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Season 1

20 Feb. 2013
Early Checkout
The Melbourne based crime-scene cleaning couple are called to a hotel to clean-up after the murder of a popular motivational author, stabbed apparently by one of the staff whose pleas of innocence result in the duo staying as guests.
27 Feb. 2013
A Dog's Life
One of the two local golf club owners is found dead following a dispute with dog owners who claim the right to walk their dogs across the council-owned land the fairway is on. The suspects? Dogs!
6 Mar. 2013
En Vogue
Charlie and Nicola clean up at a fashion show after designer Jonah Elroy is struck on the head by a ceiling mirror that comes loose and strikes him in the face. By all accounts, he was disliked by almost everyone but when interviewed, the staff all describe him as a pussycat. Someone had a go at Elroy's Jaguar with a can of spray paint and he was also being criticized by animal rights activists objecting to his use of fur in his clothing designs. They find evidence at the scene that suggests one of the activists may have been at the show. Flowers and a missing pair of...
13 Mar. 2013
Atlas Drugged
Nicola and Charlie clean up at a local gym where body builder Anton Cheresniak was found burned to death on a suntanning bed. They believe someone used the weights in the gym to move the body. Also, his brother Greg, a medical student, urgently wants to get into his brother's locker which raises suspicions. The police find several suspicious letters at Anton's house. When Charlie gets hit on the head from behind, it's clear someone is prepared to go to great lengths to cover up what they have done. Bad grammar leads them to a suspect, but the case isn't as clear cut ...
20 Mar. 2013
Lost Soul
Nicola and Charlie clean up at a local theater after the production's star, 27 year-old Linda Di Biasi, is found dead under the stage. The police think she died after a struggle during which she was struck on the head. Jim, the play's director, was sleeping with the star's understudy, Lucy, and rumor has it he was planning on giving her the lead part. The dead woman's husband Tom can't find her wedding ring and says his wife was having an affair with someone. Charlie finds a way in into the theater, via an underground tunnel, and a stash of cocaine. Among all of the ...
27 Mar. 2013
The Next Best Man
A lavish wedding is derailed when the best man turns up dead on the bride's family estate. The victim's romantic entanglements and troubled family business give Charlie and Nicola a list of suspects. Detective Vinetti's tie to the family complicates matters.
3 Apr. 2013
Thoroughly Dead Thoroughbred
A vet killed by an overdose of horse tranquilizer sets off an investigation at stables that house champion racehorses. It looks like an inside job, and Nicola and Charlie go to dangerous lengths to suss out the truth.
10 Apr. 2013
A Flare for Murder
A young solo sailor just back from a year-long voyage becomes a murder victim in her home port. A horrifying crime scene and the focus on the sailor's alcoholic father as the prime suspect prompt Nicola to dive deeper and Charlie to find his sea legs.
17 Apr. 2013
The Art of Murder
The death of a homeless man in a modern art gallery registers as no more than an inconvenience for the haughty gallery owner and preening artists in the current show. Certain there's a connection between the victim and the art world, Nicola and Charlie begin to draw conclusions.
24 Apr. 2013
Little Boxes
An enclosed beach cabana in a wealthy seaside community houses a grisly surprise for young lovers hoping to use it for a tryst. Investigating the family that owns the cabana, Charlie and Nicola must wade through a morass of secrets and lies.
1 May 2013
Keeping Up Appearances
A beautiful young woman obsessed with cosmetic surgery falls from the second story of an esteemed clinic, an apparent suicide. Nicola and Charlie don't buy the theory that she was distraught over the clinic's refusal to give her further treatments.
8 May 2013
The zoo's big-cat keeper dies by human hand, and the hippo keeper has gone missing. From clues and conversations, coworkers emerge as suspects. The break comes when Charlie gets a chance for some inside investigation during a sleepover safari.
15 May 2013
The Course Whisperer
Nicola and Charlie find a bloody mess at a restaurant where the celebrity chef has gone missing and is presumed dead. They learn the chef was a cruel dictator in the kitchen, and several employees may have wanted him dead.

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