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Another lost in the woods, happen upon the demon locked in the box story, but it ends well.

Author: Jesse Boland from Burnaby, BC Canada
28 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Gallows Hill or The Damned. I really didn't think that I was enjoying this movie at all for the first two thirds or so, then as the story sort of rallies, and gives more substance to all of the chaos that is making everyone's heads spin; I suddenly saw the actual movie, and realized that it all made sense, and they had meant to be that vague.

In a tired horror world that is just too saturated with poltergeist-ery and other forms of possession or dispossession, and completely unnecessary death just for the filler of it all; This movie does nothing new, including the worst plot device of all - the foreshadowed introduction, then the quick spin back to tell the story so far. However, there is a good, simple, and properly worked out ending that ties all of the loose ends together, and makes for a decent ride that may leave you with your knees still shaking just a little.

The acting is no special event, but the sets are well lit, and the look of everything is realistic, and never too "set-up" looking (the backgrounds were open enough, and there is no sense of claustrophobia even in the buildings).

Would I rush out to see this? No, but I would throw it on the list to be seen. There is enough here to Enjoy, the jump scares are not cheap, and there is a ton of bold, hardly any nudity, and some bad language, but this is an adult horror movie so expect that.

Jesse of

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Worth watching for the atmosphere and Carolina Guerra

Author: amesmonde from novelist of The Final Version
5 August 2014

After a car crash a group of people take sanctuary in an old hotel, only to find a girl in a basement that is not all she seems.

Gallows Hill A.K.A The Damned is packed with atmosphere and wonderfully shot by Richard D'Ovidio. As a creepy tale in a large decrypted hotel it works well but as horror piece it falls short. Sophia Myles (when not possessed) is on fine form and Carolina Guerra is simply outstanding as Gina leaving her co-stars in her wake.

There's blood, shootings, twisted heads and fantastic settings but unfortunately the well trodden Exorcist and Evil Dead style demonic voices fail to give big scares. This offering is debatably not as strong as some atmospheric horrors Livid, REC, The Beckoning (2009), or The Orphanage to name a few.

That said, The Damned is still worth watching for its eerie ambiance created in the first half and Carolina Guerra performance.

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I'll be damned

Author: Abe Moses from US
19 August 2014

This goes by two different titles the very first title is Gallows Hill, it was changed to the name The Damned, for its distribution. This plays on the idea of possession. These movies seem to be running rampant this day and age. This one has a family who ends up in a storm. Their car is turned over because of a flash flood, they end up going to little Motel, where an old man lives. The old man almost refuses to let them in but then he realizes they are a family. He lets them in. What they discover is a little girl locked up in a basement, chained and bolted inside a room. They take it upon themselves to free the little girl unbeknownst to them the little girl has a secret. The old man has a secret and the place has a secret.

This is an interesting possession horror film with great little spooked moments, that play with the viewer's mind. This is a good film to watch in the dark with no lights and the television volume way up so that you can experience all the ultimate spooky reality. Now with that said it's not meant to mean a fantastic film because it's not. This plays out like a direct to video b-grade horror film.

The movie takes place in Columbia. Your main character is David. He is a widow and about to remarry. He comes to Columbia to collect his daughter who is staying with her aunt. David wants his daughter at his marriage. David's daughter does not like his new main squeeze basically stating all she is, is a money hungry whore.

The character of David is played by who I have always thought was an underrated actor and often overlooked and always seems to capture his characters in vivid ways and displays them emotionally accurate, Peter Facinelli. I first got wind of his amazing acting talent in the wonderful TV film The Price of Love (1995). He is most famous for the character of Dr. Cullen in the Twilight film series.

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Good Movie, Stupid End...

Author: Dejan Vasiljević from Serbia
7 September 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The movie was good, but the end was somewhat stupid. It could have been done better. Entertaining, but nothing innovative. The actors are good, and the story is good... Throughout the movie is a demon trying to get out of the house while trying to get the family members kill each other just because they are on its way of killing someone who killed it in the first place... Oh, and I LOVE the fact that the film is mostly bilingual. Another reason why I like it. One of the actress, Gina, reminds me of Nicole Scherzinger. And throughout the film there is a family solidarity, which is another plus. This can be interpreted as the fact that whatever happens in life, you can overcome everything with a concord.

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All in all, not a bad little flick.

Author: TheBarleyGuy from Canada
1 September 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I didn't know what to think about this before I threw it on. Directed by Victori Garcia (the man who helmed my hands-down least favourite horror film of all time Hellraiser : Revalations), this appears to be the first film that allowed him full creative control. Prior to this movie, he was the director of Mirrors 2, Return To House On Haunted Hill, 30 Days Of Night : Blood Trails, and of course the worst movie ever… however, based on the jump in quality with this one, I have a feeling he felt considerably more free, and wasn't just after the work. Another surprise was the writer, Richard D'Ovidio, who previously penned Thir13en Ghosts, and The Call. All around, based on the previous work of both of these guys, this might have been one I avoided. I can honestly say, I'm glad that I didn't.

The movie begins with some pretty flat seeming characters, and felt quite generic. That being said, the style actually seemed to change pretty drastically and became quite cool and atmospheric. The effects are minimal, and effective, and the actors seemed to get their sh*t together part way through the movie. The young girl who plays the 'ancient evil' is pretty effective and creepy, though her performance is pretty short lived once the the demon starts to switch bodies. The story moves along at a pretty good clip, and delivers on some pretty good tension all the way through, it does have fall a little bit flat from time to time, but not enough to kill the movie or stop it dead.

I will say this, the story comes off a little bit heavy handed with the occasional voice over about secrets, and the fact that all of these characters are also tortured souls with deep dark secrets to be exploited. As a result, there are some moments that get a little bit eye-rolly, but overall it's actually pretty effective and does make a reasonable (albeit heavy handed) point about people's secrets coming back to haunt you.

All that said, the movie is occasionally frightening, grim, and even becomes quite bleak and heavy near the end. It's also not a movie that forces a happy ending, and the ending feels natural without sequel baiting. That really was a breath of fresh air to have a movie end in a bit of a non-traditional, and down-note like this one did.

So, all in all, this is a fun movie, that delivers a pretty satisfying level of scares throughout. It might not make anyone's top-10 of all time list, but it really is one of the better horror films I've seen this year. Go ahead and give it a watch, you could certainly do worse! Also, never, ever, ever watch Hellrasier: Revelations.

Final Grade : B-


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Not bad, but not outstanding either...

Author: Paul Magne Haakonsen from Denmark
24 August 2014

"Gallows Hill" (aka "The Damned") was actually a good enough movie, despite it being generic in every sense. The storyline was nothing new, but still the movie was entertaining for what it was and for the way it was directed.

A group of Americans are traveling in Columbia when they are in a landslide accident. Seeking refuge at a nearby old inn, the marooned come across an old man living all by himself. When they hear the cries of a young girl from the basement, things take a turn and things are not all what they appear. But as they release the girl from her confinement, little do they know what they have unleashed.

The storyline is good and there is a good continuous flow to the movie. Just a shame that the movie followed every book of "how to make a horror movie" there is, and it all was something seen before.

The acting in the movie was good, and the people had a proper script and proper characters to work with. And as such, that whole element added a layer of enjoyment to the movie.

I will say, though, for a horror movie, then there were surprisingly little scare moments in the entire movie.

"Gallows Hill" is a good enough choice for an evenings worth of movie entertainment.

A mediocre 5 out of 10 stars from me.

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Prepare to be annoyed!

Author: dopus-2 from Sweden
30 July 2014

The ratings for this "horror movie" are going to be dropping really fast! This was a dreadful attempt of making a scary movie and really an insult to all fans of horror movies, even the B and C horror movies out there.

Cheap jump scares and the really bad effects just adds to the poorest decision making made by everyone involved in this project. There are simply to many annoying things to bring up here that I won't even get into them - suffice it to say that if you do decide to watch this movie - hide all sharp objects around you cause you are going to want to stab yourself repeatedly for making one of the worst decisions in your life by watching this! There is really NO redeeming qualities in this pile of "¤"!* and in NO way does it the deserve the 1 star rating I had to give! Be warned!

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From 0 to 10, definitely a 5

Author: icaropio from Brazil
31 July 2014


This is one of the worst terror movies i have ever seen! Absolutely do not recommend this film. Not scary, bas actors work, badly direct. Never did a review in IMDb before, but after this movie i fell the need to alert another people to safe their time! Pls forgive my English, but my intentions are good! Forget this one!


I have not more to say, if you want true fear i can say some:

Best horror movie into now: DRAG ME TO HELL! 10/10 in my opinion.

Good watch!

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