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Annie answers the ringing cell phone outside the Amsterdam train station. Khalid (Haaz Sleiman) is on the other end and sends her a photo of Eyal with today's newspaper. He's alive and will remain so if Annie gets him the names of the CIA assets in his company. Annie protests that she doesn't know if they have any and she doesn't have access to it.

Annie meets with an asset recommended by Eric Barber (Dylan Taylor) back at Langley. She can get Annie access to CIA files, but only from inside the US consulate infirmary, where the computer has access to the web.

Annie calls and leaves Auggie a voice mail, saying she's facing a situation and there are a thousand reasons not to proceed, but her gut says she should.

Annie walks down the street and is cornered by two men. They jump her and she fights them off, but they get a few good licks in. A shopkeeper sees and runs them off.

Annie goes to the consul, saying her name is Danielle Brooks and she's been attacked and needs help.

In the infirmary, Bob the vice consul sends the nurse away. He wants to know how she got into the country, she says through the Greek islands. He knows the Greek database is notoriously out of date. He says his questions can wait and she can stay there.

Henry Wilcox (Gregory Itzin) is released from prison. Arthur is there to meet him with a name, Romi Hadad, the real target of the drone strike.

Henry told everyone Hadad had been killed six years ago. He thinks things have been set right. Arthur points out the toll of assets burned and other lives lost.

Outside Amsterdam, Khalid has Eyal tied to a chair in his luxury apartment. Eyal has a bandage on his leg where the GPS tracker was removed. Eyal thinks Khalid is desperate, but he points out Eyal is the one working with a spy from a rival agency. Eyal tells Khalid he's betrayed Annie so many times he doesn't even know if she wants to save him.

In the middle of the night in the consulate, Annie gets up and breaks into the infirmary to access the computer and the CIA database. She uses the drive from the hacker to access the Ansari Company files and gets 16 names, which she downloads. She goes back to her room in the infirmary and is shocked to see Auggie waiting for her in the dark.

Joan put him on the first flight out of the Gulf after she heard Annie's voicemail. He tells her to let Mossad get Eyal, but she tells him Eyal quit and that means they're not coming.

He asks her if she has feelings for Eyal. She wonders why he keeps asking.

He has an idea that doesn't violate agency protocol. "This is a mistake, but at least we'll make it together," he says.

At Langley, Arthur brings Joan word of a declassification ceremony to put Jai's name on the wall that Henry made happen. Joan thinks they should do it for Jai and everyone else.

Annie meets with the hacker again to get the files she downloaded. "Tell your friend he's got one heck of a right hook," Annie tells her, so we know the asset set up the beat down.

Auggie goes to a coffee shop and is greeted by his old friend Joost (Seann Gallagher), who has a small arsenal in back. He says Auggie's request was odd and specialized, then gives Auggie a revolver and a box of ammunition.

Khalid calls Annie, who won't go with his terms. She instead suggests a crowded public place. Auggie reassures her, telling her to focus on one positive thought, or one thing she loves.

Annie heads to the meet in a public square. Auggie waits nearby.

Khalid leads Eyal through the market. Annie tells Auggie where to find them and he takes out his cane and walks into the man guarding Eyal, loudly asking for directions to Pier 10. The man shoves Auggie aside.

Khalid meets Annie. She coldly tells him the flaw in his plan was counting on her feelings for Eyal. What's in the file is what Eyal is worth to her alive. Khalid opens the file. It's empty.

Annie takes out the revolver and shoots Eyal, who falls to the ground.

The people in the market scatter. Khalid and one bodyguard chase after Annie as she makes her escape.

The other bodyguard checks on Eyal, who pops up unharmed and tackles him, taking his gun. Eyal flicks the blood packets off his shirt and takes off. He finds Auggie at Pier 10.

"This is a ridiculous plan," says a relieved Eyal. Auggie agrees.

Annie hides from Khalid and his man in a bicycle lot, ducking between the bikes. They don't see her and keep running. But they hear her footsteps above them and follow. They find a bike turned over. Annie runs the other direction.

Eyal and Auggie wait for Annie on a boat, but there's a backup plan if she doesn't make it. Auggie says he'd never leave her, neither would Eyal.

Annie comes running around the corner with Khalid and his thug on her heels. She tells them to start the boat. She leaps on as they're pulling away from the pier.

The thug jumps, too, but Eyal shoots him midair. Khalid is left watching on the pier as they motor away.

On the boat, Auggie tells Annie he was worried about her.

Arthur calls, wanting to know the status of Khalid. The Saudi government made a deal with the Dutch to allow him to return to Saudi Arabia, where he'll be safe from US prosecution. He leaves on a helicopter in one hour. Annie says she understands.

She tells Eyal and Auggie and then concludes the CIA wants her to kill Khalid. Arthur told her exactly where he would be and when. She thinks that's why they sent Auggie, to support her as she cleans up the mess. Auggie argues she's wrong.

Annie goes into the boat's hold, takes Eyal's gun and sneaks off the boat.

She goes to Khalid's guarded luxury apartment and sneaks in. She creeps through his house finds him upstairs smoking. He goes for his gun but she stops him and takes it.

"Killing you would be the easiest thing in the world right now, but that doesn't solve anything," she says as she lowers her gun.

She says she's there on behalf of Megan. He thinks the CIA killed her.

"When I tell you who did it, you're going to realize how insignificant you are," she says. She shows him part of the CIA file on his dad's company, the page on the man who killed Megan. It's Khalid's dad's bodyguard. His father (Erick Avari) ordered it.

He goes through the file on his father and begins to believe her. "You want a list of the names that betrayed you, look no farther than your father. He's the root of your problem. What you do with that information is up to you," she says, leaving.

Eyal and Auggie pick her up outside. She didn't kill Khalid.

Annie says good-bye to Eyal, who is planning to get on his 40-foot boat in Greece. He invites her to join him, but she wants to get home and put down some roots.

He tells her someday they'll be somewhere looking at a sunset, thinking about nothing at all.

She says good-bye and he says thank you.

Annie and Auggie take the private jet back. Auggie suggests they get a drink when they get back, not the bar. He was thinking some place nicer. They make plans for Friday at 8:00 pm.

At Langley, Arthur speaks at the declassification ceremony for Jai. He tells Henry he's sorry for his loss. "No, you're not," Henry says.

Annie goes to her desk after and finds a letter waiting for her. She goes back to the diner where Jai was killed. Henry is waiting for her.

Henry tells her he's there to try to make things right. He says it's about Arthur and Joan.

He asks why she didn't kill Khalid in Amsterdam.

"I gave Khalid all the information he needs to kill his father, or force his father to kill him. Either way we get a piece off the game board and cause havoc in their ranks, and it can't be traced back to the agency," she says.

He commends her on her spycraft and hands her a file. "I knew you were the right person for this," he says.

Without looking at it, she says she won't go against Joan and Arthur. He urges her to take a look. She opens it and is stunned. "I'm in," she says.

She takes the file home and goes over it with a beer late at night. Auggie comes to her place. It's not Friday.

He tells her today's ceremony got him thinking about their lives and what they do. He tells her timing is everything and he wanted to talk now. She asks about what and he reaches for her. He kisses her.

"I'm glad we're having his talk," she says. They get back to kissing.


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