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It's Halloween again
jotix10023 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Again, Elaine Ko proves she is one of the best assets of this award winning show. Her treatment of the episode strikes the right note, as it involves all family members in one of the most festive occasions of the year. Halloween is the perfect excuse for the three family groups to have fun in their own ways.

Cam and Mitch must deal with an inquiring Lily, who demands to know about her own mother, something the partners are not ready to deal with. Claire, on the other hand, has her own problems because no one wants to come treat or tricking to her house. Yet she has a somewhat scary surprise for her husband Phil. Gloria decides to let it all hang out and show herself with Jay at the Party at Cam and Mitch's house.

James Bagdonas keeps things moving at a good pace, making this installment a delightful time in front of the television.
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Modern Family Open House of Horrors
dalydj-918-25517524 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Claire was told to tone down the Halloween decorations because the house was too scary for everyone. Lily wants to be a princess for Halloween every year because Mitchell told Lily that her mother was a princess. The costumes the guys get are wrong because Cam gets the bull and Mitchell the matador. Jay gets a car ticket even after flirting with the female police women. Manny gets set home because he set off the fire alarm by accident. The whole neighborhood is afraid of Claire and they do not come to her house. When some teenage trick or treaters egg Gloria's house she wants to kill them. Cameron is flashing all his guests because he wants them to see his body while Lily thinks every princess is her mom. At an empty house alone Claire comes to the house to try to scare Phil. Jay tells Gloria that her being angry is just hormones from being a princess. Cameron finds out that Mitchell told Lily her mom was a princess. Phil looks for Claire in the house but he has buyers coming to the house. When the buyers leave the house Phil is alone in the house with Claire trying to scare him. It turns out that Claire is home with the kids but instead she uses her kids to scare him so much. OK episode unlike the previous Halloween episode.

EPISODE GRADE: B- (MVP: Julie Bowen)
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We watched the last season . Right ?
Semih Masat30 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The episode was good but i hate something about series like this.

They show last years Halloween at the beginning and correct me if i wrong but that things didn't happened in last year right ?

Because we watched it?

I don't know about Halloween but, is't it is just 1 day ? Did they showed us a second day of halloween of last years ?

This is not happening in just this series. A lot of others have this problem. When they do this , it actually bothers and annoys me.

And i am going to say again, i like this episode. Acting was actually better than last seasons Halloween episode :)
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