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A Very Surprising, Heart-Warming, Feel-Good Movie
Slasher_Lover2324 November 2013
When David (Vince Vaughn) finds out he's the father to 533 children through donations he made to a fertility clinic 20 years ago, he learns that a fraction of them want to meet him. Against the advice of her lawyer best friend Brett (Chris Pratt), and while trying to mend the relationship he has with his girlfriend Emma (Cobie Smulders), David decides to set out and see how his children turned out. Along the way he starts to find himself waist deep in the situation.

Based on his original French film Starbuck, director Ken Scott brings his original film in American form. The film starts out with some nice comedic moments from Vince Vaughn's character playing the typical immature adult. However, it gradually shifts gears into a more sentimental film. As we watch David interact with his children, often ranging from some comical moments with them, but then we get the genuine and sincere moments where we see David begin to open his eyes to the world. From the outside, the film looks like some average comedy, but in the long run it runs so much more deeper and sentimental than that.

While at first glance, it would appear Vince Vaughn plays the typical character he always plays, but as the film progresses we start to see him take a more serious side that we rarely see from him. It is a major treat to see him interact with some of the youngsters who play his children. When Vaughn has to express his sentimental side, he really nails it. It makes you wish he would do more roles that require this type of range. Apart from his serious moments, Vaughn also has fun chemistry with Chris Pratt who plays his best friend. Their relationship is really believable and they have some good and funny moments together. Pratt on his own provides a lot of the major comic relief in the film, even though we find his character has his own troubles he has to deal with.

Delivery Man definitely earns a ranking as one of the surprise feel-good films of the year. It will have you laughing and by the end it can leave you with tears of joy and a smile on your face.

My Rating: 8/10
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Heartfelt, Emotional, and Comedic
Jackson Porter23 November 2013
This is probably one of the best movies I've seen. Okay, disagree with me, but hear me out first. I've never understood the desire for children. I don't know why people have kids. And nobody, not even my own parents, have been able to explain to me why. But this film inspired me to become a father one day.

I laughed. It brought me tears three times. I walked away from that movie feeling satisfied, warm, and with a whole new outlook on life. Don't go into this movie expecting the comedy or the drama or the story of the year, because you're not going to get that. What you are going to get is an enjoyable film that will make you smile. And that's truly all that matters. This film is full of love and what it means, and I left loving this film and loving and understanding the desire to have children.

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Wow not what i expected!
chris_rowe-881-16882030 December 2013
Firstly I will start by saying I am a huge comedy fan!, I have seen pretty much every major and a lot of indie comedies in the last decade. I have seen a lot of Vince Vaughn films and have to say I am not a big fan of his, he sometimes shines like in the Internship, but mainly is a stiff, one dimensional actor who delivers wooden performances.

His last film as I said was totally enjoyable, so I was open to seeing this as I thought maybe he has turned a corner and hell was I right!. He shows comedy timing brilliance and shows the one thing I have rarely seen from Vaughn... Emotion.

This film is as funny as it is deep! it is a joy to watch and is also just strangely gripping in a way most comedies do not succeed. He is an endearing character chasing his 500 odd children and most bring flashes of hilarity whilst the rest bring a nice emotional warmth.

You will definitely enjoy this film, after poor comedy outings such as this is the end, bad grandpa and the diabolical grown ups 2 this will restore faith that there will be some genuinely funny films that don't rely to much on swearing, sex and unnecessary shock humour such as casual racism and sexism.

Enjoy and prepare to laugh and say awwww until the film leaves you feeling like you've finally after a few months seen a truly great comedy film again.

If this is the standard Vaughn is now setting then I cant wait for the next one!!!!!
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Vince Vaughn did it well
jacobhadley7030 November 2013
Coming into this movie I expected a hard core comedy full of Chris Pratt puns and Vince Vaughn One liners, but after watching this movie I saw it as something else. Vince Vaughn just blows it out the waters with an actually heart felt performance, This isn't just a sly comedy but a heart felt family drama where one ordinary man has to come to terms with an unordinary situation and Vaughn does it well and with great help from his co-stars. Definitely worth at least one watch, if not for Vince Vaughn then definitely watch it for Chris Pratt because even if this movie isn't just a straight odd ball comedy it's definitely got it's funny moments and all mostly revolving around Chris Pratt and his Attorney at Law bit.
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Funny but Deep
Don't believe the genre and go into this one thinking its a comedy. Yes, the premise that a person could actually donate sperm so many times and the number of kids to whom he now is the biological father is kinda funny. But, apart from a few scenes that are really funny, it felt to me at least a more deep movie.

The story is pretty basic, a guy (Vince Vaughan) who has donated his sperm some 690 times discovers that he is now the biological father of 593 kids who are suing in order to obtain the identify of the man who goes by the pseudonym "Starbucks". In the midst of all this, Starbucks' girlfriend (Cobie Smulders) is pregnant and wants to know if he can actually make a commitment to a family. The story then revolves around the emotional decision that Vince Vaughan has to make and what makes him make those decisions.

Bottomline, a good movie which will be entertaining, but not a comedy at any level.
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Letter of Complaint: Dead on Arrival
HerbsReviews1 April 2014
"Yo no soy David Wozniak"

I went in expecting a comedy but got a serious drama with a bit of humor to make it funny. Watching Vince Vaughn fumble around in his role as a meat delivery man can seem kinda humorous but its almost annoying.

When David (Vince Vaughn) finds out he's the father to 533 children through donations he made to a fertility clinic 20 years ago, he learns that a fraction of them want to meet him. Against the advice of her lawyer best friend Brett (Chris Pratt), and while trying to mend the relationship he has with his girlfriend Emma (Cobie Smulders), David decides to set out and see how his children turned out. Along the way he starts to find himself waist deep in the situation.

Delivery Man has a hard time finding its tone and at times suffers from not knowing what it wants to be, but it does have some heartfelt moments. I wasn't familiar with the original Canadian film so I can't be the one to judge if this remake holds up to the original. Cobie Smulders didn't have much to work with, and the same thing could be said about the teens playing Starbuck's children. I still ended up enjoying this a lot more than I expected to so I was pleasantly surprised with Delivery Man.

This is, I think, a fairly original concept, which could be pursued as a drama just as easily as a comedy, as is the case here. It isn't the tidiest job of scripting in the world - the debt subplot is largely unnecessary, there are other plot lines which aren't necessarily resolved satisfactorily (or at all) and, for a comedy, it is not especially loaded with laughs.

Despite it's many lows, it also has some highs that make this worth a watch. It really comes down to a 50/50 and whether you like Vince Vaughn or not. For these reasons Delivery Man gets a 5/10.
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Wait a minute.. isn't this the EXACT same movie as "Starbuck"?
laurieteter14 December 2013
Literally... the exact movie, theme, and plot! Except Starbuck is a much better version (if you don't mind reading the subtitles, it's worth it). Since both were released fairly recently, I'm surprised by the blatant and obvious copying of the original screen play and wonder if the producers had to buy the rights to do this? Or maybe this is a bonified "remake". In any case, where Starbuck was charming, authentic and even believable, I found what I watched of Delivery Man to be a sillier watered down and disappointing version. I would rent Starbuck, you will enjoy it. Here is the link below.
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A remake Just 18-Months after the original......?
stephen-hoyland17 February 2014
The basic premise of this movie Is......lots of children sue their 'Sperm-Donor' father. I would have had no problem with giving this Movie the lowest possible score - but It would be unfair to severely criticise the actors and crew for what Is clearly Writer and Director Ken Scott's problem! Just 2 short years before this Movie, our Mr.Scott wrote AND directed 'Starbuck' (2011), Identical to 'Delivery Man'(which he also wrote & directed) In every way (even down to our main man having exactly 142 disgruntled offspring)! Whilst 'Starbuck' only grossed around £15k on It's first weekend (the fact that It had French dialogue can't have helped It's popularity), Ken Scott must have realised that he was sitting on a Cracking Script - and so, less than 2 years later,behold.....Delivery Man! Only this time with a budget of £26 Million and an opening weekend take of £8 Million! Fittingly,perhaps,'Starbuck' Is generally considered the best of the two,and don't take my word for It....check out the votes here on IMDb and elsewhere and, of course - see them both for yourselves! It's an Interesting journey.
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Delivery Man: Can I Get 533 Kids To Go?
Brick Movie Reviews25 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Imagine a life where you are flat broke, unreliable, and have trouble doing the easiest job in the family business. That is the life of David Wozniak (Vince Vaughn). Being the delivery man for his father's meat market, Wozniak lives a debt-riddled life, and not even his girlfriend, Emma (Cobie Smulders) can count on him to be around. Upon learning Emma is pregnant with David's child, and Emma's telling David that he is unreliable and does not have a life, Wozniak sets out to do just that – get a life.

While working to get a life, a lawyer from a fertility clinic stops by David's apartment to tell him that for over three years, the clinic accidentally only used his sperm, which he donated almost 700 times in order to earn some money, and is the biological father of 533 children. The lawyer tells Wozniak that, even though he signed an anonymity clause under the name Starbuck, his children are filing a lawsuit to find out who their father is.

Wanting to stay anonymous, David goes to his lawyer/friend, Brett (Chris Pratt), to fight the lawsuit. And after Brett gave David an envelope containing the profile of 142 of his kids, David sets out to meet them and be their guardian angel, all the while proving himself as a father and person to Emma.

A remake of the 2011 movie Starbuck, Delivery Man is OK. The movie isn't bad, but it's not the greatest movie ever. The story, crazy as it is, is heartwarming, watching Vince Vaughn's character attempt to silently reach out to his children. In the movie, we see a different side of Vince Vaughn's acting. Normally, in movies such as Dodgeball and Wedding Crashers, we see your typical comedic-movie character. However in Delivery Man, Vaughn shows feeling and emotion, really getting across what Wozniak must be feeling and how he is handling it. Cobie Smulders' performance is fine, and Chris Pratt's character doesn't make much of an impact, but overall, the movie is fine. While I did laugh a couple times, I personally am not so sure that Delivery Man should be classified as strictly a comedy, especially since I laughed more during Thor: The Dark World than this particular movie. Nonetheless, Delivery Man is a decent, feel good movie that won't waste your time.

Rating: 6 of 10 @BrickFilmReview
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A man discovers he is the biological father of over 500 children
mikeatdt29 June 2014
I am dumbfounded at the critics' lackluster to bad reviews of this great movie, which is funny and poignant, as well as thought provoking. Vince Vaughn gives a wonderful performance, and is evolving, in my opinion, into his generation's Bill Murray, a very funny comic actor with a gift for the dramatic. Don't let the odd premise or the off the mark reviews keep you from watching this touching film. Good supporting performances from Chris Pratt and Andrzej Blumenfeld round things out. No spoiler here, but a scene late in the film between Vince's character and his father is so understated, yet hilarious, that I had to pause it several times until I stopped laughing. What I really loved about this film was how the humor came out of truthful situations even though the main premise of the film is preposterous.
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A little disappointing but it still has a lot of heart.
Hellmant27 November 2013
'DELIVERY MAN': Three Stars (Out of Five)

Vince Vaughn stars in this remake of a 2011 French-Canadian comedy-drama film about a man who discovers he fathered 533 kids through sperm donations several years earlier. It was directed and co-written (with Martin Petit) by Canadian filmmaker/actor/comedian Ken Scott (who also performed the same duties on the original film, with Petit). The American version also co-stars Chris Pratt (who put on 60 pounds for the role) and Cobie Smulders. I haven't seen the original movie but I heard this update isn't as good, as far as Vince Vaughn films go it's a little disappointing but it still has a lot of heart.

Vaughn plays David Wozniak, a delivery driver for his family's butcher shop who's recently came into some serious debt problems and owes some criminal thugs a lot of money. He's also just discovered that his girlfriend, Emma (Smulders), is pregnant but she doesn't know if she can trust David to be a reliable father. On top of all that he's also just discovered that he fathered 533 children, decades earlier, through sperm donations. He donated to the sperm bank under the alias 'Starbuck' but now 142 of his biological children are suing to know his true identity. He asks his lawyer/father friend, Brett (Pratt), to help him with the case as he starts to get to know some of his kids (for the first time) and help them out with different issues.

The movie is a good Christmas film and has a great positive message about parenting and the love between fathers and their kids. Vaughn, like always, is extremely likable in the flick and makes a great down on his luck but lovable father figure. It's not nearly as funny as most Vince Vaughn films used to be though and he seems content to play the role mostly for it's sentimentality rather than trying for big laughs. Like I said it has a lot of heart and the drama, for the most part, works but it is just a little too sappy at times (especially for a Vince Vaughn movie). It's not a bad film but it's definitely not nearly as good as what most have come to expect from a Vince Vaughn laugh fest.

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cultfilmfreaksdotcom22 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
If "Charming Lovable Loser" isn't a film genre, it should be – Hollywood turns out stories centering on underdog slacker dudes by the dozens, and unfortunately Vince Vaughn, landing a few decent gigs since gaining fame in the classic indie SWINGERS, is stuck in this particular treadmill…

Once the plot is revealed, about a guy whose past "donations" to a fertility clinic resulted in over 500 children... 142 of them seeking his identity... we don't know too much about Vaughn's troubled David Wozniak except he's a really nice guy who loves his family, extended or otherwise…

Working for his father delivering meat, he's as inept a driver as he is a boyfriend to a patient woman, pregnant with a child… one child… but he has many other problems...

For the first half, David keeps a guardian angel eye on a handful of twenty-somethings trying to make a living in New York City: including a junky, a struggling actor, a street musician and a professional basketball player… But once one particular kid latches on, in the form of an annoying young man named Viggo, the movie goes to pot… Or perhaps it was there already…

Chris Pratt plays Brett, a child-consumed single dad who's not only David's best friend but also his lawyer… And while Pratt tries way too hard to provide dry humor throughout, his performance is as lethargic as the second half of DELIVERY MAN, an uneven comedy immersed in hipster schlock rock and, once David faces his ultimate (predictable) dilemma, balancing a financial payoff and the love of his new family, the movie not only tugs at the heartstrings but yanks them out entirely.
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gulf2-851-68369124 November 2013
This is a total American rip-off of a French Canadian film called "Starbuck" that was released a couple of years back to critical acclaim. Why does Hollywood have to remake everything? So unoriginal. The original film is excellent and people should check that out instead. Why watch a copy when you can see the original?!

For some reason reviews have to be at least ten lines, so I'll repeat my review:

This is a total American rip-off of a French Canadian film called "Starbuck" that was released a couple of years back to critical acclaim. Why does Hollywood have to remake everything? So unoriginal. The original film is excellent and people should check that out instead. Why watch a copy when you can see the original?!
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Remake or No Remake - Doesn't Matter. BORING
brian-81328 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Don't get me wrong. I like Vince Vaughn. "Wedding Crashers," "Dodge Ball" "Couples Retreat." He's got some real talent,and he's a VERY funny actor. This was just a boring, dull, uninteresting and unfunny film. It failed as a comedy, it failed as a drama, it failed all around - because it was just plain old BORING.

Many users here on IMDb are giving it low ratings because they thought the "original" was better. Doesn't matter. I never saw the original - and I place this one just a little below Adam Sandler's "Overboard." Yeah. It sucked THAT bad.

Do yourself a favor. Skip this one and watch something with a bit more depth - like the Christmas "Yule" log or the TV Test Pattern.
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Poorly written dramedy that rarely gets laughs
jk2two1 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I was prepared for a ridiculous and outlandish premise. I was prepared for Vaughn playing the same character he always plays (which he plays quite well). What I was not prepared for, was the movie taking the ridiculous premise so seriously and exploring the flimsy premise of adult- children needing to know the identity of their sperm donor. All these kids act like not knowing who their sperm donor is has left a void in their life that they have never been able to fill. The fact that Vaughn discovers he is the father of all these children and wants to be their guardian angel works just fine. The film falls apart as these adult-children discover they're all related and decide to bring a class-action lawsuit to discover the identity of their biological father. The premise of the lawsuit is stupid, but the motivation of all those involved is just poorly developed and completely unbelievable. Trying to make this movie a heartfelt drama about the meaning of parenthood is poorly handled, and it belies the advertising of the movie as a goofy comedy. There is little to laugh at in this film, particularly after the first 20 minutes or so, when it turns full drama.
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Has its good moments but ultimately fails to deliver.
shawneofthedead7 January 2014
Delivery Man doesn't inspire a whole lot of confidence - everything about its publicity campaign suggests that this is yet another frat-boy comedy built around Vince Vaughn's arrested-development screen persona. This time, he isn't crashing a wedding or getting an internship at Google: he's fathering 533 kids! It sounds terrible, but actually isn't - at least in its first half, which is an interesting, emotionally powerful look at the notions of fatherhood and responsibility. It's actually a shame that the film stumbles as determinedly as it does into its uncomfortably cheerful ending.

Chronic underachiever David (Vaughn) can barely keep his life together: he's hugely in debt, he constantly disappoints his family, and his on-off girlfriend Emma (Cobie Smulders) has decided that he's not fit to be the father of their unborn child. Life only gets more complicated when he discovers that - thanks to his earlier incarnation as prolific sperm donor Starbuck - he's the biological father of 533 children, 142 of whom are trying to find out who he is by contesting the confidential agreements he signed with the fertility clinic many years ago.

Writer-director Ken Scott's film - a remake of his own Canadian film-festival hit Starbuck - has a lot going for it: David is written and played as an appealingly hopeless, oddly sweet failure of a man, one who tries so hard, with such good intentions, that you want to forgive him the worst of his many transgressions. This characteristic is precisely why the first half of the film works so well. David's tentative attempts to find out more about his offspring yield moments both funny and emotional, whether he's trying to help out one son by taking a disastrous shift as a barista, or struggling to find the right things to say to a bedridden young man (Sébastien René, who's so heartbreakingly good that he's the only actor to be in both versions of Scott's film).

But the film stutters and suffers as it goes on. It all gets snowed under by ever thicker layers of sentiment (at one point, David tells the Starbuck kids that, whatever the outcome of the legal appeal, hey, at least they've found brothers and sisters in one another!). Frustratingly, too, David's relationship with Emma keeps falling by the wayside. By the time it's picked up again at the end, they deal with David's extreme fatherhood in only the most perfunctory and unsatisfying of ways.

For all its second-act troubles, Delivery Man is at least memorable for giving Vaughn a little more to do than he usually does in his paint-by-numbers comedies. He works particularly well with Chris Pratt, who plays David's cynical, struggling lawyer/best friend Brett. Unfortunately, Vaughn gives an unexpectedly likable performance in a film that's desperately uneven. Its story is interesting and the execution initially promising, but Delivery Man stumbles too quickly and earnestly towards an ending that's too convenient to match its protagonist's truly complicated predicament.
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a Remake of a 2011 French film called "Starbuck"...
janniejaye23 February 2014
Hate it when Hollywood takes a great foreign film, remakes it and ruins it! The original French film is called "Starbuck" it is so much better than this "Delivery Man"! Why do they do this? Is there such a shortage of writers in the USA that an original work cannot be written or a novel made that hasn't been done yet? I find it embarrassing the USA feels the need to remake a foreign film in the first place, copy cats! Is it because they think they can make it better, that the original work wasn't good enough? Seems an insult to the country that originally made it! Hollywood also remakes films from here too, as I recently read "Point Break" is going to be remade with Gerard Butler. The original is a classic, great film, Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves were both awesome in it, this does not need remade either, STOP it Hollywood, stop with the remakes!
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This is not a comedy, I repeat not a comedy.
demetriocoffman28 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I went in expecting a comedy but got a serious drama with not really a bit of humor to make it funny. Watching Vince Vaughn fumble around in his role as a meat delivery man can seem kinda humorous but its almost annoying. But when he discovers that years ago his donations at a sperm bank have now made him the father of 533 children, his outlook on life changes. As he is trying to deal with his current relationship, his gambling debts and a lawsuit, he goes on a quest to learn who some of the 533 kids are and what they are doing today. What I do like is that he discovers the importance of life, Fatherhood and acceptance of responsibility. But more importantly the kids are also on a quest to find their biological father. So we watch a man child grow in to a father in more ways the one. Nothing funny about that.
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Not Believable
westsideschl5 April 2014
A combination of a plot structure of 500+ children all coming from a single donor, who's main personal attribute is that of a flake, in which he suddenly finds them all (how that can take place is not clear) so that he can follow their lives and then intervene in a Santy so of way strained the credulity scale to the breaking point. Even more so with the pollyannish ending. Acting was read and recite robotic. Let me guess (even wager)! This was written, produced and filmed in New York City. A stereotypic New York rom-com that is formula overfed for a Northeast population in dire need of relief from a concrete/asphalt boring existence.
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A Sweet Film...
namashi_117 March 2014
A remake of the 2011 French-Canadian film Starbuck, 'Delivery Man' is A Sweet Film, that has a charm working for it & also features a winning performance by Vince Vaughn.

'Delivery Man' Synopsis: An affable underachiever finds out he's fathered 533 children through anonymous donations to a fertility clinic 20 years ago. Now he must decide whether or not to come forward when 142 of them file a lawsuit to reveal his identity.

'Delivery Man' makes good use of its innovative story-line, as it succeeds in arresting its viewer, at most parts. The journey of its protagonist & his many, many kids offer moments of love, humor & strong emotion. However, the pacing in its second-hour lacks sharpness.

Ken Scott & Martin Petit's Screenplay works mostly to its advantage. Ken Scott's Direction, on the other-hand, is subtle. Cinematography is standard. Editing lacks crispness.

Performance-Wise: Vince Vaughn shines in the lead role. He's funny & likable all through. Cobie Smulders looks stunning & enacts her part well. Chris Pratt is strictly okay. Adam Chanler-Berat leaves a mark. Others lend adequate support.

On the whole, 'Delivery Man' is a decent watch.
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Return to Sender
ArT_of_InSaNiTy17 January 2014
Yet another remake; it's becoming unbearable now. I knew what to expect here, "Starbuck" (The French original) was about to be Americanised. About to be squeezed of all it's originality and be lazily packaged. It was about to lose it's quirkiness and have it replaced by conventional humour.

Still i like to see all films and it wasn't exactly putting me out of pocket with my Unlimited card in hand. I'm sure i huffed and puffed within 2 minutes of the film and by the end i was slouched enough just so i could see the screen. It is exhausting to say the least. Now i can admit that i am a tad grumpy as a human being, but the whole screening laughed out loud maybe 3 times at the most. And yes i chuckled several times, but at little one liners by the rest of the cast, not the "Star" Vince Vaughn.

Which leads me to the Rise and Fall of "The Frat Pack"; more like "The Flat Pack", in fact they should now be renamed "IKEA". This group consists of the likes of Stiller, Vaughn, Ferrell, Carell, both Wilsons and Jack Black. Recently names Like Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd have been included in the group but they have their own thing. Their films, either collectively or individually are becoming more and more flat. From "Wedding Crashers" to "The Internship", from "Anchorman" to "Anchorman" 2, from "Zoolander" to "Secret Life of Walter Mitty", from "Dodgeball" to "The Watch" and from "Old School" to films like this or "Hall Pass" or "Little Fockers" or "The Dilemma" or "Bernie". It is a massive fall in quality.

4 out of 10 for supporting cast, 1 out of 10 for Vaughn's miserable version of Starbuck; Patrick Huard must've been laughing his behind how bad it was compared to his role as the serial sperm donor.
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Delivery man ?!?!?!?!
Smiths1-Review13 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Delivery man ?!?!? Not great gave it a 4/10 I would not go to the pictures to see I would recommend that you wait for it to come on to sky movies or one of the others to watch it it will save you money because paying £8 at the pictures is not worth it. The film was over the top 533 kids come on it could of been a 100 and still worked. The actors I like in most of there films but this one was a let down on a big scale. There acting so poor and over the top trying to be funny but just not. I don't know by watching it if it what type of film it was trying to be ?!?!? Funny,drama I just can not put it into one or the over. Looking at the opening takings and gross so far it looks to be a flop and could even take the lowliest taking film of the year

From c-ss-123 the review that matters
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Just another Vince Vaughn movie
cinematic_aficionado29 January 2014
The guy who is famously unable to be accountable on any front, has to confront with a reality that he has fathered over 500 children.

Well, overall, this is just another Vince Vaughn movie largely amusing and light hearted but with some good moments. Here we have someone who is hugely irresponsible cannot bring any task to fruition, is heavily in debt, his pregnant girlfriend wants nothing to do with him and as if all that was not enough he finds out that when he donates sperm some 20 years ago has caused some 500+ births and his 'kids' want to meet him. Despite his numerous shortcomings, he has a gift of being likable to those that encounter him.

This revelation, wakes something in him, a sense of duty and responsibility he has not felt before so instead of being his usual self and walk away from responsibility he feels a yearning to be close to all of them and take a somewhat active role in their lives.

Without reaching any highs either as a comedy or a drama, it is a largely pleasant experience that deals with issues such as dependability and the preciousness of life and togetherness.
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This movie kinda delivered.
ironhorse_iv8 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I went in with low expectations and I found this movie to be, better than I expected. I just wish, the movie stood out more. It was way too similar to the director's original work; 2011's film, Starbucks. If you watch Starbuck and this movie side-by-side, the two are almost indistinguishable, there are very few differences, between them! Which makes you wonder why they even bothered to remake it? Honestly, the only big difference, I can notice, is the fact, that this film was in English, rather than in French. I know, that the American market is bigger and they wanted the film to appeal to them, but gees…they could had done more, than change a few things. The movie still is a near-carbon copy mirror to the Canadian film. I really hope, that they would bring, something new. If not, just save money, and add English subtitles or redub it for the American audiences. Anyways, the premise of the two films directed by Ken Scott is the same, it tells the story of an affable underachiever named David Wozniak, this time played by Vince Vaughn, who finds out he's fathered over 500 children through anonymous donations to a fertility clinic 20 years ago. Now he must decide whether or not to come forward when 142 of them file a lawsuit to reveal his identity. Will David reveal his identity or will David fight back, for his right to privacy? Watch the movie to find out! Anyways, without spoiling the movie too much, I found, the whole premise to be interesting, but very unrealistic at parts. One of the biggest problems in the film is how he found out, that he father certain people. Ryan (Sébastien René) is one of them. The man appears to be mentally handicapped and never speaks. So, how on earth was Ryan, able to contact, a lawyer, so that he can get his father to spill his identity!? It doesn't make sense. Maybe, the hospital caretaker did it, for him, but what would be, the reasons why. Even, if the clinic, that David went to, was somewhat corrupt, which explains, why his sperms was used so much; it's still has the records of donors medical screening and testing. It's enough to help Ryan with his case. While, David spending time with Ryan is heartwarming, I have to say, it's somewhat illogical. Another problem with the film, is the time, he spent with Kristen (Britt Robertson), the heroin addict. It was very miss opportunity, to have, some really needed depth. I really wished, the movie explore, more with her character. I would love to see, David, go through the hard decisions, to send her to rehab, or let her continue to be a junkie, or better yet, have her character die, and him, understand, why it's very importation to have, a father around. Instead of the unrealistic sub-story resolve that we got. It's really hard to believe, that a heroin addict would be able to kick her bad habit, so quickly, because of a new job. Come on, movie! You could had done, better. I would have love to see, the movie go, a little dark at times. I would love the movie to explore, nature vs nurture with the crazy, out there character of Viggo (Adam Chanler-Berat). Honestly, I would love to see Adam Chanler-Berat, play the bad seed-villain, son, but the movie never truly go, anywhere with his character. The movie could had been more risky with its subject matter. Themes like Genetic Sexual Attraction, Abandonment Trauma, Attachment Issues, etc. etc. could had make the movie, so much, more complex and appealing. It's a shame, because a little more family melodrama would have made this film, so much better, instead of the court-room drama. The whole legal obligation of the film seem like add extra unnecessary drama. In reality, even if David had a horrible lawyer, he would still win the case 100% hands down. Still, Ken Scott & Martin Petit's screenplay was well-written. There are a number of really touching, heartwarming, moments in this movie which I didn't exactly expect due to the subject matter and Vince Vaughn being the star. My favorite part of the film was the interaction with the kids. Loved that the kids were all, somewhat different. Honestly, the whole premise of him, helping out his children, could work, better as a TV show. Obviously, each episode could focus on him meeting one or two of his kids. It'd be a good way to flesh out the many children, instead of these half-written caricatures that the audience got to see. There were some moments in the film, that a few characters stories never get resolved or explained. A good example is the nameless gay guy. That particular character's life story, go, really nowhere. Another thing is where are the parents for these young adults? You would think the movie would bring that up. Anyways, because of that, this screenplay could need a little bit, more polish. The marketing for this film, really got it all wrong. The trailer of this film made it seem like a comedy, but the film definitely felt more like a drama then a comedy. I still did laugh at some moments. The acting in this film is alright. Vince Vaughn was fine. He did, very well, with his role. Chris Pratt, as Brett, David's lawyer, not so much, but he was pretty charming. One person that wasn't, is Cobie Smulders as Emma, David's pregnant girlfriend. I didn't like her. Her character was so unlikeable in the way, she treats David. I really didn't want them to end up, together. Overall: While it's an unnecessary Hollywood remake of a lovely foreign film. It's still worth watching, even if this sperm donor dramedy is shooting blanks. As least, it's better than the foreign rip-offs, Bollywood's 2012 Vicky Donor or 2013's Fonzy.
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The best 'heart-warming' film I have ever seen
AgentSauvage18 November 2016
I was unsure whether I would like this film, but it surpassed all expectations. I laughed, I had tears in my eyes. The premise is interesting. David Wozniak is a failure, being threatened by the mob over the debt he owes them - and at a particularly low point in his life he finds he is the subject of a class action by 142 of the 533 children born from his frequent visits to a sperm-bank when he was in need of cash (the reason why he needed the money is explained later on in the film). David decides that he must find out about the children who are 'suing' him and decides to become their guardian angel. The characterisation is superb. The performances are excellent. The viewer will laugh and will cry - or is entirely heartless!
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