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"Downton Abbey" - Episode 7 - Feb. 10, 2013


Robert and Matthew talk about the new plan for Downton and the potential for farming. Robert is angry and resistant to change. Matthew points out how badly Robert has messed things up. When Matthew presses forward the man who has been running the estate resigns.

Edith heads down to London to talk to the editor of the paper about writing a column. Not only is she excited about the job and its possibilities, it turns out that the very hot editor is sweet on her and totally macks on her. The only problem: he's married. Although Edith is aghast, he explains that although he is legally married his wife has been institutionalized for many years. (From the description she sounds schizophrenic perhaps.) Edith considers that.

Accompanying her to London is Matthew who is worried there's something wrong with him when it comes to fertility. He goes to see a doctor and in a classic TV trope, he discovers that Mary is going to see the same doctor, she herself worried that it's her fault. The doctors tell them to relax and say that things will probably be fine.

In London, Matthew and Edith are supposed to be overseeing their wild child 18-year-old cousin Rose who the Dowager Countess says are supposed to overlook. She slips their bonds and heads to a club. They and Lady Rosamund track her down and discover she's dating a married man. They put a quick stop to that and drag her back to the suburbs and ship her off to the hinterlands as punishment.

Branson asks Mary to be Sybil's godmother. The baby is baptized in the Catholic church and we get to meet Branson's "rough and tumble" brother Kieran who at first wants to hang with the servants but Branson straightens him up. His brother wants him to come work in Liverpool but he's convinced by Matthew to stay on and work the land at the house. And he convinces Robert that this is the best thing for Downton: his brawn, Matthew's brain, and Robert's institutional knowledge.

Robert agrees to this plan since he's been totally sweating Branson to play in the annual cricket match, house vs. village, but he keeps telling him he doesn't know how to play. So Branson relents on the whole score and has a grand time playing cricket.

Ethel has become an albatross for Isobel, with people shunning her and gossiping about her. The Dowager Countess finds a compromise. She finds a family near the Bryants where Ethel can be their maid and cook and she can see her son. At first Isobel is mad but she does eventually see the point especially since Ethel wants it so much. She and Mrs. Bryant cook up a plan whereby she'll say she was his old nanny as a child.


Headline: Bates is released!

Although everyone is excited to see our favorite valet back at Downton-- especially Robert and Anna with whom he moves into a little cottage-- Thomas is concerned this will displace him. He will soon have much bigger concerns.

O'Brien again sows evil seeds, making Thomas believe that Jimmy really likes him. So much so that Thomas goes to Jimmy's room and plants one on him while he's sleeping, much to Jimmy's disgust and dismay. Alfred catches the aftermath. O'Brien presses Alfred to tell on him.

At first Carson wants Thomas to resign quietly and give him an acceptable reference. (Robert wants to keep him until the cricket match). But then things get complicated when Jimmy wants to press charges and Carson wants to revoke his reference meaning Thomas can't get another job. But then Thomas goes to Bates and Bates goes to O'Brien and convinces her to ask Jimmy to drop the charges by telling her she knows about the soap (which caused Cora to have her miscarriage.) But Jimmy isn't sure about being merciful.

He relents and is. And to buy his silence Robert promotes him to first footman so Thomas can stay on. But then Alfred gets mad about it and he reports him to the police. But when the cops show up at the cricket match, Robert and Carson rally around Thomas and protect him, convincing Alfred to revoke his charges.


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