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  • The American Syfy channel doesn't just air material that is produced by third parties but does also launch own projects in cooperation with production companies. One of these is Active Entertainment, which has produced several genre films like Ghostquake. And they obviously supply other distribution channels, as well, and not all of them are as liberal as Syfy when it comes to violent content. This is why some of the company's films get a second version which is considerably more harmless. For example, Ghostquake has a way more tame alternate version called Haunted High (which we already did a comparison of).

    Another example of this practice is the horror film American Horror House which is a surprisingly decent effort for TV purposes and has some quite graphic slasher ingredients. Here, we have a very heavily edited alternate version that goes by the name Paranormal Initiation. Apart from many simple cuts, we also get to see usage of harmless alternate material so that the sight of bloody details is avoided as thoroughly as possible.


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