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Surprising Jay

Author: jotix100 from New York
24 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

On his sixty-fifth birthday Jay gets two unexpected treats. He is kidnapped by Phil, Shorty and Miles to go fishing, something that turns out to be a real disaster as the birthday man falls from the boat and is almost left behind. The other one has to do with the fact that Gloria, his much younger wife is pregnant.

Cameron and Mitchell wanting to adopt a boy to keep Lilly company, are facing a lot of obstacles to get the infant. Lilly, who insists in getting a little brother, is relentless asking her two fathers to please find her a sibling. The couple decides to play it safe and get her a kitten. However, when they go to get the little animal, they find a hurdle: are they the right candidates?

We do not know what went wrong, but the opening of the 2012-13 season did not have the same team playing that made the previous seasons so enjoyable. It was as though the director, Steven Levitan, one of the show's creators, had an off day. Perhaps it was the screenplay, which did not have as many laughs as previous episodes, in spite of the fact that Brad Walsh and Paul Corrigan, the writers, have contributed hilarious chapters for the series.

The producers keep insisting in having the glib Manny saying things that no kid his age will ever utter, but perhaps it may make sense to someone in the production team. Perhaps the season will improve as it goes along. This is, after all, one of the best sitcoms in television.

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Bringing Up Baby

Author: tbmforclasstsar from United States
27 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While it's kind of a bummer, I've got to say that overall I wasn't entirely impressed with the season four opener of Modern Family (excuse me, Emmy Award winning Modern Family; I've got you covered just in case you missed Sunday's show and/or ABC's constant reminders). That's not to say I love this show any less, though—while, perhaps not surprisingly, I much prefer seasons one and two (probably because of their novelty, I'll admit), even now the comedy continues to possess an appeal that keeps me coming back for more (it's mostly Phil Dunphy— he still kills me), and not only that, but it continues to remain one of those shows I find myself eagerly looking forward to. Sure, I may joke about its excessive Emmys and agree that there are currently funnier shows on television (Parks and Recreation, Happy Endings, and on Tim Martens' behalf, I'll even throw in Community), but I do honestly think that the show is still worthy of the praise it receives—it's still fun and witty, and, remarkably, it's still (from time to time) smart.

So it's a shame to see its luster fade a bit; sad to watch it turn to recycled stories to kick off its newest chapter. Last night's "Bringing Up Baby," picking up the very next morning after season three left off, finds Gloria dealing with how she'll break the news of her pregnancy to her husband, who just so happens to be celebrating his 65th birthday, Mitch and Cam mourning their failed adoption, and the Dunphys managing their girls after the prom and being, well, the Dunphys. And that's all fine, but it almost relies too heavily on "stuff we've seen before"—there are the "falling into bodies of water multiple times while on a fishing trip" gags, the "worried/potentially jealous older brother trying to make good before his new sibling is born" bit with Manny, even the mother/daughter attempts at reverse psychology between Claire and Haley—none of it's all that new, and none of it feels as funny. And, yes, I know asking a sitcom to be crazy original is practically an outrageous request, but, I mean, they are a modern family. Shouldn't they be a bit more hip and fresh?

I will give them the utmost credit for one moment in particular, however; the closing scene that managed to salvage what I had been prepared to consider a barely mediocre episode. After Jay hugs his glowing wife (Phil finally understands the description, despite his own three-times- pregnant wife), excited about their future (surprising everyone, myself included), the episode flashes forward nearly half a year, judging by the size of Gloria's belly—that's right, Gloria is now pretty pregnant, Phil's grown his beard, Cam and Mitch have traveled to London and back (and have even added their own, furrier, addition to their family), Manny's gone to poetry camp, and Claire has both given in to and giving up on sharing the same roof with Dylan—and all the while, we're witnessing these little moments as Manny reads his own words, and the camera circles amongst this goofy family.

To read the rest (IMDb form too short) visit: 1-bringing-up-baby/

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Author: William Sealy from USA
26 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This premiere was great! Last season veered way off course but this season looks like it is going to be great. I loved Jay's sweet reaction at the end and the flash-forward with Phil's line after Manny reads the poem about the baby nestled in the bosom, "Lucky baby." Hilarious!Also, the guys on the boat scenes were funny as well, especially Jay falling off the back of the boat. Phil really delivered in the episode and had great and funny lines. However, some parts did feel a little bit rushed and sloppy. Other than that, it was a great way to start off the fourth season after an uneven third. I hope this show continues to be Emmy gold(they need to deserve the Emmys for this next year unlike this year). Overall, solid season opener!

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Modern Family Bringing Up Baby

Author: dalydj-918-255175 from Ireland
27 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Three time "Best Comedy Series" winner Modern Family returns for it's fourth season that I hope is an improvement on its boring third season. Last season's finale was very emotional with Cam and Mitchell no getting the baby but also we found out that Gloria is pregnant which could be a divider for the family. It's Jays 65th Birthday and Phil comes to the door to take him away almost like a kidnapping. Mitch and Cam did not get the baby but they have to tell Lily that she is not getting a little brother. The Dunphys went to prom and some people seemed drunk. Gloria tells Manny that she is having a baby and he takes it OK saying that the baby will have to be taken care by him. Lily seems to be using "if I can't get a brother" card to take advantage of her parent's which is very annoying especially with the character being a horrible character. The guys take Jay fishing which is not to his liking making him fall into the river. Haley asks if Dylan can move in but mean mom Claire says no. Gloria tells Claire she is pregnant and the first thing she says is "She's going to get fat", after that she seems happy. We all knew Jay does not take news good but throwing Claire in the mix. Then when they try to get a cat it includes signing a lot of documents which is weird because cats are usually free and can go to anyone. Party time and Jay comes back and when Jay gets there he seems to have so many news flash's come in his faces. When he is told to be nice he reacts to the news he seems overjoyed. Then we get a future look with Gloria with a bump, Phil with a Beard, Mitch and Cam got the cat after being back from London and Dylan moved in with the Dunphy's and now he has moved out. Best episode of the show in some while and Ed even though very mean in the episode I found to be very funny. Also finally Sofia is not wasted. Other actors were great and most important is that I laughed at the episode.


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