge Family-Brady Bunch history of the actors just makes it all the more delicious. In the Fall, Syfy will offer darker original films including American Horror House, with Morgan Fairchild and Alessandra Torresani, and Dead Walking, with LeVar Burton and Mariel Hemingway.
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Sydney Spies gets Syfy movie deal out of racy yearbook photo

  • Pop2it
Sydney Spies, the Durango, Colo., teenager who claimed her freedom of speech was impinged on when her high school yearbook rejected a racy photo that she wanted to use as her portrait, will appear in an upcoming made-for-Syfy movie, she says on her Facebook page.

"Making a movie for the SyFy channel," she writes. "It's a small role but I'm excited for the opportunity!"

She says she got the opportunity after an appearance on NBC's "Today" show.

"The head of the Syfy network said he wanted me to be in a movie," she tells Denver's WestWord. "So they got hold of me and my mom and flew me out to Louisiana."

Spies will play a sorority girl in the movie, which is tentatively titled either "Final Initiation" or "American Horror House" and co-stars Morgan Fairchild. Spies, however, won't share any details about the movie, including whether or not her character dies.
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Friday updates: previews, new projects and interviews

The usual Friday round, with more updates coming later this weekend.

Mary McDonnell has joined both Twitter and Facebook this week. Hit the links to follow her.

If IMDb is anything to go by, Hiro Kanagawa makes an appearance in tonight's episode of Fairly Legal, "Ripple of Hope." He will also be appearing in Robert Redford's upcoming thriller The Company You Keep, as "FBI Agent Kanagawa."

Deadline reported this week that Grimm writers are already working on the show's second season, which might be premiering sooner than expected, in August. Here is the synopsis for tonight's episode:

Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) are called to investigate the mysterious death of a wealthy matriarch, after her stepdaughter loses everything in a Ponzi scheme. Meanwhile, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) does some digging into the mysterious death of Nick’s parents in an effort to help him find closure. Silas Weir Mitchell,
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