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One of the best series this season

Author: lynne_ryan from Vancouver Canada
8 July 2014

I love Murder in the First. Other reviewers have complained about it's slow pace but I like the fact that the story takes it's time to be told. It's a cat and mouse game with lots of twists and turns. It's not a cookie cutter model of network TV (a good thing!). The characters are well developed. Taye Diggs and Katherine Robertson are an unlikely pairing but it works. The other characters complement these two and it's an interesting dynamic. Stephen Boccho is a master and it's good to see him back. I have recommended this show to my friends and family and hope it's renewed for next season. Monday night is now my favourite night for TV watching.

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Not what I expected

Author: alannon19 from United States
10 June 2014

I went into this thinking it was just another Law & Order clone, like a million other shows out there these days, and I suppose I was somewhat pleasantly surprised.

The main detectives, played by Taye Diggs and Kathleen Robertson, don't initially seem like that great of a combination. She is a single mom who seems to have trouble with even getting a date, and he is married to a dying woman which is putting a lot of strain on his job, and that was primarily the focus of the show. The crime itself seemed to be secondary in nature, which is weird considering the name of the show, but most of time was dedicated to fleshing out the detectives and their lives.

Usually, that would cheese me off; I generally only watch these for interesting homicides and those classic action scenes we all know and love, but this was an interesting change of pace. At the end I found myself wondering if Diggs was going to be alright rather than how their case was going, and I think I can live with that.

I would have given the show higher marks, but I honestly do want to see a bit more action out of this first. Once they pick up the pace a little bit, this might easily turn into a new favorite.

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Fairly good first show, has potential

Author: gramboo from United States
16 June 2014

I disagree with most of the other reviews. I thought it was a fine show. I'm happy to see Tommie Schlamme and the rest of the group together again. Nothing can please everybody first time out. I like getting to know the back story on the various characters, it forms more interest for me. Looks like this is a summer replacement, because when I looked it up on IMDb, the three stars are listed for 10 shows, perfect for summer, but it is certainly better than a lot of the other stuff on TV at this time. I like Taye Diggs and hope to see a lot more of Ian Anthony Dale. I don't know anything about the young leading lady, but like her for my first look, although I do agree about the gun being in a bad place, although as I said, nothing is perfect. Good luck to the show.

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In a word BORING!

Author: snowdogmom-710-805503 from United States
10 June 2014

I agree with jseymour-23-736835. Boring. I had trouble sitting through it until the end and then the story continues next week! None of the actors brought me in to watch this. I just normally like this type of show. However there was nothing different about this procedural that would make me want to watch. The characters were not really interesting just mundane dealing with the same things we all deal with in real life. Kept waiting for the storyline to pick up but it never did. Location, another big city, is just the standard these days. I liked King and Maxwell that was in this time slot last year and it was canceled. At least it had some quirky characters. I'll be switching the channel and watching Longmire instead after Major Crimes.

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Promising SF based crime drama

Author: phd_travel from United States
7 July 2014

There are a few things going for this new crime drama revolving around the SFPD and a tech billionaire. 1. San Francisco is a happening city now and it's always interesting to show the contrast between the homelessness and despair and the dizzying high tech boom. The last few SF based shows have been cancelled like Alcatraz and 9 Lives of Chloe King. Hopefully this series showcases more of the scenic beauty of the city and not just the seamy side. 2. Sympathetic looking leads Kathleen Robertson and Taye Diggs and a multi ethnic supporting cast are watchable and not abrasive like some crime dramas. 3. After 4 episodes the central villain? played by Tom Felton or Malfoy from Harry Potter is an interesting and enigmatic character. At first he seemed to be still too teenage looking (like the rest of the Harry Potter cast) to be effective in his role but he is actually quite good. Since Steven Bochco is behind this I'm going to give this one a chance.

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Dreary, tedious, no comedic relief, forgettable

Author: jseymour-23-736835 from hollywood, FL
9 June 2014

Tried to pay attention, but I kept on waiting for something to happen. I sat there torn, thinking my time would be better spent cleaning the kitchen.

This show has unbelievably, dreary dialog presented in a plodding manner. The sound level is flat. No one gets too excited until Taye Diggs slams a suspect's head into a table toward the end of the episode. We're to understand it's in frustration of both the crime and a bleed over his prospective grief over his dying wife. The show features awful music as if they can't afford to pay for a real band's current tunes. The only time the sound changed is when the show went to commercial, jarring me out of the zone. Hey, and I watched this without inebriation.

The cinematography is uninventive. The plot is procedural and predictable. The show is boring. The actors portray flat, one-dimensional characters. Nobody shows an endearing quirkiness. The boss cop has no interesting behavior - no quirks there either. The writers give the actors nothing to work with and the director apparently doesn't deviate from the script.

Skip this one.

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Sooo predictable

Author: droszel from United States
2 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched it because of who's involved in its creation. I stopped because, regardless of who's behind this and what his past credentials are, this thing was conceived on cruise control. Flat acting, story line that makes the willing suspension of disbelief almost impossible, and plot twists you can see coming 2 or 3 commercial breaks away. Too bad.

Now, that's really all I have to say, but apparently I have to say more: I have to generate 10 lines of text. Given how weak this show is, after you say it's weak, there really isn't all that much more to say.

It's weak. It's predictable. It's unbelievable. The characters are uninteresting.

What more can one say?

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withholding judgment

Author: pmlucore
23 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really like the two main detective characters, Taye Diggs & Kathleen Robertson. They both have very interesting private lives that can be developed into future story lines. The plot has my attention so far. Blount was an easy target to begin with however there are many leads to follow. If Blount's right hand man/lawyer is the killer it will be a let down, very predictable. Hopefully it is at least someone like the pilot's wife or the new person Anna. I am expecting some twist & turns please don't let me down!! I am very intrigued so far and will continue to watch although I do have a few reservations. I am a huge fan of the original Law and Order and hoping to find another show to match that originality.

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Love Murder in the First

Author: klamut1960 from Amherst, NY
2 July 2014

I am really enjoying the new TNT show Murder in the First and can't believe the negative reviews. It's well written, suspenseful, has complex multi-layered characters and is perfectly cast. I have my DVR set every Monday night and can't wait for the next episode.

Taye Diggs and Kathleen Robertson are superb in their roles and Tom Felton and James Cromwell are great as well. James Cromwell is particularly effective playing the seasoned, high-priced defense lawyer. Even the supporting players do a great job in the smallest roles.

It's a perfect show for fans of Law and Order, Chicago PD, Blue Bloods and NYPD Blue. I highly recommend watching this show. Don't believe the negative reviews - watching this show is time well spent and I've been sorry when each episode ends.

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Good Cop Show

Author: dnolan714 from N.E. Florida
4 September 2014

First, I'm a 30 year retired cop. This excellent screenplay and acting really set me back on my heels. This is a pretty accurate show on procedures and politics. In reality the norm is heads will roll if you push as hard as these two cops do. Pressure from the top would squelch any further digging into the main bad guy. He's connected and has his entourage of people connected.

Keep in mind, this is t.v. but this is one well put together show. The underlying heat between partners of the opposite sex can and does occur and it's portrayed very well by the two main actors. Their mannerisms are very accurate also in areas of interviews and interrogations. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and hope it continues with the excellent writing and cast.

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