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The Dissolve
In a movie like this, where plot points are practically an aside, the characters’ depth and the dialogue quality are what give it potentially memorable zing. Cavemen is not only zingless, it practically pulls a muscle attempting to generate some.
Cavemen has absolutely nothing fresh to say about its subject, and its tired genre conventions wouldn’t pass muster on a Fox sitcom.
Village Voice
A tiresome film that itself knows nothing but other rom-com plots.
A dismal rom-com for dudes that makes the average beer commercial look nuanced and plot-heavy.
Slant Magazine
Cavemen is an apt title considering how the sensibility and maturity of the film's characters don't seem to have developed beyond primal, alpha-man impulses.
Cavemen writer-director Herschel Faber has sketched such a thin and unfunny look at L.A. singles, it should mark the death knell for movies about child-men on the make.
An utterly unevolved romantic comedy, “Cavemen” tries to split the difference between raunchy and sweet and fails miserably on all counts.
A terrible movie about a bland, morose young man’s search for love.

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