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While this movie earns its rating of 10/10 in the violence/gore category, it should be noted that in all but one scene all the gore is caused by re-animated dead seafood (mostly sushi with teeth) that has come to life in a purposely comical , unrealistic manner (the sushi laugh and even talk in cartoonish voices, and the sushi stop to all sing a song together at one point) to attack humans, rather than humans attacking and killing other humans.

A man shoots another man (not bloody), though he was not alive to start with, and a woman chases another with a knife. There is also some martial arts fighting, but no-one is seriously injured or bleeds, usually just falling down.

The entire movie contains graphic gore and blood, including but not limited to:

Flying sushi lands in a woman's screaming mouth and bites off her tongue as she screams and tries to pull it off close-ups of the teeth gnawing on the tongue while blood squirts out.

Seafood flies through the air to abruptly rip off a mans head, causing gallons of blood to spurt/spray out (all over the room)

we see severed body parts including a tongue a nose, a pair of lips drop to the floor

a man puts a piece of sushi in his mouth to savor it, it comes to life inside his mouth ad blood pours out as he talks, then a flying piece of sushi slices off his tongue, which is seen falling on the table and landing on another piece of sushi, which chews it up

A flying squid lands on either side of a mans head, then stretches/pulls the skin on a mans face slowly, as it stretches and splits he screams and begs for someone to kill him until it the flesh in finally pulled off off and bloody muscle is exposed

After being attacked by flying sushi, a woman's head swells up and explodes (very graphic-eyes pop out and copious blood fountains out of the mouth and eye sockets)

A man trying to defend himself with a sword accidentally slices across his own eye, blinding himself as a result, he then flails around with the sword until he cuts off his own nose, then his lips (bloody)

A flying squid rips a young woman's head off, sending it (the head) flying through the air into a young mans face who was about to kiss her, her severed head still french-kisses him, then another creature impales the woman's decapitated head with enough force to shoot through the back of his head [/spoiler} (very bloody)

Flying sushi explodes out of a gaping hole in a dead woman's stomach

Two young "Sushi Girls" lay on dinner tables in skimpy underwear while sushi is placed all over them from the neck down (for patrons to eat from them with chopsticks), the sushi begins to bite [spoiler]and in a graphic sequence (for several minutes) we see them being gnawed on and blood literally fountains up and rains down on their screaming bodies. Later we see one of the girls dying, due to large amounts of her upper body missing due to being eaten - ribs and internal organs are visible

Dozens of flying Sushi fly through the air in a whirlpool around more than one character to attack and eat little bites off of them (with bloody results)

A character hiding in a bath-house to spy on a naked girl about to take a shower has his head quickly ripped off, gallons of blood fountain up all over and rain down on the girl, who has her eyes closed and mistakes the blood for warm water, rubbing it all over her hair and skin as it sprays/pours on her body until her naked body and hair until she is completely drenched in blood.

Sushi breathes fire at a characters face, roasting it, he inhales the sushi and his head explodes

Many characters who are bitten late in the film are infected and turn into re-animated dead flesh themselves, move in a zombie-like manner and attempt to attack the survivors by vomiting sushi onto their faces

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