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You just gotta love Whitney Cummings
Elizabeth4 January 2013
If you don't love Whitney, then you may not be a fan of her jokes, or just class them as unfunny. Someone who is unbiased to Whitney's new found presence on television, would just click the remote on and laugh. Whitney has the type of "don't care" personality that works for and against her. You either love her, love to hate her or just hate. Which ever one works out is fine, because Whitney just doesn't care.

Right now she has split LYMI into categories that debate topics of what people talk and think about everyday. You know you were thinking it and Whitney is brave enough to say it out loud. She then goes into her comedian debate segment over clips which can offer a belly rolling of laughs. Who doesn't like to watch a whole lot of comedians making fun of things? We invent things ourselves in our thoughts and laugh to ourselves anyway. Fresh faces keeps this show original. We don't see the same people all the time, well except Whitney and her sidekick (every good villain needs one)...and it is her show.

We are then treated to a guest interview which has worked well because Whitney has a good group of friends on her side and that makes the show interesting. I am not an 'in your face' fan of Whitney, but she probably has found her niche in television and tries to be herself naturally, regardless of the negativity a lot of people throw her way. Just because of that it ironically makes me like her.

So without prejudging, it is simply a series that tells you the dirty, witty, spontaneous on the street topics that when you turn on the television to escape the hectic every day life, you get a laugh. Sometimes that is what we need for a half hour or just a second.
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What an awful show!
C T15 December 2012
Whitney Cummings is truly talentless. She's not even remotely funny.

This is a lame show on E that is even worse than the Chelsea Handler show. It's Whitney Cummings making lame, stupid jokes about what is currently going on in pop culture. Joel, host of the Soup, should be mad that he even has to plug this stupid show because it follows his.

She is a terrible interviewer. The constant laughing at her own stupid jokes is beyond annoying.

Even the promos for the show were horrible. I hope this show gets canceled soon enough like her last show, Whitney... And E will come up with something that's actually interesting: funny versus a horrible copycat of Chelsea Lately.

Who did she sleep with to get her own show??
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