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Sex & Nudity

  • Contains moderate sex and sex references, including sexual violence
    • The strongest sex references include discussion of semen found inside teenage girl when she is tested for rape.
    • Two teens kiss up against a tree and sexual activity is implied (he thrusts and her pleasured facial expression is seen).
    • It is implied a teen boy and a teen girl have sex in a pet shop. No explicit detail is shown.
    • We see a teenage boy and a teenage girl finishing having sex. They moan and she lifts herself off him (he is lying on his back and it's implied he is naked, though we just see his bare chest and she is wearing a bra). After the sex, a teen boy asks "if he was okay" (referring to sex) and she replies that she died and went to heaven.
    • We see a teenage boy hurriedly getting out of bed when his mother discovers him having sex with his girlfriend. He pulls on his underpants before any explicit nudity is seen.
    • During a making-out scene, a teen girl place a boy's hand on her breast which he ask if she is sure that she wants to do that but all she does is laugh a little and continues to kiss him.
    • A teen woman wear clothes that reveals her cleavage.

Violence & Gore

  • Contains bloody images, injury detail and references to sexual violence
    • Teenage girl says cuts herself. Healed wounds are shown.
    • The subject of rape is discussed, including a scene where an alleged victim says she was pushed 'face down in the dirt' while her attacker 'got his rocks off'.
    • A teen threatens her boyfriend's ex that she'll hurt her if she doesn't leave the boy alone.
    • A teenage boy is beaten up by a gang. He is later shown with crutches.
    • A scene of wrist-cutting shows copious amounts of blood with strong injury detail
    • A woman assaults a teenage girl by attempting to strangle her.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Contains moderate drug use and teen drinking
    • Two teenagers are shown smoking a drug (it's implied it is cannabis), though the work as a whole does not promote or encourage drug misuse.
    • Teenagers are shown drinking alcohol, though this is portrayed in a negative context.
    • The theme of alcoholism is discussed

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Contains strong bloody images, sustained threat, scenes of self-harm and obsession theme
    • The plot concerns an abusive relationship between a teenage girl and teenage boy where the girl starts to drug the boy.
    • A scene shows wrist-cutting, with clear sight of injury detail and bloody aftermath.
    • A distressed woman clamps her hands around the neck of a teenage girl.

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