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775 out of 1185 people found the following review useful:

Grossly underwhelming (spoiler free)

Author: charzhino from Manchester, United Kingdom
25 April 2015

Spoiler free review. Let me first start of by saying that I am not a Marvel ''fanboy'' or a DC nerd. The comic book genre of films have made it to my personal top 3 favourite genres in the last decade and the MCU has been a strong contributor to that rise. I hold the first Ironman, first Avengers and Captain America 1+2 in high regard. I did not like the direction they took with Iron Man 3 (more on this below) or Guardians of the Galaxy but Winter Soldier was a gem in terms of balancing solid action, drama and levity.

That being said, my initial thoughts on Age of Ultron (AoU) are quite negative. To me, its essentially a carbon copy of IM3. There are problems which strike you repeatedly as you progress throughout the film. The 2 biggest complaints I have with AoU is 1) the tone (comedy) 2) the script/writing.

So starting with the tone. I like to laugh as I'm sure most people do, but there is a time and place to exhibit your comedy writing skills in an action film. In AoU, its a constant, recurring and predictable theme. It's not limited to one character either, everyone is popping one liner jokes as if its the Expendables and yes, most are not funny. The timing of these moments of levity are horrible too, desensitising the viewer to any impending fear of death in battle. If the characters seem so relaxed in not worrying about possibly dying, then what suspense is needed to be held by the audience? This plagued IM3 in a bad way and its arguably worse here. The comic book films which achieved great success in this regard were XMen DOFP, The Avengers 1, Cap 2 even Dark Knight Rises! Can you imagine at the climax of Xmen DOFP if old Magneto and Storm and Bishop start pulling one liner jokes as the army of sentinels came charging at them? It would kill any tension! 2) The script. I won't say too much since this is a spoiler free review, but it really feels rushed and unorganised. I watched Fast 7 around 2 weeks before AoU and I got similar vibes. Again, its not the fact that the film is 2.5 hours long or has too many characters, that isn't am excuse since The Dark Knight and Xmen DOFP shows how to navigate these theatrical obstacles. There are a few completely unnecessary subplots in AoU and useless characters which do not impact the story overall. The villain himself, Ultron is another massive let-down in Marvels already growing catalogue of mishandled villains.

So as a summary, if you want mindless action and cool CGI, which this film does offer in the form of some spectacular visual fight scenes then you will like AoU. If you are after a darker, grounded and more moving story like the trailers promised, you will be severely disappointed. Final score 6/10 and I am being kind since Cap is my fav Avenger and they finally gave him some good screen time.

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338 out of 623 people found the following review useful:

One word: Mjollnir!

Author: Michael Metcalfe from United States
1 May 2015

I have noticed a trend of negative reviews directed at the humor in the movie. Listen...humor is subjective. It's also a big part of these types of movies. When I read someone criticize the movie because the heroes are dropping one-liners during intense fighting scenes and to them, this downplays the seriousness of the situation or shows a lack of concern for safety from our heroes, I shake my head so hard I get dizzy.

This is a comic book movie! It's a fantasy/fiction/whatever you want to call it! I'm not a comic book expert, but have been a big fan of the Marvel Universe on film since Iron Man 1. I found the writing in AoU to be sharp and witty. And yes, I laughed more than I thought I would.

"There's not enough character development!" I've seen this in the negative reviews, too. Look, we've had 3 Iron Mans, 2 Captain Americas, 2 Thors, and a Hulk movie to develop the characters. At this point, there isn't much more we really need, is there? Yes, we see more about Hawkeye's personal side here, but to me, that only feels fair since he's not big enough to carry his own film. And given that he's very much just a human with a great set of physical skills and is less protected and faces his mortality far more than the others do, I felt like it made perfect sense here. We see and learn more about Black Widow in this one, as well. So the complaints about character development don't hold any weight to me. It sounds like the angst of a group of people expecting to see the Empire Strikes Back version of the Avengers.

In Age of Ultron, we get immediate, sustained action. I don't know about you, but if I'm going to watch a movie with a cast of characters that have the abilities of the Avengers, I want to see them in action! The creativity of the collaborative fighting was improved as well and was featured much more so than in the first one. That was something that I think the first film lacked, the side by side teamwork. This movie held my attention from start to finish.

As my summary says above, Mjollnir is a pleasantly surprising star of the movie. When you watch it, you'll see why and in my opinion, if you don't enjoy its role here, you really just have a bad attitude!

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28 out of 36 people found the following review useful:

What a Shame, we live where Studio's take control

Author: Sam smith (sam_smithreview) from London, Englad
26 April 2016

being a huge Marvel fan, and also Josh Whedon fan I was super excited for him to come back and do another Avengers movie. The first film was pretty brilliant. But with this film, Whedon wasn't given much air to breathe, with constant Studio interference and orders of certain shots to be re- done, or scrapped if not worse. Put in.

So, you thinking why is this film so bad, if you are a fan, you should love it. Well the film changes pace, very quickly and abruptly, which is a poor sign of movie making. The Characters do not act like they would usually act in the same scenario, the progression of the story is all over the place, Scene's that just have no weight or meaning to the film, but in there because it looks cool or is setting up another independent super hero movie, the Villain that is so smart, but doesn't use the internet and his ability to control everything just to wipe out everybody, but rather has this ridiculously stupid plan. The Hero's that are suppose to be smart, intelligent and some what Spanish do not see all of the stupid plot hole that get infiltrated.

The fighting was also a problem for me, it was the same. Once you saw it in the first Avengers, you see exact same thing in the second one too, and it doesn't even change a little.

Overall, this film is bunched up due to the constant interference by Studio as Josh has stated so many times now.

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21 out of 28 people found the following review useful:

Same as the first movie (but with robots)

Author: matt_hew from United Kingdom
10 May 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's quite an achievement to make a boring Superhero Movie so well done to all involved.

Remember the first average at best Avengers Movie? A baddie in control of the Tesseract uses it and an alien army to try and take over the planet. Whilst this is happening the Avengers are brought together where there are a few internal issues involving having their minds controlled &/or beating each other up, before joining forces to beat the alien threat.


This movie is about a baddie who was in control of the Tesseract which then becomes the catalyst for a new robot baddie and it's robot army trying to destroy the planet. This again creates a few internal issues involving the Avengers having their minds controlled &/or beating each other up, before joining forces to beat the robot threat.

It's just the same movie repackaged (again) which tries to be intelligent but comes across as dull.

Some of the Avengers presence have little or no no point in being in the movie (Hawkeye just being there for example to offer the others a weekend retreat to go to).

But as with the first movie and the upcoming Captain America: Civil War it seems as long as the movie is crammed full of as many Superheroes as possible and they all kick off at some point during the movie, then this is enough to keep an audience happy.

Stick with the X-Men at least they make an effort!

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19 out of 27 people found the following review useful:

The son of Megatron and Skynet meets Tony Stark and his Amazing Friends

Author: xamtaro from
14 December 2015

In 2012, there came a day unlike any other day where the worlds greatest heroes were united against a common threat and THE AVENGERS blew away audiences of all ages with the first ever comic book movie crossover. In 2015, there came another day unlike any other day and this time the world is threatened by a Ultron, the cynical critical atypical child of Skynet and Megatron...... No actually he's just a wisecracking artificial intelligence with delusions of godhood and all round evil. Turning on his creators, he threatens all life on earth with his sidekicks "illusion- woman" and "not-the-flash"....I mean, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, and it is up to the Avengers to take him out before he can usher in THE AGE OF ULTRON.

Instead of the robot dominated dystopian future that we saw in the comics, what we do get is more "the next few days of Ultron". No matter, it is an exciting few days with director Joss Whedon balancing the intercharacter dynamics with awesome action pieces from claustrophobic close combat, to a freeway chase, to the much advertised no holds barred beat down between the Hulk and iron man's new "hulk buster" Armour. All this is supplemented with beautiful special effects from Industrial Lights and Magic ILM. Flawless work befitting the movie's massive Budget.

In The villain, Ultron, the Writers have crafted a memorable though under utilised bad guy. Ultron could have been the vehicle to explore deeper themes, themes that were merely hinted at but never fleshed out. Instead, His cynical yet refined snarling courtesy of James Spader reminds me of the those magnificently passionate Super villains that were so common in Saturday morning cartoons of old.

And that is exactly what this is. AGE OF ULTRON can be described as a true live action cartoon. The dialogue is light hearted, the story is straightforward, the tone is fun and the action is immense. And this is not exactly a good thing. Intense scenes are interrupted and spoilt with poorly placed humour and once again the story does not seem to take itself seriously.

Fights are over-choreographed, more like some fancy ballet than an all out battle. The fact that it cuts to graceful slow motion once in a while only emphasises the dance like nature of the fights.

And yet the movie felt like pieces of it were cut out. The narrative does not flow as smoothly as the first with inexplicable scenes like Thor suddenly going off on his hallucination trip. Much of the premise and the characters development up to this point very much depends on the viewer watching prior marvel movies.

It is here that Marvel studio's continuity heavy Creative direction rears its ugly head. To know what is going on in this movie, one would have to watch the previous movies. Captain America the winter soldier, iron man 3, the first avengers movie. But perhaps that's the point? Force people to go buy the Blu rays or the video to rewatch and get up to speed. In the end, the real big winner is distributor Disney. Ka-Ching $$.

I like a good comedy. In in a big action blockbuster, I like to believe that the stakes are real, that the dangers faced by our heroes are real, that they are really fighting for the fate of the world. Instead, we get this cartoony violence, with equally cartoony superficial story, where heroes joke around with quick lighthearted quips in the middle of a fight scene where people could die. This kills tension. And if it weren't for the magnificent effects, action and direction, AGE OF ULTRON would have scored a bit lower.

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34 out of 57 people found the following review useful:

Behold, the world's largest conveyor belt

Author: tieman64 from United Kingdom
5 March 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"People stopped being people in 1913. That was the year Henry Ford put his cars on rollers and made his workers adopt the speed of the assembly line. At first, workers rebelled. They quit in droves. Now we plug right into repetitive motions of a hundred kinds." - Jeffrey Eugenides

Produced by Marvel Studios (now a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company), "Avengers: Age of Ultron" is a gazillion dollar superhero movie. Most of the film consists of dull, unimaginative action sequences in which powerful "good warriors" battle powerful "bad warriors". These action sequences - which have no sense of style, tempo and which are totally devoid of tension - are rolled out like crude, Pavlovian commands; the chemical rushes cynically demanded by corporate candy factories.

Breaking up the monotony of these monotonous actions sequences are equally monotonous and equally mechanical scenes in which our heroes "talk", "reveal their personalities" and "share their feelings". These scenes exist, not because Marvel Studios has any interest in drama, characters or continuity, but because "films are supposed to have these scenes". In the Marvel universe, nothing really matters. The individual plots and over-arching plot lines of Marvel's films don't matter. Characters don't matter. These things are only present to present the illusion of storytelling. They are filler. The constituents of a factory assembly line whose sole goal is the procurement of money.

You can't have a Marvel Movie without a super-villain. This time around our villain's a Really Bad Guy who wants to do Really Bad Stuff and who ironically pokes fun at Conventional Movie Villain Dialgoue whilst actually totally adhering to clichés. This villain (spoiler?) is defeated. Along the way, the film "comically" delivers its obligatory "one swear word", but not before a room full of lawyers and marketing executives run up the data, salivate over pie-charts and double check with global ratings boards.

Marvel Studios has a history of roping in "irreverent" and "edgy" directors. Afterall, you can't sell cookie cuttered dough to zombies without pretending it's the work of a rebel. As such, "Age of Ultron" was directed by Joss Whedon, a geek-king with a flair for zany dialogue. But like Tarantinospeak, Woody Allenspeak, Mametspeak and Coenspeak, Joss Whedonspeak is now officially annoying. Indeed, everyone in Whedon's "Ultron" now sports the same voice. Every character, be they villain, hero, co-star, robot or computer, is an ironic, sarcastic, wisecracking master of zany one liners. This orgy of flippancy, non-sequiturs and "cool dialogue" reeks of desperation; cool stops being cool when everyone speaks cool.

Watching most Marvel Movies is a bit like being forced to watch a pornographic movie for a full two hours past the point of ejaculation. "Ultron" in particular bludgeons you with bludgeoning. It's filled with CGI muscle-men pounding and stomping, blowing up buildings and tossing cars back and forth, and then doing it again, and again and again and again, and then again in the sequels and then again on the directors' cuts, and then again in the reboots, and then again in the reboots' sequels and then again and again. And then a few more times. And then again and again.

Today, Marvel Studios now rolls like one of the world's largest conveyor belts; factory film-making as the epitome of the self-perpetuating capitalist machine, repackaging and marketing to every inch of the world. Art subservient to product cycles, product obsolescence and schizoid brains. And all the while, the Studio keeps expanding, pushing their movies in the summer, their TV shows in the fall/winter, and their streaming shows in the spring before the cycle is repeated all over again. With the new mantra of #ItsAllConnected - ironic, considering no Marvel show/series meaningfully connects to another - Marvel moves like the cinematic equivalent of malware. And now that Disney's acquired the "Star Wars" franchise, we can expect it to similarly start squeezing new "Star Wars" movies out of its mechanical orifices like diseased clockwork.

Incidentally, like most recent Marvel movies, "Age of Ultron's" chief villain is essentially a Western defence contract run amok. So we have another "anti violence", "anti military" Marvel film which gets its kicks from violence, mass murder and the flattering of whole cities. Lazily written and acted, the film finds actor Mark Ruffalo continuing to be excellent, soulful and layered. He plays the Hulk, a property damage loving green dude with magical pants.

3/10 – What was Ultron's age anyway? Was that dude even legal? Worth no viewings.

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11 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

this movie was simply an insult to superhero movies in general

Author: keiran-cox
11 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Never watch this movie it is an insult to the superhero movie category. Their is simply nothing good about this movie the scene were they are drinking and chilling was OK but 99% of the film was cringy and simply bad it ignored all sense of relationships or personal lives the characters may have and pited them against a hastily put together villain with the personality of a child who often had looney tunes references and scenes, for example near the end Ultron is about to be hit by the hulk and the whole world pauses while he has some cringy unfunny one liner along the lines of "hey how about we call it a truce" then he is punched away into the distance as the world starts back up again it felt like the director had fallen asleep watching a wille e coyote cartoon the night before filming this scene.

The visuals were as great as ever but their comes a time when explosions and different coloured iron man suits don't progress the narrative look at the later transformer movies they made a lot of money yet are awful films, it is disheartening that this trash is the highest grossing superhero movie. The scripts are pathetic the MCU isn't known for good script writing but this film is the worst of the worst every single sentence feels like they are trying to get a cheap laugh out of the audience and that might be OK if it was just iron man up to it but its not every single hero and the villain are cracking wise in every single scene and it isn't funny anymore the script writers need to be sacked it just reminds you of green lanterns cringy script in his standalone.

A couple of the biggest mistakes in this movie from the endless list of flaws would be how they killed off quicksilver... as any comic fan knows you simply cannot kill a speedster with bullets it is the dumbest way to get rid of such a character and this film did it proud by making the stupidest portrayal of a speedster of screen their has been. They didn't only mess up the characters origin because they don't own the rights to the xmen which could be forgiven but they then released the movie along side his actual portrayal in xmen Days of future past and then went on to kill him off in the same movie he was introduced in i mean really? Visions introduction in this movie has to be one the most forced origin stories i have seen it didn't fit at all with the narrative and they just kept pushing it down the audience throats it was very poorly handled but as spiderman now holds the throne for worst introduction into a superhero movie after Civil Wars lame ass representation of the character it is less shocking as it seems like the norm for the MCU to not give a crap about their characters :'(

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52 out of 96 people found the following review useful:

Assorted Trivia for AV2....

Author: A_Different_Drummer from North America
25 April 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Can this film possibly "not" succeed? No. Even if it were a bomb (which it is most definitely not) tens of millions of fans would see it anyway. So it was a guaranteed hit. Nice work if you can get it.

Best line? "I support your avenging." (Mrs. Hawkeye)

Second Best line? "You get hurt. Hurt em back. You get killed. Walk it off." (CA)

Third Best? "Well I was born yesterday." (you know who)

Honorable mention? "Beep beep" (Natasha on her cycle, mimicking her horn, trying to warn pedestrians)

Why did Spader get the Ultron gig? Because of his incredible work in Blacklist. (See it)

What's the best part of this (somewhat long) movie? The back-and-forth between the characters, a Whedon trademark. And of course the action scenes. Possibly the best ever filmed.

What's the worst part? The 40 minute "dead zone" after the Bond-style opening, where the Avengers try to make like it's Happy Hour at the local bar.

Which actor consistently shines? Downey. He is the smartass each of secretly wants to hang out with.

Which actor suffers the most in group play? Thor. The gravitas of being a God gets lost in team work.

Name a massively over-exposed actor who finally got under-exposed? Sam Jackson.

What could we have lived without? "Explaining" to the audience why characters like Pepper Potts were "unavailable" for the story (or possibly too expensive even for a quick cameo)

What is Whedon's greatest enhancement to the Marvel backstory? The romance between Natasha and Hulk.

What is Whedon's strangest tweak? Killing Pietro. The boys at the X-Men franchise will not be happy.

Is this a better movie than AV1? No, but it is just as good. (It tries harder but has pacing issues).

Who wins at the end? The studio. And Joss Whedon who BOTH wrote and directed what could be the biggest money-maker in history. Somewhere in Hollywood, JJ Abrams is actually getting nervous.


UPDATED Jan 16 -- OK, so JJ deconstructed the original Star Wars script scene by scene (something no one else had ever bothered to do) and rebuilt it into the 2015 relaunch of Star Wars. And nailed it. The viewer experience, the pacing, is dead-on. And oh by the way produced the fastest film in history to hit 1.0 billion in ticket sales. So disregard the last line of the original review above. JJ is no longer nervous.

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49 out of 92 people found the following review useful:

Solid, if slightly flawed, entry in the Marvel Universe

Author: drew_atreides from Ontario, Canada
4 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

...Phase 2 of the Marvel movies had been batting .500 for me. I did not enjoy Iron Man 3 or Thor: Dark World, but really dug Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: Winter Soldier (Cap 2 is probably the best film in the entire Marvel series!)

Based on that, I don't think I am surprised that I came out of Age of Ultron with mixed feelings. Overall it is a solid entry, but it is by no means flawless.

The good:

Really liked the intro of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. I liked the horror-movie tropes tied to Scarlet Witch (she is a Witch afterall!) and Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Quicksilver had a lot of personality.

The action, of course, was great. And Hawkeye actually had something to do in this film.

The Vision: They did such an incredible job building mystique around this character.

The Bad:

Wasn't a fan of that extended scene at the Farm. That stopped the movie cold. I know some people say "It was necessary for character development", but the previous films had done such a poor job of giving Hawkeye any character that seeing him on the Farm did absolutely nothing for me.

The romance: Ugh. Talk about forced. I like Ruffalo's Banner. I really do. I was surprised how much i did in the first Avengers, cause i'm usually not a Ruffalo fan. But I just did not see any chemistry between Ruffalo and Scar-Jo. And where was the build-up to this? Last time we saw these 2 together Hulk was trying to smash Black Widow.

Marvel needs to work on their female-story lines.

Ultron was kind of a lame villain. I don't think there was enough build-up for him. He just sorta showed up and was evil.

Overall: Is it worth seeing in the theatre? Yes of course it is. But it is not without its flaws, and sure doesn't top Cap 2.

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93 out of 182 people found the following review useful:

One Big Joke

Author: Eric Slattery from Midwest
4 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was a failure on many levels. There was a serious lack of story, the humor was very forced in an overabundance of one-liners, bad CGI in some places, and a very under-developed Villain. The movie focused a lot on the characters in the movie and developing them, but not even that much. We get a few tidbits about each, except Thor, Stark/Ironman, and Hulk/Banner. Thor was hardly in the movie, only shown on screen for a few minutes after leaving the team to basically setup the next movie and where the story is going (Infinity War), but is glossed over so quickly most people won't catch it, especially those who have no idea about story arcs in the comics. Ultron's reveal was absolutely perfect, it set him up as an intimidating and powerful villain, then when he gets his own mechanical body, he turns into a comedy act and does not look real because the CGI metal looks terrible, along with the stupid moving mouth when he speaks.

Every character in the movie was trying to be a comedian in the movie. The only moment that felt serious or dire was the reveal of Ultron (and then turned into a joke later). The ending of course has a big battle with all the Ultron bots, but seriously, why do they even have Thor in the close quarters fighting with them? His lightning could have fried most of them, then they have Thor not fight Ultron back just so Vision (Which they never called him by his name) could be seen holding Thor's hammer again and make a stupid remark about the balance of the hammer.

Stark/Ironman is basically having amnesia forgetting the events of Ironman 3. And then turns into a "mad scientist" with Banner to create Ultron, totally against his way of thinking after the events of Ironman 3. Ironman also does everything he knows the team will get mad at him for doing, but does it anyway without consulting them.

Black Widow is basically the Avengers "Mattress" in that she is now flirting with a 4th Avenger (1st was Ironman in Ironman 2, 2nd was Hawkeye in The Avengers, 3rd was Captain America in The Winter Soldier) and now the 4th is Bruce Banner/Hulk. She is a better character than that, but all she gets is flirting with everyone.

We are introduced to 2 other characters dubbed "The Twins" though they never give them names. Probably because of Fox owns the rights to X-Men, but their names are Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Quicksilver dies, and of course, says a one-liner, and yet we feel nothing for his death as we never knew him......he is a 1- dimensional character. At least in X-Men Day of Future Past we get to know Quicksilver in there, and his special effects were a hell of a lot better.

This film was a catastrophe, and should not be praised in anyway.

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