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Season 1

9 Jun. 2014
English and Mulligan investigate the murder of a junkie, who turns out to be the biological father of a Silicon Valley magnate.
16 Jun. 2014
The City of Sisterly Love
As the investigation into Cindy Strauss' death takes an unexpected turn, English deals with the loss of his wife. Meanwhile, Chris Walton is offered a plea deal, and Erich Blunt meets with heavyweight lawyer, Warren Daniels.
23 Jun. 2014
Who's Your Daddy
A woman from Erich Blunt's past resurfaces with a shocking allegation, one of the young boys who witnessed Kevin Nyers' murder comes to Mulligan for help, and English looks for a new house.
30 Jun. 2014
Burning Woman
Erich Blunt is arraigned for the murder of Cindy Strauss and her unborn fetus, while Mulligan is interviewed about her role in the off-duty shooting, for which she could lose her job.
7 Jul. 2014
Pants on Fire
Erich Blunt finds himself before a new judge - something his lawyer David Hertzberg surreptitiously arranged - over whether his bail should be revoked after his little trip to Nevada. With the bail issue settled, Erich turns to convincing Warren Daniels to take him back as a client. He agrees, provided Erich takes a polygraph test. Meanwhile, English and Mulligan find a pretty big hole in Mark Strauss' alibi - a video showing he'd left the bar at least 2 hours. Bill Wilkerson's wife learns of his affair.
14 Jul. 2014
Punch Drunk
Six months later, Erich Blunt goes on trial for the murder of Cindy Strauss and her unborn fetus, with English called to give evidence, before a shocking event threatens to derail the entire case.
21 Jul. 2014
Suck My Alibi
Following the death of Mark Strauss, English and Mulligan investigate his alleged suicide before it has a chance to undermine Cindy Strauss' murder trial, while Mulligan is called to give evidence.
28 Jul. 2014
Win Some, Lose Some
Erich Blunt takes the stand as the Cindy Strauss murder trial reaches a dramatic conclusion.
4 Aug. 2014
Family Matters
In the aftermath of the Blunt verdict, the Homicide Department investigates a new death involving a drug-addicted socialite and her playboy husband. As they pursue that case, Terry and Hildy also discover that key witnesses from the Kevin Neyers case have recanted their original statements. The inspectors must uncover the truth while keeping their investigation a secret from their superiors.
11 Aug. 2014
Blunt the Edge
Inspectors English and Mulligan are fully immersed in the tangled web of trying to solve the Kevin Neyers murder. As they investigate possible suspects one by one, they discover a series of shocking secrets on their pursuit of eventual justice.

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