Meredith: So, who's your favorite teacher in this whole school?

Beck Oliver: Easy. Sikowitz.

Meredith: Yeah, he's my fave too!

Beck Oliver: [sarcastically] I'm shocked.

Robbie Shapiro: The butterfly was in your left ear.

Cat Valentine: I know.

Robbie Shapiro: But it came out of your right ear.

Cat Valentine: It's a miracle!

Beck Oliver: I think I've learned something about myself.

Tori Vega: That you're ungrateful to your friend who tried to fix you up with a cute girl?

Beck Oliver: No. I just think I like to date a girl who, you know, fights back.

Tori Vega: You...

Beck Oliver: I mean, a girl who's got strong opinions. You know? And a big mouth.

Tori Vega: Why?

Beck Oliver: 'Cause it's not easy. Easy's boring.

Beck Oliver: I've missed you.

Jade West: So what are you gonna do about it?

[Beck pauses, then kisses her]

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