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Just Crap ... pure and simple
Vincent Black11 February 2013
I just watched this on Netflix. The thin plot drags on and on with no action and bad TV soap opera acting. This was made using a video camera and several errors are made by the crew and wardrobe department. Booboo Stewart's striped shirt strobes real bad in one scene. Then Fivel Stewart, his sister's top is actually worn backwards in another scene.

Besides the obvious goofs, there was a lot of filler shots used of random people walking around at a college. Characters are dull and there no power on Earth that makes you care if they live or die. At one point the plot became so mind numbing transparent I went to the kitchen and made a sandwich.

The build up for a boss fight is anti climatic. All the fight choreography looks very amateur and the special effects are non existent. In the end, I would have been more entertained watching mold grow on a bathroom tile. This isn't going to be one of the "cult films" that people poke fun at on late night TV.

If you watch it on Netflix, I feel sorry for you.
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Thin plot that was padded with fluff
jtsmith-429 January 2013
At the stated length of 83 minutes, this movie only really had enough actual content for the average 42-44 minutes of a one hour TV episode As well as the poorly done Buffy rip-off of the "mentor teaching the young woman to be a slayer" there was just nothing remarkable about this movie Plus, the only way this thing even made 83 minutes was with the addition of several minutes of meaningless shots of students walking around a school campus The brother & sister leads did not do badly... considering they did not have much to work with in the way of script or direction All in all... 83 minutes I could have used to watch paint dry
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It's absolutely horrible, in all the right ways.
drewmeister1118 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is not a good movie. If that's all you need to know, then you don't have to go any further. It's badly acted, badly directed, has no budget, the script makes no sense, there's no continuity, the camera work is pathetic, and the story flat out contradicts itself on several occasions. As a purveyor of bad movies, I naturally enjoyed it a whole lot.

The story follows Jonah and Ella (no, not Hansel and Gretal... that would be stupid!) as they are kicked out of yet another high school because her brother has misbehaved in some vague manner. They are accepted into one of the most 'prestigious' schools in the nation at Salem Massachusetts. I say 'prestigious' because they keep talking about how well respected it is despite the fact that there would appear to be only one or two buildings, the dorms consist of a single room with two beds and, oh yeah, people have been murdered and/or found severely brain damaged on campus, although from what I can tell nobody has really made a big deal of it.

Jonah gets into a fight almost immediately with the most stereotypical jock ever, and after complaining that nobody ever talks to him he immediately tells the only people who want to talk to him to f**k off. He's then invited by the jock that beat him up to come perform witchcraft and suck out the souls of other students, which he readily agrees to (I can't stress enough how fast he goes from 'nobody likes me' to 'i'm a complete jerk').

Ella, meanwhile, begins to think that something is afoot as she repeatedly talks to her guidance councilor who tells her all about the rumors of witchcraft at the school, telling Ella that it was prophesied that a set of twins would kill the cult of witches that reside there. Spoiler alert, the councilor is the head witch (who told her all about them). I'd say it's a surprise except every time you see 'mysterious robed witch' it's clearly a middle-aged woman, and the only woman the characters have any real interaction is the middle-aged guidance councilor.

Along the way, Ella finds that her parents were witch hunters who were killed by the same witch group, so she decides to kill the witches with a knife she found while investigating a bookshelf because... it had.. circles on it? She learns how to kill witches from her creepy stalker principle who trains her by throwing baseballs at her. They do this while the witches stand not 10 feet from them watching, and are then surprised when one of them stabs the principle in broad daylight.

Anyways, she eventually convinces her brother that killing people to drain their souls is bad, and after the shortest non-fight ever they kill the witch and decide to leave. To say it's a short fight would be an understatement. The head witch reveals her identity, says they don't stand a chance, is immediately stabbed by Ella, then explodes. Then they find out their real names were Hansel and Gretel, because apparently they didn't know their own names due to their parents dying...or something...

Where to begin on what this movie does wrong? You already likely noticed that this movie has NOTHING to do with Hansel and Gretel outside of the eventual reveal that their names are coincidentally the same and that one of the school buildings is called 'gingerbread house'. The witches are completely non-threatening, and seem to sabotage themselves at every opportunity. They claim that it was 'destined' that the two would go to the school yet it was the school THAT INVITED THEM THERE in the first place. Then they decide to stop them fulfilling the prophecy by TELLING THEM THEY ARE WITCHES.

While both actors ARE siblings, it's strange that they both have black belts yet have maybe 2 seconds worth of fighting. It's a waste that I'd think even THESE directors would have noticed, but apparently not.

The night scenes are clearly filmed during the day and they just tinted the screen blue... you can even see the sun! And at one point they are inside at night then someone opens the door and it's clearly the middle of the day!

Ella's shirt changes between every scene, and she even wears it backwards sometimes. Not to say she has a large wardrobe, she just changes back and forth between 2 or 3 shirts over and over.

There's 10 kids in the entire school that occupy the backgrounds, making 'afro-boy' and 'girl with pink backpack' my favorite characters in the whole movie.

They re-use the same stock footage too many times (not just same angle, but same people in same position), and they have still images as establishing shots.

They say it takes place in Massachusetts despite looking a lot like California and having the California flag in the corner of a room in several shots.

For some reason witches explode into stars when stabbed, using CG like in the original Star Trek.

You can see the camera crew in several reflections throughout the movie.

Oh, and the scene on the cover where they wear leather armor brandishing crossbows while walking away from an exploding castle? Yeah, that never happens. They never change out of t-shirts, and the only weapon in the entire movie is the dagger that Ella finds. There is no castle, and nothing explodes.

Honestly I could keep going on, but when I tried listing all the flaws I ended up going over the 1000 word limit.

This movie is a complete waste of time and money, unless you're looking for something that's so awful it's funny, in which case go for it. In that regards I liked it enough to give it a 2, but it probably doesn't deserve that.
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Curse of the Knock-Offs!!!
zardoz-1325 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft" is low-budget schlock from fade-in to fade-out. The cover art on the DVD case is calculated to deceive. Neither hero nor heroine are ever attired in the outfits that they wear on the DVD case. They never wield swords, just knives with elaborate handles. "Final Stab" director David DeCoteau started helming this kind of shoddy nonsense as far back as 1985, and he has called the shots on over 100 straight-to-video features. The only celebrity actor in this supernatural fluff is Eric Roberts, and Julia's brother must have done it for the paycheck because "Hansel & Gretel" breaks no new ground. This lackluster yarn follows a pair of real-life twins after they are expelled from one school to another. It seems that Jonah (Boo Boo Stewart of "Twilight") cannot keep out of trouble. Jonah's sister, Ellen (Fivel Stewart), has the brains of the family. They wind up at an elite academy where the headmaster (Eric Roberts of "The Expendables") boasts about how some of their graduates when on to be presidents. Suspiciously enough, Larson Tretter's screenplay sounds like "The Skulls." The incomprehensible plot unfolds with Jonah getting mixed up with the wrong types and participating in a ceremony where witch wannabes conjure up gilded swirling balls and launch them. Ellen isn't invited into this inner circle. She finds an old piece of paper wrapped around a knife and concealed in a dresser. It seems that their parents attended the same school and she learns that she is a slayer of witches. The headmaster trains her by slinging baseballs at her that she catches with relative ease. Meantime, Jonah's friends try to convert him to their cause, but everything falls through. One-dimensional characters cavort throughout this 83 minute idiocy. Nothing memorable or cool occurs. DeCoteau would be great directing movies about cloud floating through blue skies. The first half of the action—getting the protagonists from their first school to the present school takes over a half-hour! He holds up shots of the same stuff far longer than required. The acting—except for Eric Roberts (I'm no relation)—is abysmal. Everybody blurts out their lines without feeling. Similarly, everybody brushes their hair out of their eyes. Apparently, the ability to groom themselves during action and dialogue qualified these stiff, mannequin-like thespians for this synthetic crap. Foremost, "Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft" has nothing to do with the big-screen "Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters." Don't make the mistake that I made when I bought it from Walmart for $14.95. Skip it!
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Good Grief
JoeS827 July 2013
If this was a school project it might have just been acceptable. As it is not it is an abomination. I watched only through disbelief. Just dreadful, it should have a health warning. The poster (cover) bares no relation to the film and who ever promotes this should be prosecuted under some miss-representation of goods act! The acting would be laughable if it had been better, the continuity is nonexistent and did someone actually think no one would notice the repeated scenes, then again they were lucky someone watched at all! It beggars belief that a film company would thing making this was a good idea and how do they manage to survive.
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thunder-nawty16 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Why the hell was it made? We just paid £5 on this crappy film because we thought it was the Hansel and Gretal that had recently been playing in the cinema. I regret my actions. It was like something off the Simpson's where they stab someone and they die without any blood or pain. She stabbed Megan and disappeared. It was like a child had actually written it. Has anyone watched this because Don't you know the carry on movies where they have low budgets, at least there good and fun this is complete and utter rubbish. Also the Wicked Witch of the Wood turned out to be the school teacher- SCARY. She was saying stuff like "I'm going to eat you" and my brother was laughing with boredom, then she said this is the best i have got and the Gretal stabbed her. The headmaster was creepy and he was supposed to be a good guy. It would be great for 3 year old, but they might even think it is boring. My dad started yawning at the first 10 minutes and I nearly fell asleep. I said it was warming up, 20 mins later- must be a good middle, 40 mins later-has to be a great finale,end of film- was that the outtakes?. There isn't even any deleted scenes and my Mom said they were the deleted scenes. The only reason I am spending so long on this review is because there are so many faults with it. And anyway the storyline was confusing probably because we kept nodding off. For a 2013 film it was rubbish it was like on January 1st they made the script, January 2nd they got the actors to do it and January 3rd they published it. Did anyone see a trailer for it? I didn't and I know why, it was banned at the cinema. Please peeps don't waste ya money
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Great ... if you need a nap.
abuse-this215 February 2013
The good: Fivel Stewart really does know how to fight and the five seconds they show of her doing so are great.

The bad: the script, the directing, and utter lack of depth, suspense, climax, or action. I will forgo critiquing the acting as the direction and virtually every technical aspect of the film are just so bad that it is impossible to tell if the acting was any good, they were never given a chance to act. There are significant flaws in continuity within scenes dealing with lighting, costume, tears, etc. It feels like the entire film takes place over a 2-3 day period while the story line is likely intended to span a much greater period of time. As a teen movie, the eye candy was so poorly used that the movie is a total flop in that regard. The direction of Courtney Turk and Tyne Stecklein would have been great - if they were doing a fashion photo shoot, but otherwise completely unnatural. Our local high school does a better job with their annual play and musical productions. I would revise my critique if it turned out that this was written, directed, and produced by a ten year old with a movie program on his new computer after seeing Buffy the Vampire Slayer ... if it were, some amount of courtesy applause would be due, after your neighbor poked you with an elbow to wake you up.

Sadly, this production is just bad without any of the redeeming qualities of a laughably bad movie like "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" or "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". What I would like is the phone numbers of the people who paid a million dollars to make this as I am certain I could come up with something far more entertaining.
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Peter Crossley14 April 2013
This is almost the only film that I can say without fear of contradiction: You cannot say anything revealing about this film that would spoil it for those who haven't yet seen it..... Anything at all will be a compliment or at worst... an improvement... including this review! Do not waste your money or time on a film so bad that it can't even be credited with the accolade: "So bad it's funny" I cannot truly believe that anyone involved with this film would mention that fact in their resume.... for fear of being immediately shown the door / being laughed at uncontrollably by all others present. Even had a junior high school child produced this, I would call their parents in for a consultation. There are absolutely no production values/ acting / direction / cinematography or other aspects of this film that could be credited with a vaguely positive critique...
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90+ Minutes of my life I will never get back
Dave Price7 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Take a look at the DVD sleeve, then watch the film. Then wonder if there should be some sort punishment enforced on the writer, director, producer or distribution company. Actually I can't blame the writer. For all I know it was a great script that simply didn't survive the pre- production.

But there you go on the sleeve with Fivel and Booboo (who names their kids that?) dressed in black leather, carrying swords, explosions, castles and flocks of bats behind them teasing you to something of a great action movie. Here's the spoiler alert..... none of that happens. Fivel discovers an enchanted letter opener about 3/4 of the way in and slays the head witch at the end in the shortest final battle sequence ever. "I'm the main witch! - And now you're dead!" cue the happy music. I won't spoil all of the story for you. I'll let the film do that if you find yourself actually watching this nonsense.

Then I could go on about the continuity? OK I will. Opening scene is Booboo getting into what we later find out to be another fight. The scene is cut with exterior shots to basically establish where we are. So, the poor troubled lad with his twin sister are sent to an exclusive private school. But hang on......? Isn't that the same place in the exterior shots? Should this be in the goofs section? Essentially it looks like someone went out with a camera one afternoon, shot about 30 minutes of exterior views with which to loosely cut together the "main action".

This film is dreadful. Please don't read this review and then go watch the film to see how dreadful it was. Please, I beg you, just.... don't. This isn't going to turn into a cult classic like "Attack of the killer tomatoes" one day that becomes famous because it is rubbish. "Attack" was put together purposely to be a bit naff and we loved it for that. Hansel & Gretel Witchhunters etc, seems to be taking itself seriously like it set out to be a serious film. You will get to the end and say "Seriously?"
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Absolute rubbish
mickey_mouth13 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Whoever wasted their money on producing this movie deserves losing everything. What a load of trash. Unnecessary bad language, ridiculous modern style script and to cap it all out comes a stun gun sort of disguised as something like a wooden catapult. Do not bother wasting your time or money watching time and certainly don't waste YOUR money buying the DVD or going to the cinema. Unfortunately, IMDb rules state that there must be 10 lines of review before it can be accepted for on-line submission. Not easy in this case as what I have said really does sum up what a load of rubbish this film is. However, to put it some sort of context I should add that I currently have nearly 900 film DVD's in my collection and yes there are a few that were not worth the time and effort let alone money, but this film; Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft (2013) is definitely 'bottom of the pile' and will be duly binned. The only saving grace is (and only just 'is'), is the CGI. Everything should have stayed on the cutting room floor.
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My Eyes!! My Eyes!!
Warning: Spoilers
Why can we not un-see things? If I could un-see things, this movie would be close to the top of my list. I bought this dreadful piece of work at my local supermarket in error, thinking it was the Gemma Arterton/Jeremy Renner version. It wasn't!!! From the very beginning of this ill conceived mess which I watched with my eldest daughter, I knew we were in for trouble.

When they showed the same stock shot to represent a view of two different schools I knew I had wasted my money. We began keeping score of the number of times they used the same shot and realized that they didn't just do it with 1 or 2 shots but 7 or 8, and credibility of the movie fell when they actually re-used one of the shots of Eric Roberts spying on some of the other characters. Whilst on the subject of Mr Roberts, I do hope he is seeing someone for his alcohol problem, although in his defence, if I were presented with this load of twaddle I would need to be comatose, not simply tipsy before agreeing to appear in it.

The effects were laughable, acting unbelievably amateurish, the story weak to the point of non-existence, the lighting just bizarre, and the cinematography beyond belief. We did follow the unsung hero with the afro hair who popped up a number of times without ever turning to face the camera or god forbid speak. My daughter was concerned that the one suspense filled scene would be too scary for her. Never fear, even that scene with its five minute build up fell prey to the prince of blandness. We were actually hoping the girl would have something scary happen to her to alleviate the boredom.

My daughter was of the opinion that the production company paid more for the creation of the DVD cover (which gave the impression that the movie was actually cool rather than dire) than they did for the entire movie.

Please do not waste your money on the this awful mess of a movie.
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Hansel and Gretel losing their grip on reality
kosmasp18 July 2013
While some knock offs (movies that have been done in the shadow of a big budget movie, another Hansel & Gretel in this case) are really interesting and good, this is neither. It doesn't look as bad as I heard people say it looks (lighting wise and considering the fact, that there must have been almost no money to shoot it), but in all the other departments it lacks.

The two main actors share the same last name, so they might actually be relatives (I didn't bother to look that up), as they are in the movie too. This doesn't influence their abilities to act that way though. Eye candy is provided (male and female department), but nothing to enhance the viewing pleasure. Eric Roberts almost has nothing to do (other than look suspicious around corners, I kid you not) and the overall editing can be described as bad! Just bad! It's a time waister alright, but one you should avoid
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Is this Asylum? No, It is DeCouteau!
gavin69425 February 2013
Hansel and Gretel go to a boarding school and soon discover that it is inhabited by witches. Luckily, they are descended from a line of witch hunters!

I love that Hansel and Gretel not only had a big theatrical film at the end of 2012, but also had an Asylum release (with Dee Wallace) and this even lower film, directed by David DeCouteau. The fairy tale theme has been milked hard lately (we also had two Snow Whites), and nowhere has it probably been milked harder than in this film.

At least we have Eric Roberts! He is not credited on IMDb -- perhaps he no longer wants to get credit for his cheesy work, or they could not afford his SAG salary. But there he is, in glasses!

Although this film is bad, it is not quite as bad as some have made it out to be. I suspect they have not seen much of DeCouteau's more recent work. Compared to some of his films in the last ten years (which seem to be excuses to have young men take their shirts off), this one actually made some attempt at being a story...
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Acting, screenplay, SFX, sound: black holes.
suite926 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Twins Jonah and Ella go to an elite prep school (Lebkuchen Haus, which is German for gingerbread house; the only reference to the fairy tale) because Jonah is always getting into fights. This is ridiculous enough that it might be a good enough reason to stop watching the film.

Jonah is assigned a room with Charles, who does not get along well with others. Nice. Charles warns Jonah that one either eats or gets eaten at the school. Charles is at the school through scholarship obtained by merit. Jonah is there through influence from his adoptive parents; he was born into a lower social setting. So, Charles has two reasons not to like him.

Ella is assigned a room with Kristen, who works on the school paper. Kristen used Google to find out all sorts of information about Ella. Kristen thinks she has a kick-ass story that will blow the lid off the school.

In Jonah's first class (held outside; sure), Ms Thomas goes on about Golding's hypothesis that humans naturally reject civilisation whenever possible and descend into savagery. Jonah appears not to be listening, but then again, he's a perfect example of the lesson. When asked about what had been said, though, Jonah summarised it in one sentence.

Jonah finds that there are witches at the school, and they invite him to join. They know, somehow, that he has a circular birthmark at the back of his head, just as all of them do. They show him that he can do some unexpected things, and swear him to secrecy.

Charles warned of students going missing; he decides to leave before it happens to him. Kristen goes missing; Ella tries to follow her research. She ends up following Jonah, and asks him what he has been up to; Jonah stays quiet about it. Some of Kristen's research involves the coming of European witches to America, and the attempt of the 'Great Witch of the Woods' to rule in the Americas. Despite the fact that many of the followers were put down in Salem, the GWW is still alive and about 400 years old, and has new followers in the Circle. The job of the Circle is to find young souls for the GWW to feast on. The counter current here is the presence of a few who have witch skills but are tasked with killing evil witches; these people would be 'witch slayers.'


Cinematography: 5/10 Amateurish. The re-use of some of the campus stock footage was beyond irritating. Some short clips were each repeated at least ten to twelve times.

Sound: 0/10 Fracking hideous. The sound has multiple personalities: (a) pieces of the score sound as if they were made in the 1970s by an out of work composer with a lesser grade synthesizer (b) other pieces are florid, symphonic, and ridiculous for an action film (c) another set of background music is second rate industrial, say late 1990s. Some of the conversations were very badly miked, and sounded noticeably hollow.

Acting: 0/10 The leads were dull non-actors who are a huge anchor around the neck of this drowning film. Booboo, in particular, is so poor that it is painful to watch any scene he is in. His attempts to read a sentence from a book were pathetic. Judy Norton and Eric Roberts were wasted. Roberts' slurred speech in the early scenes sounded as if he was recovering from something, and that hair cut was laughable. What was the director thinking?

Screenplay: 0/10 Why would an ineffective ruffian (Jonah) be placed in an elite prep school? It's like asking a fish to walk 100 miles in a desert at the height of summer. What were the real reasons that he was admitted? Why would his sister go as well? The answers come late, and were not that interesting when they showed up. The dialog was between sub-standard and just plain bad. The great dramatic moment at the end was a complete dud.

SFX: 0/10 Laughable: both uninteresting and not believable. Zero was too high a score.
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Do not buy, do not waste 80min of your life if on TV
christopherjameshorn27 June 2013
OMG I'm so glad I only paid £3 for this load of rubbish, as mentioned on previous comments the cover is not representative of the film and is misleading DO NOT BUY. The acting is poor the story terrible and the list goes on. How can companies produce this tosh and then miss sell it by making a cover look a lot more exciting then the actual film is. I would of thought it would come under the trade description act? Lets hope the newer version which came out this year is worth the money currently on at £8 in most places. One plus side is its short and I managed to watch on the way to work and as such didn't really waste any important and valuable time.
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Copycat movie, witches and slayers
steel_indigo31 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I have actually seen worse movies than this one and they say the last Twilight movie was the worst movie ever made. I think this one far surpasses that one. In all actuality it isn't the worst movie I have ever seen but it could have been a lot better. It was a waste of the two main characters.

I knew I was going to see a B Movie when I saw the names Eric Roberts and Vanessa Angel. Even though I like both of these actors and Eric has made some good movies in the past, these days he is in rather low budget movies and I have never seen Vanessa Angel in anything else. Almost every time I see Mr. Roberts in a movie in the later 2000s he has on glasses and he talks like he has mush in his mouth. I don't know if he has a speech impediment or false teeth. He was totally off in this movie. He was the worst of them all. It would have made a better TV movie in all actuality. It was entertaining to a point but it did drag and the musical soundtrack detracted even more. I hated the soundtrack. It is all right for a one time see but other than that I wouldn't recommend this movie.

I don't think I need to really go into the plot that much, what there was of one. Adopted twins, the male always fighting so he is sent to a private school so his sister goes along to be with him. They run into others there that initiate the sullen brother into their witch circle because he has a circle birthmark and fool him because he and his sister are actually witch slayers. They finally save the day by killing the evil Witch of the Woods and all is well while at the end they get ready to go off and slay more witches they will find out in the world after finding out their true names are Hansel and Gretel. Leaving it open for a sequel heaven forbid.
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kittenkongshow28 August 2016
Avoid like the plague.

Poor script, bad acting, awful continuity.

Same shots used over and over again.

This is as poor as it gets.

As I Need 10 lines I'm going to steal from the Goofs page...This becomes a game...

'Ella's (Fivel Stewart) shirts are always changing. Sometimes she's wearing a completely different shirt/outfit in one scene from the previous. Sometimes the shirt's aren't even on worn the correct way as seen when she's wearing her white top with the dog picture. Another time is when she's talking to Dr. Keegan and suddenly she has to leave but runs into the principle, her shirt goes from her white top to her brown sweater top from earlier scenes.'

The other thing to do is spot the extra...several appear several times even walking in 2 different directions in adjoining shots.
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Plain boring
Niamh O'Shaughnessy20 February 2016
I watched this with my friend and in all honesty, we gave up with the plot with in the first half and hour/20 minutes because its so boring and predictable. We only continued watching because we found the multiple mistakes entertaining. There was wardrobe mistakes and editing mistakes. There were also special effects even though there was hardly any special effects. They used a lot of filler shots of random people walking around the college, but they kept on re using the exact same shot every now and then. As the days went on in the film, you would keep on seeing the same extra characters in the background wearing the exact same clothes and hairstyles.

The acting was dull and just overall poor to be honest - not saying I could do any better (well actually I could of) - it was really hard to stay concentrated and interested because the actors didn't seem interested.
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Why Oh Why?
sjresh30 August 2014
All I can really say, is why was this movie made? Is it a joke, or is this suppose to be a serious film, cause I just can not see it no matter how hard I try. And yet it's not funny either. It's not funny, it's not serious, and it's not anything in between. I guess the only way I can view this movie is that it is one of the biggest waste of film I have ever seen, and that's being nice. The acting is elementary, the script is sterile, and the scenery and back drops are so repetitive it's annoying. So if you have about 90 minutes to waste, I would put on some music, instead of this, and be content that you made the right choice. I know others were kinder, but maybe I just expect more if actors are going to be paid for this kind of work. Especially if a big name actor is involved in the production.
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Just go watch paint dry!
bibblescat6 July 2014
Got this from a jumble sale, and then watched it and realised why it was in the sale. Be assured it's going back to the next jumble sale for another poor mug to buy it.

I have never watched such a bad film.

There was a plot, but it was thin and boring. No real atmosphere, no empathy with the characters, no caring if anyone lived or died. Nothing in the film, not one thing, was like the cover of the DVD shows. Such a let down.

There were several filler shots of the campus, and every time they were shown you'd see the same people walk across the area in the same way.

That was the only fun part - me yelling, ''There it is again!'' every time the repeated filler scenes showed.

Don't bother to watch it.
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Laughably poor
I was tempted to give this film one, or if possible fewer stars. I felt two was deserved because as bad as this film was it did keep me watching where many others would have forced me to turn off. It has the look of having been knocked up in a weekend. The special effects would have looked magical 5 decades ago but nowadays it is probable that they could have been created on a mobile phone and been far more impressive. The script from the film is the sort of thing that would be expected from a student during their first term at college if they had been asked to have it ready by Monday. Lines seem out of place and unrealistic and the overall pacing is wrong. There are scenes that are needlessly drawn out, indeed drawn out to such an extent as to be damaging to the feel and sense of the action; correspondingly there are scenes that are rushed onto the screen at such a fast pace that all realism is destroyed. I do not consider the acting to have been all that bad. Some scenes were very poorly acted but given the feel of the rest of the film I would imagine the fault lies with the director. I remember thinking that having appeared in this film was a good way of ensuring the end of an acting career but on the whole the acting was probably of a higher standard than the writing, direction, set design, in fact everything else about the movie. The film can be encapsulated as being like a bad accident; you won't want to watch it but you might not be able to draw your attention away. I can see a long future for this film as an example of what not to do in any school that deals with acting and direction.
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Use this to torture people.
nathan_kugan27 April 2014
THat is the only way this movie can be useful. If someone lost a bet with you, make them watch this because after that viewing,they'll be very afraid of you. The movie felt so amateurish in terms of direction and also acting. I think most or all the movies the director have done are crap. If u check his filmography on IMDb, it all shows crappy storyline and the same budget. All his movies seem to have a 1 million budget but i think this movie had about a $50000 budget. The cinematography was crappy and the screen looked burly most of the time. Plus,the director uses the same footage over and over again at different parts of the movie.

The worst things about this movie aren't even the cinematography and the really slow pace. It's the acting and again,the direction. Both the lead actors didn't do much of anything. They just tried to look good and maintained just a single expression throughout the movie. Whatever happens,it's the same expression from the beginning to the end. But what can you expect from an actor who played a supporting actor in Twilight movies? You can forgive them for their crappy acting though,because they are relatively new and the only reason they are still getting roles is because the male lead was in Twilight. What we shouldn't forgive is what Eric Roberts did in the name of acting. That's atrocious. Unforgivable!! Of course,not many is going to know or watch this movie. Maybe that's why he did this movie. But the way he acted kind of shocked me. He looked like he was high on something all the time. Just watch the scene where he trains the girl. Either he was purposely acting like that to show the effects of getting high or he was freaking high at that time. Maybe that was his payment for the movie. I really thought that Eric Roberts was back to his prime after his role in The Dark Knight and The Expendables but i guess i was wrong. He seems to be more comfortable in low budget amateur movies. Anyways,even if Eric Roberts did a great job in this or he was replaced by a better actor, the movie still would have remained as a crappy movie filled with nonsense acting and direction. That's the bottom line and i warn you,better avoid this movie. Don't even watch it as a dare. It's that bad.
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Iv'e been cheated!
martins0205 February 2014
How this amateurish dribble got on to DVD that I paid £5 for thinking it was another version of the same name like a few others also here have been caught out.I was embarrassed just watching this and only saw it through because I couldn't believe how bad it is,hoping it would improve but alas no such luck.Please how in heaven did this ever get to be made in the first place.what were they thinking,acting, fight scenes & CGI abysmal and laughable. If it was a group of high school kids making this with a camcorder then yes OK good effort but needs more work! I really don't like to be negative but I was honestly shocked at the poor quality of this production.If it was done as some sort of joke then they pulled that off magnificently.
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DVD cover misrepresents film content
alan-batchelder10 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I was disappointed by a film that promised a lot from its DVD cover, yet delivered very little. As far as I can recall; there wasn't a large burning castle, infested by bats. Nor did the twins ever carry a crossbow, rifle, or sword - I do recall a small dagger! Neither did the twins dress in full- length leather outfits - copied from Blade or The Matrix. So, if you are expecting any of the above - you will, like me, be disappointed. What you will see is a film that does not compare with an episode of 'Buffy' - the few (3) special effects were not that special. The same scenes were shown multiple times - so that you did not get too confused as to where the inaction takes place!? Verbal explanations of the 'storyline' are given to avoid the need to show any interesting scenes that might be used to develop the plot. If you do bother to watch the film - keep a keen eye open for a young lad sporting a rather wild 'affro' hairstyle - he does nothing more than wander around campus getting into as many shots as he can. "Oh!" - the spoiler - the 'wicked witch of the west' dies - did Dorithy land on her head? I can't remember, you will now have to watch the film if you want to find out.
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Not Much Here Other than Fivel Stewart
OldAFSarge23 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
What is the best thing I can say about Hansel and Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft (2013), oh yeah, it was only 83 minutes long, instead of 90+ minutes. Fivel Stewart and real life brother, BooBoo Stewart play – wait for it – brother and sister witch slayers, Ella and Jonah. It was good to see Vanessa Angel again, sorry it had to be in such poor movie and one of my all time favorite ladies, Cherie Currie who does get a couple of scenes teaching one of the smallest classes I have ever seen, but at least it is outdoors and under a shade tree. A couple of other decent players, none of whom I ever remember seeing before are Tyne Stecklein as Megan, Courtney B. Turk as Reiko, Kathryn Collins as Kristen and I felt she should have been given a much bigger role. Then there was the BMOC played by Niclas Gillis as Landon and a brief role going to Judy Norton as Allyson. Finally one of my least favorite actors Eric Roberts as Mr. Sebastian.

The whole thing takes place at one school, but they try and make you think it is two schools, but the opening scene at the first school is the same scene they use over and over in the movie. The whole thing is a rush to make money on the coat-tails of the real Hansel and Gretel – Witch Hunters. I won't spoil your fun and or give anything away, as if there were anything to give away. You might watch this to see Fivel Stewart as I think she could go far in the movie business, as long as she doesn't get too many roles like this one.
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