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Entertaining enough. just enjoy it.
missapril7516 October 2012
I've never been one for 'period' or costume drama but I quite enjoyed the two episodes I've seen so far.

I don't understand the "distinctly cardboard-looking Victorian Street" comment in one of the reviews. Really? It looked real enough to me and judging by the location feature on this site it was.

There are loads of streets like that in the UK. I can think of a few in Bristol alone.

I mistakenly watched the second episode before the first and I was quite surprised to see two or three characters behaving quite differently between the two episodes for no apparent reason.

Other than that, just relax and enjoy it. Or not watch it just to pick out perceived flaws.
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A nice replacement for Lark Rise to Candleford
black_sax8 November 2012
When they cancelled Lark Rise to Candleford, the BBC promised us that it was to "make room for other dramas". So far, I haven't seen anything worth watching, until The Paradise came on. It has the same gentle feel that Lark Rise did, and the same idea of having pride in the work you do. It is really nice to have a TV show which is not obsessed with having nude scenes in it, or using swear words at every turn, but rather concentrating on a good script, and a storyline that makes you want to know what is going to happen next. Some of the characters do feel like they need to find themselves a little bit, but since this is the first series, I think that they can easily be forgiven for that! This is definitely a show to watch, especially if you were a fan of Lark Rise to Candleford.
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The Paradise
cgrangers692 April 2014
The Paradise is just that! An amazing show which captivates you very quickly and has you thinking constantly. If it is not about the era, the times, the cast, or writing...It is what is next! I am a definite movie buff with hundreds of thousands of shows watched. Not to say anyone is qualified to say what is good or bad but The Paradise is just simply VERY good in many ways. This series was a refreshing step away from the overdone crime dramas and did not need or require nudity nor profanity to make is superb. Some here criticize the last episode(s) however they may not understand this - the writers knew the show would be canceled well before it ended, sadly, and were required to conjure up a somewhat appealing ending. I am highly disappointed, again, in the BBC's horrid decision to cancel. Those in the BBC who "decided" to cancel are far better off working as shoe makers or barbers and should kindly step out of the entertainment business.
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Period Drama with modern Flair
jlarson-640-54090923 March 2013
Sometimes I think I know where this story is going and it suddenly takes a turn not expected.

At first glance many of the situations and characters seem so common or typical. As the story goes along the characters develop rich persona's and quirks of their own. Some of them need work but it's small criticism. Despite it's period setting, the feel is very contemporary and the writing style, sharp for period pieces. Still it's good for young and old. I don't often warm to these period pieces with women in long dresses and lace and the class differences being used as reason for conflict. Paradise seems to give equal standing to all its characters, regardless of class, and invents interesting back stories for so many of them. The sets and scenery and costume are good but not outstanding. The quality comes from the concept and the well written script.
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I liked it!
mtl-915 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It's hard for me not to compare this show to Downton Abbey since both series were airing at the same time. I have to say, I found myself looking way more forward to each episode of The Paradise than to the next episode of Downton Abbey. I found the Paradise to be so light, sweet, and feel-good in comparison to DA. It was also very romantic (with some delicious delayed gratification, even!) and best of all... no controversy!! It wasn't all happy, happy (there was even a little Dickensian villainy (Jonas)) but similar to shows like Larkrise to Candleford, in The Paradise the light aspects far outweigh the dark, and that's what I so prefer, I have to say!
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The big store
jc-osms22 November 2012
I normally avoid what I call "modern" costume-dramas like the plague, no "Downtons" or "Candlefords" in our house, but having read the source novel by Emile Zola (one of the rare novels my wife and I both enjoyed reading) and believing then that it had continued relevance in today's shopping mall, hypermarket, bigger-is-better consumer society, I was persuaded to tune in.

I'm rather glad I did, as, while I can easily see the soap suds gathering around the fringes, still Zola's story-telling skills shine through. I can't remember enough about the novel to place the appropriate episodes depicted here, although some of course were of modern invention, still I felt as a whole, the series maintained consistency, continuity and credibility throughout.

It's well acted with, in the lead roles, Emun Elliot as the charismatic retail supremo Moray (Mouret, in the original French) and Joanna Vanderham as the initially demure but fast developing shop-girl-in-a-hurry Denise, while the rest of cast support well, with the possible exception of Sarah Lancashire, who overplays the starchy department manageress, Miss Audrey.

I would carp at the sets which seem to be have been done on the cheap, you hardly get the impression that the store is large at all and as for the exteriors, it appears the BBC could only be bothered to dress up one section of the street outside the shop, giving an air of budget-cuts to proceedings.

Nevertheless, this was easy-to-watch family entertainment, which I'm pleased to see has been commissioned for a second series. We'll be watching.
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Quick last minute solutions
ckootstra12 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
After watching all episodes but the last of this costume drama, I was still able to agree with almost everything my preceding reviewers have written. No it's not great; yes, the acting isn't always spot on; no the writing leaves a lot to be desired, but the series stuck like glue. But with the last episode on the screen, I found out what I really had been watching all that time: the prelude to a terrible accident. What a disaster that last episode was ! Did the original screenplay writer collide with the number 12 bus, and did the producers then decide to employ the Sun's editor? Did the screenwriter say: I still have material for five episodes, to which the producer said: put it all in the last one? Did everyone just improvise on camera? We will never know. What I do know though is that it was about nothing; it looked like nothing and it sounded like nothing. Characters changed overnight; Evil Tom Weston got hit by a magic stick and started loving his wife and daughter; Jonas Franks got it suddenly all wrong in his desire to serve and protect; Moray lost his last braincells and started gambling for the store; and Denise became a makeup inventor and .... (I forgot what else she was up to; it was all too confusing). Soooo, after 15 episodes of intrigue and drama, the 16th took care of all ills in a jiffy. Incroyable !! Send me Bill Gallagher anytime that I need my drains pumped; I can do with a quick problem solver.
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Forget the book
Perrorist27 April 2013
If you come to this series having first read Zola's book, you'll be greatly disappointed. There are few touch points between the two, and the entire spirit is different as well. What they do have very much in common is the theme of big business relentlessly and irreversibly destroying small business.

That said, I enjoyed this series. Denise is suitably innocent and pure, Moray is single-minded and lecherous, and the introduced character of Jonas is malevolent. Yes, the whole show has Victorian melodrama stamped all over it, but that doesn't make it any less compelling.

Given the ending of series 1, I can't imagine what series 2 will be like.
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Best ever
atamotua-654-937843 June 2014
witty, moving, adorable, suspenseful, intriguing, and the list goes on... hats off... pun intended... I simply stumbled upon this series by just randomly clicking on my Netflix pages... This show had me from the first few scenes... the amazing music, the place/setting, and people... then as it progressed, the plots, the conversations, the atmosphere, etc... you really have something good to learn from this... good brain and heart food... i was watching the screen, but i could feel it, smell it, touch it... very captivating... I really wish there were more shows like this... or that this one would never end... I did not really want to say much about this show because I simply just want you to try it and see how good it is for yourself, without too much of my input on it (but i'm forced to enter at least 10 lines) I'm in love...
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lookatwhatyoudid4 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
First episode - exciting stuff. The next are okay, until the central woman suddenly says something that spoils the whole show for me. I would have liked another plot altogether, not a 'classical' love story as I see it. The central characters feel very stiff and fade in favor of the other characters. Still I watched the whole thing. Maybe it was the wavering rich woman that I felt sorry for, which kept me on my toes. Maybe some backdrop as to why the leading male character was so attractive would make him more attractive to me. I also want to like him. The one armed guy, I both like and dislike. He feels extremely misplaced, but at least he speak in tongues.
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