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"Warehouse 13" Endless Wonder (2012)

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"Warehouse 13" - "Endless Monsters" - Sept. 10, 2012

Pete (Eddie McClintock) and Myka (Joanne Kelly) have been dispatched to South Bend to check out a strange phenomenon of people growing taller for no apparent reason. Although it's not too bad at first, it eventually starts to harm the people as it literally pulls their bodies apart.

When they discover a link through a trial heartburn medication, a comely young woman named Deb Stanley (Danielle Nicolet) from the pharmaceutical company comes out to join the investigation.

She and Pete end up in bed together. But then, when they discover the artifact is not in the medication, they are sent off in another direction. When Deb witnesses Pete and Myka using another artifact to slow down the effects of the one doing the damage, she calls her boss at the pharma company. It turns out she's heard about other issues like this one, strange medical phenonemon and odd artifacts. Every time she investigated it was a dead end.

When she finds out all of the victims took the same cooking class, she reports back to her boss and the pharma company buys the cooking school and ships everything in it to Minneapolis to investigate. They had heard rumors of a Warehouse 13 type place and think it could have wide-reaching implications for drug companies. She is one step ahead of Pete and Myka.

Myka goes to Minneapolis to find the artifact-- a bowl from Colossus- while Pete heads home to talk to Deb, who has arrived at Leena's with a million questions. Because his vibes about her are good, the Regent Mr. Kosan (Faran Tahir) gives Pete the okay to show her the Warehouse. Deb is freaking out talking about how the artifacts could extend life, end hunger. He explains about the very serious downsides. Some artifacts turn people into serial killers or transfer diseases from one person to another. She proselytizes and he asks her why it's so important to her. She explains her dad, a brilliant physician, had Parkinsons and his body betrayed him.

When she sees Hippocrates' serpent she remembers she should "first do no harm." So even though she told her boss she was on to something and he in turn called a senator to put pressure on the government to unveil the warehouse to exploit it for good... and for profit, she ends up sending him to a dead end, losing her job in the process. Mr. Kosan comes to her and explains about the Regents. He says when people like her react as she did, it often means they would make good Regents. He wonders if she would like to join them in the mission. She says she would. He says they'll continue discussions.

Meanwhile, Artie (Saul Rubinek) is at work trying to restore the warehoue artifact removal-detection system.

Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) and Steve (Aaron Ashmore) confront Artie about the black diamonds. They want to know why he's hiding whatever his problem is. He claims he's protecting them. They say if they don't know what they're up against, how can they defend themselves? They also just want to help. He sort of tells them about Brother Adrian (Brent Spiner) and how he has a grudge against Artie. He wants Artie to do something he can't do. They realize he's using an artifact to get in and out undetected. All Artie has to go on is a phone number. Claudia goes to work on it.

They fix the detection system and discover Harriet Tubman's Thimble-- which lets you change your appearance to look like anyone-- is missing. Claudia gets a hit on Brother Adrian's cell in Sturgis. They go to an old abandoned mansion. Claudia calls his phone. He stuck it in a desk drawer. Obviously a trap. They see a monk on the second floor. They run after him.

They notice he has a wooden plank. It turns out it creates an opening when placed at the base of anything, which is how he's been getting in and out of the warehouse.

Steve and Claudia run into Artie, but it's Brother Adrian disguised. Adrian then confronts Artie as himself. He takes off the thimble and unveils himself. Artie desperately asks what evil it is that will be released and says maybe he can stop it if he knows. Adrian won't say and says he has other artifacts and will keep using them until Artie turns back time. Artie says Brother Adrian will be dead. Adrian says he's all about eradicating evil. If he has to sacrifice his life he will.

Steve and Claudia find the wooden plank threshold. It's booby-trapped.

Adrian tells Artie he knows he's right. Artie should undo what he did and he's going to keep dismantlng Artie's life until Artie complies and he will keep erasing his good deeds and isolating him from everyone he cares about. Artie realizes it's a trap and calls out to Steve and Claudia to stop. Just then the booby trap goes off.The walls crumble. Brother Adrian leaves. Artie runs to Steve and Claudia.

They're fine. They heard Artie's warning and tripped the trip wire on purpose. Artie says he was afraid she was buried alive again. Claudia is confused at the "again." Artie doesn't explain. Artie thanks them but says he can't let them fully in on the story or they'd be in danger. Steve and Claudia leave and confirm to each other they're not done working on the problem.

Artie meets secretly with H.G. Wells (Jaime Murray), who's been doing some recognizance for him. She confronts him, saying she has figured out the only way he could know the things he knows is through time travel, a subject upon which she is an expert. He is about to tell her and says she can tell no one else. She says she's already shared her suspicions with Mrs. F. She thinks he used Magellan's astrolabe. Artie hears Brother Adrian's voice in his head: "anyone you tell will be in grave danger!"


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