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Really Interesting

Author: HerveVillechaize from Los Angeles, CA
16 January 2013

One of the myths about Hollywood is you're either a star or a failed actor but then there's the working actor, where it's a job and you make a living (sometimes by the skin of your teeth). I was pleasantly surprised by this documentary; the stories these actors tell are oddly compelling and you get a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff, like I thought it was funny to learn that a series like Law & Order will use the same actor in different roles over the run of the show.

The interviews feel conversational, like you're just hanging out hearing war stories from these guys. I hope they make one about female actors too. That could be interesting, to see a woman's take on the business.

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A fantastic documentary

Author: neillewis-1 from United States
27 January 2013

Insightful and entertaining - a very satisfying window into the industry. A must-see for anybody contemplating embarking upon an acting career! And I can't imagine a more interesting "rogue's gallery" of actors - there wasn't a single face whose work I hadn't seen (and appreciated) somewhere before, and it was refreshing to hear them interviewed "out of character", just being themselves. "I kind of look like an a--hole, so that's what I get hired to play." Priceless! I could have listened to "those guys" tell stories all day long. My only gripe - there must be a follow-up featuring the ladies in the works, right?

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If you like looking behind the curtain - this is the movie for you

Author: bill-welsh from United States
22 January 2013

If you are one of those people that opens their Christmas gifts early or looks up magic tricks on the internet, you will enjoy this movie.

That Guy...Who Was in That Thing is an in-depth collection of seamless interviews, stories and recollections from an amazing group of true actors, those professionals that have been in everything from stage to television to film. I found their stories fascinating and enjoyed the style where the filmmakers didn't allow you to hear the questions posed - you only heard the principals.

These truly are those guys that you've seen play the president, the politician, the evil boss or the bumbling best friend. You can never quite remember their names, but you remember their faces - and their performances. After watching this, and experiencing their spellbinding tales of "the real Hollywood", I guarantee you will remember their names.

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Fantastic documentary

Author: Mapr1216 from United States
23 January 2013

Excellent well organized documentary. It was really nice to watch and hear the real life of these actors that we see all the time in movies and TV. The information about their daily lives, frustrations, happiness and accomplishments makes us realize that actors are humans too.. These are really the actors that make the movies., TV series and entertainment. thought most of the time we don't know their names we do recognize them when we see them. I encourage every single art student and aspiring actors to watch these excellent work. For those who really have the dream and hope to work and make a living out ot this profession I think this documentary gives them the reality and encouragement that it can be done but you have to have patience, and never,never give up! Hope they will always be working. The Director did a very good job, the script was well organized, informative and interesting. Thank you,

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Author: christiangmonzon
23 January 2013

I'm grateful to the director for introducing me to this film. Moving and encouraging, but above all inspiring. Every actor should watch this, and everybody who loves actors should watch this. It will open your eyes to the dedication and effort it takes to make it as an actor. You might not know their names, but the face is unmistakable. Often times we, as the audience, forget that the story wouldn't be a story without the supporting cast. There are many memorable roles etched in film history, by several of these actors. It was awesome to hear their account of their journey. To anyone trying to make it in Hollywood or is thinking about taking the leap, this is a must see. You will see stories of overcoming adversities in everyone of their eyes. A reminder to those of us that has ever stepped on a stage or hit a mark in front of a lens that its not about the destination, its all about the journey. Thanks Ian, for sharing this with me...hell of a job.

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A Must See for the Young Aspiring Actor ...

Author: meh 2k from ATLANTA, Georgia
22 January 2013

This should be mandatory viewing for any young person that wants to be an actor, and thinks that he/she can be the next Tom Cruise or Julia Roberts by just getting on a bus and moving to Los Angeles.

The candor and honesty of the actors in this documentary reveal the reality of what it takes, and what it's like to endure in this line of business over a lifetime.

They are like the plumbers and electricians of the acting world. We may not know their names, but they have certainly made a better world for all of us in the world of entertainment.

Their common thread: the ability to withstand hardship and adversity, and still have a sense of humor...

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Wonderful doc, but surprised there was only one actor of color...

Author: porterkelly from Los Angeles, CA
9 June 2013

I really really liked it, but I thought it was bizarre that there was only one guy of color, Rick Worthy (who was my fave, BTW). I get why they didn't include women, perhaps...different can of worms/maybe they're working on the female version... But, really? Only one guy of color? I mean...what about Frankie Faison? Freddy Rodriguez? Giancarlo Esposito? Graham Greene? James Hong? Iqbal Theba? Again, don't get me wrong. I really liked it. It's not even a complaint so much as something that just struck me as odd.

And, hey, I will watch all the sequels they want to make..."That Chick From...," "More of Those Guys..." (with a little more ethnic variety mixed in), "That Kid from That Show,"..."That Dog From..." (ok, maybe that one's taking it a little far...haha!) Anyway, I really did enjoy it. What a lovely group of guys with wonderful stories. It made me like them even more...however, I still only know a couple of their names. Haha! As a few of them said, though, that's really the perfect place to be. :)

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Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
30 June 2013

"That Guy...Who Was in That Thing" is a great documentary for film buffs but is probably something that the average person might not care to see. But, since I love films, I love the idea of learning more about some of the familiar supporting actors that are ubiquitous--the guys whose names you usually don't know. The movie stars about a dozen of these folks who talk about a wide variety of topics. And, since there is no narrator, the film seems, at times, a bit directionless--more just musings about their lives, careers, the ups and the downs. This same lack of direction does, after a while, make the film seem a bit overlong--though still interesting if you can stick with it.

By the way, I would love to see a sequel--one in which they progressively give the actors more and more and more alcohol in order to find out what they REALLY think. Also, interestingly, no female actors were interviewed.

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The Good & Bad of Being That Guy

Author: dmisgr8 from United States
15 January 2013

It was amazing to see all these wonderful actors, that I've seen a hundred times before on T.V. and movies. While I might not have known everyone of there names I knew who they were and what impact that they have all made on the industry as a whole. For without these actors the movies/TV shows wouldn't be what they are and for that I thank them all for all there hard work and dedication they have given this industry. So next time you are watching a show and wonder who the non-main characters are take a moment and look them up and be thankful they are such awesome and talented people :) I cant wait to see what the future holds for all of these guys, but I hope they are around for a very long time.

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completely unvarnished and straight forward

Author: oscar-35 from working in Movieland
15 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*Spoiler/plot- That Guy..who was in that Thing, 2012. An exploration of recognizable, but often not famous guest stars or day players in Hollywood.

*Special Stars-Xander Berkeley, Bruce Davidson, Craig Fairbass, Zack Grenier, Paul Guilfoyle, Gregory Itzin, Zeljko Ivanek, Robert Joy, Stanley Kamel, JC Mackenzie, Matt Malloy, Timothy Omundson.

*Theme- There are no small actors, just small roles.

*Trivia/location/goofs- Hollywood and New York.

*Emotion- For people interested in character actors and how they got into and maintain work in The Biz, this film is wonderfully informative and humorous. The direct accounts from these many male actors is completely unvarnished and straight forward to hear. Such a pleasure to view this film for any actor in the audience.

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