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The New York Times
The humor in Mr. Krawczyk's script is deliciously subtle, as it has to be when your lead character is a man of few words; a viewer might easily spend the first half of the movie not even realizing it's there.
So if you're wondering if you should see He Never Died or not, consider how much time you want to spend in Rollins's company. He proves himself to be as charming as a younger Arnold Schwarzenegger, but his appeal is just as limited.
Gore and guffaws attend this very dark horror comedy in roughly equal measure.
He Never Died isn't as fleshed out as it could be, but what the film lacks in vivid supporting characters and rich plotting it gets back from Rollins, whose innate charisma carries the film.
He Never Died is a Tootsie Pop of a movie. It has the outer shell of Taken...but there's an altogether different treat in the center.
While He Never Died is hardly a comedy - it's bloody and reflective, with a gloomy side that sometimes threatens to sink it - these wry moments are central to its appeal.

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