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Great short movie

Author: winterknights from Australia
25 May 2012

Besides its being only 25 odd minutes it was defiantly worth it! All the cgi was done great especially the creation of one of the machines. A small bit of bad cgi during a scene with the unknown machine however nothing else went wrong. acting was good and the plot was great. There were great futuristic devices and weapons as well as good all round crew. i have to add more words in here for the review so ill just say that you should give this short video a chance. most are boring and not worth watching however i really enjoyed this one and will be checking up on another entry! hopefully soon! cant wait for another! they should make a TV series or something!

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Awesome Guns! - and that's about it.

Author: Reza Mohammady from Iran
17 May 2012

I got my hopes up (as a crazy Tom Clancy fan) but you don't make the same mistake. Look at it as a very well made Video Game cut-scene or intro video, I promise you won't go home empty handed.

The production design, weapons, guns, uniforms and gear were very accurate and convincing. The automated killing machine is truly scary and whoever designed the image processing interface on the devices knew what he was doing.

Did I also mention the most awesome invisibility cloak ever!?

Story? Let's not ruin the fun... The same super worn-out Russia vs. US tale with some bad guys trying to get their hands on Russian nukes. If you read Tom Clancy books, he can tell an amazing story from the same genre over and over. But "Ghost Recon" is only 'designed' by Clancy, not actually written by him.

I really hope with this crew, comes a better sequel: FUTURE SOLDIER

Semper Fi!

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A long but also good advertisement.

Author: Boba_Fett1138 from Groningen, The Netherlands
25 May 2012

This short is not just a short. Basically it's being a 20 minutes long (with 5 minutes of credits!) advertisement for a video game. So a very long commercial but luckily also an expensive looking and skillfully made one.

What the short does well is capturing the mood of a video game, with its story, settings, characters and events. It also shows some of the weapons, tactics and skills that will be present in the video game but it doesn't every do this in a too obvious or distracting way. It's all integrated pretty well into the movie. Seems to me that they even used some voice actors, that normally work on the type of video games, which this movie is advertising for.

But one thing that is obvious is that they went for spectacle instead of realism. It doesn't exactly feature the most likely plot and some of the things that are happening are just not likely to ever happen in real life.

The way I see it; this is just a short that everybody would love to be able to make, with a bunch of friends (if you are a guy that is). A bunch of shooting, a bunch of running, some explosions. It's a typical guy flick, with plenty of action going on in it. In that regard this short is simply being a very watchable and maintaining one, which you shall not get bored with.

There really isn't much story present though. It's all some very typical stuff, in which a bunch of special forces infiltrate a Russian base. Really, if you have played a bunch of video games or watched plenty of Chuck Norris flicks, you have all seen it somewhere else before. No real surprises in this short and the surprises that do happen are actually the more weaker moments.

So it's far from a perfect short but the professionalism it got made with ensures that it still remains a perfectly watchable one, that still offers plenty of good stuff.


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Great Action Short Film - Even if You Don't Care About The Game

Author: aka_sabretooth from Argentina
7 July 2012

This was a blast and incredibly fun to watch -BIG THANKS TO THE BOYS IN CAMERA AND BEHIND!

It felt like watching some classic and tense action I had not seen in decades, reminded me of the SWAT series when I was a kid, but totally revamped and mixed with ROBOTECH...

People producing big budget action movies should take a few lessons from this. Forgert Rambo, never mind the Expendables -they ARE expendable indeed!

Movies like this, short or long, have been missing from the movie market for a long time. Even if you do a generic action movie, you have to nail the action and the suspense in the right blend so that even if you don't care about whats going on (a stolen nuke... again) at least you care about what happens to the characters -of whom, really, you just know they are some kind of special soldiers.

These people could do a modern remake of The Guns of Navarone and totally hit the mark -fast paced action and suspense, in a hight tech setting with an infiltration and assassination plot.

And I never liked the Ghost Recon games!

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Great film, wish they'd make it into TV series

Author: JJMcJames from United States
9 December 2012

I really enjoyed this. I don't play video games, even those first person shooters as I believe they are called. I'd rather spend my time at my gun club shooting my wide collection of 50+ rifles and handguns. But enough of my digression. Though I have no plans to ever waste my time playing video games and will leave that to our sedentary youth, I would absolutely love to see this short film come to the small screen as a series or to the big screen as a sequel-ized series of films. It is definitely a commercially feasible production with great acting, fantastic action, and exception special effects. So, if any of the producers are reading this, please take a hint from this over 45 reviewer...make it into a series and you'll have big ratings, plus you'll ongoing advertising for your video game.

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Generic action movie

Author: Thomas ( from Berlin, Germany
12 July 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This 2012 film runs for only roughly 19 minutes without credits and that's possibly the best thing about it as I saw nothing new or refreshing here. Maybe I am a bit biased as action is far from my favorite genre, but I thought they may come up with at least some creative impact. This hope was also based on the fact that the makers behind this were responsible for the Academy Award winning short film "Logorama". Quite a career transformation actually in terms of genre. Then again, Logorama also had its fair share of action sequences with Ronald McDonald playing the Joker. In any case, I am a bit disappointed with "Ghost Recon: Alpha". I saw that this was partially based on the Tom Clancy video games. I have never played them, but I heard of them. Maybe it#s necessary to know and appreciate them in order to appreciate this short movie. But this should not be a necessity for any movie, because it would mean that people with little to no interest in video games get punished for no reason. Anyway, looking at the cast, I am slightly familiar with Mark Ivanir and I have seen Charlotte Rampling films as well. Obviously, in this one here, there is no character depth on who they play or on anybody else as this is flat-out action. What a shame. Not recommended.

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Amazing Shortie!

Author: cingo
27 May 2012

This was a very exciting short film. Nice direction, good plot, very surprising and good acting. Good graphic control and the lights were very nicely set up. The animations/CGI are good but need to be improved. The speed of the film seems to be correct. The future war series can have many innovative ideas and can also be a mix of The Matrix, Terminator, Predator, and such themes.

I hope the team gets enough funding to start a TV series. At least a TV mini-series can easily be started off. One element required in TV series is "Drama". I think the team can add this element in it very easily. Cheers to all the team! Eagerly waiting for the next part.

(To be continued...)

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a guy flick?

Author: neph666 from United States
30 August 2012

i just read a review claiming this is a typical GUY flick.... I'm a 46 yr old MOM of a 19 yr old gamer and let me tell you, the games bore me most of the time but i will sit and watch this short every single time my kid puts it on. supposedly, they are making a sequel, and cant wait to see it!

LOL guy flick.... you need to hang out with more interesting women! this short ' commercial' always has me drooling over the beret 50 cal... the double kill shot is incredible. the unmanned soldier, while impressive, isn't as impressive as the tank that smashes him into the canal. the only downfall was the one guy got shot before he neutralized all the nukes...... oh well, thats what the sequel is for!

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One of the BEST MOVIES !!!!

Author: breez46302001 from United States
24 May 2014

Great plot to the movie good from the start of the movie till the end (23 min)... You guys have to finish the story line out.. MUST !!!!!!! Don't let your fans down. I was sitting on the edge of my seat the whole movie.. All the weapons was on point. The rockets on the back of the soldier, the walking drone and all the 50 cal kill shots was crazy(good)... Keep it going put it on the big screen... Keep the same actors in the movie also it's a good thing to keep the same actors in the movie.. And remember to keep the flags off the Ghost.. Cause thats one of the reasons they are ghost cause nobody knows who they are and what region they are from key word GHOST...

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Amazin Short - Should be made into Worldwide Black Ops Show

Author: dram2001 from Toronto, Canada
26 November 2013

This short film should be made into a world wide terrorist based Black Ops Team that handles the most secretive & most "Mission Impossible" Ops, working for the UN this team should deploy to the worst, the most devastated, the ruling rich homes & offices to carry out any kind of intelligence work from Counter Intel, to dis-information, rescues to assassinations. This show should have a mix of, The Unit, Burn Notice, Covert Affairs, Person of Interest, & Strike Back. This show would be very popular on a world wide audience base and could and would promote Clancy's game. Please make this into a future tech show, using bionic to Google Glass Contact Lenses used for picture taking, identification, Thermal & built in night vision. I would love to make a show like this it would be absolutely amazing. Thinking of this I should make it a YouTube Show, even though I lack the resources to make such a tech movie I would love to attempt it, and I hope the Movie Power Elite make it so as Captain Picard would say.............bring it on and we will follow........

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