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Merchant at his finest
KieranMalan7 October 2013
I must admit to having high expectations of this, and I will confirm it did not let me down!

This is Steve Merchant at his best. After reading mostly mixed reviews, I wanted to give my humble opinion as to why this show is so enjoyable.

If you have been a fan of Merchant since his XFM days you will see his comedy stylings splashed across this series and he nails his awkward, gawky character to a tee.

The penny-pinching persona, cringe-worthy attempts to hit on the ladies and all round geeky- vibe is exactly what this comedy genius is about. It's witty, awkward and filled with laughs whilst infused with an pseudo-emotional undertone about his overall bad luck with the female persuasion. The cinematography, intro clips and soundtracks have an 'entourage' style and are fantastic and really add to quality of this show. The friends of Merchant in the show compliment him - and the series greatly - and overall I'm really enjoying this series so far

Viewers who may not like this style of comedy or S.Merch as a comic writer will most likely disagree with my views and I can completely understand as it is not for everyones taste, but those who indulge in Merchants style will greatly appreciate this series.
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mustng24 October 2013
Recorded the pilot for this show just to see what it was all about and I was very pleasantly surprised, to say the least. I have watched it several times, usually in the morning to start my day off right, and each time I watch it I can see subtle things that I had missed previously. There is a lot of humour in here that goes beyond the usual and deserves to be noticed, whether it is a facial expression and/or some unique body language. I think the supporting cast, in particular the tenant, are all great choices which result in a nice mix of somewhat damaged, and therefore human, characters. The main character however is priceless and brings to mind a less manic Fawlty. I also find it refreshing to watch a comedy that does not rely on predictable humour backed up by canned laughter which seems to be a common practice these days. I, for one, am very impressed with this comedy, it almost feels as though it could've been an eventual cult classic movie if it had been produced that way. I hope that it can manage to catch on but if it doesn't, it will be one of the series that I would definitely purchase when it becomes available, it just seems that good to me!
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Very funny first episode
mercianwarrior30 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I hope it can keep up the pace and keep the laughs coming, because the first episode was hilarious.

Anyone who's ever listened to the Ricky Gervais Show or the XFM broadcasts will instantly recognise that this is Stephen playing himself, right down to his unwillingness to spend money and awkwardness around women in nightclubs. And it makes for a very funny show. I've always thought that he was the under-rated part of the (Ricky, Steve, Karl) trio, as he would often tell some great stories.

The supporting actors where all fantastic so far. It has high production values and the premise and location is original. Not so much the awkward guy trying to get some, but a geeky English guy in a foreign country, well out of his element.

So far, Steve's really proved that he can write and act great comedy on his own. Hopefully it will keep up the high standard and get the audience it deserves. Sadly, the Ricky Gervais Show did not on HBO, so congratulations to them for taking a risk.
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Another gem from the Genius of Merchant.
Sausage130 September 2013
Love him or loathe him, you can't fail to see that Mr Merchant is an incredible talent with a good eye on what his strengths are. And on initial viewing he looks like he has crafted a work of genius with Hello Ladies. He made his name alongside a certain Ricky Gervais with the sort of awkward, hard to watch comedy in the UK Office & Hello ladies is much of the same in terms of "oh no did he really say that" type humour. The characters were all on point, Merchant was the main man & played his role to perfection, anyone who watched "Extras" will be reminded of the bar scene where him & Barry from Eastenders tried to chat the women up in the bar. Get this show watched it looks like it will be a cracker.
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That English Humo(u)r
pmmurph4 October 2013
Steve Merchant is at it again. I will be an avid viewer of this show for the comedic writing, timing and humor.

The show places Merchant's character in America fighting through a lonely single life. As a viewer you are rooting for Merchant to succeed but left with awkward, hard to watch scenes that make you laugh out loud.

The characters in this show are diverse and play off each other well. Merchant is seemingly the most normal person person in the show placed in unfortunate (yet hilarious) situations.

I recommend this show to anyone who was a fan of the Office (UK) or the Ricky Gervais Show. You will enjoy Hello Ladies!
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The only good comedy on TV!
David Elbaz30 October 2013
First of all let me say i love this show, and it quickly turned into my favorite comedy show this year.

Basically the show is about an English guy, who has absolutely no self consciousness (a lot like the boss in "the office") who is desperately trying to hit on hot (and some not that hot) girls on every single occasion he has. the combination of the two results in disastrous embarrassing situations over and over again.

Just like "the office", this show grows on you and it gets funnier and funnier each week, the character played by Merchant is hilarious and the side kicks are also funny and memorable characters.

I can only recommend this show to people who like "embarrassing" type of humor, and my advise to you is to give it at least 4-5 episode before you decide if you are going to commit to it!
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Funny refreshing show!
pjmbdm27 November 2013
Just discovered this hilarious series. I am telling everyone about Hello Ladies. The cast is simply wonderful and every episode is well written and so darned funny! Please continue this for many more seasons......we are hooked! Stuart is such a funny character and all his cohorts just make this such an original series. The writers just get these awkward situations so perfect and the actors expressions just make it right on. It's very difficult to write comedy that keeps the laughs coming throughout, but this one does and the music is also right on. Please please keep this series on....guaranteed to make all who watch it become fans!
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Only Two Episodes In And Already I know This Is Gonna Be A Hit
dean-95-6891169 October 2013
I didn't really have that high expectations for this, i'm not sure why really as i pretty much have loved everything that steve has been involved with (with the exception of lts ). Just wondered if he could write a hit sitcom without gervais's influence. I needn't have worried as this is fantastic, only seen two eps so far but already know this is a winning formula. Steve plays Stuart, a web designer living in la, The show centers around him trying to find a girl and basically failing at ever hurdle to great comedic reward. The rest of the cast also seem strong and quite likable. if your not a Steve Merchant fan then this probably wont be for you. Looking forward to the rest of the series
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Pretty Good Start
chinchillin29 September 2013
Hello Ladies is off to a pretty good start. I found myself laughing throughout the first episode and I can see the show only getting better as it goes on. Some slight adjustments and this show will be spot on. There is great potential here if handled right. Hello Ladies has the benefit of having the mind of Stephen Merchant behind it, as well as in it. I have been a Stephen Merchant fan for sometime and became most familiar with him through his work on The Ricky Gervais Show. I know that this show has the potential to be wildly popular with a younger demographic.

As for cons, I'd say my least favorite character is Wade. I do think the character can be improved; however, I don't feel that Nate Torrence was the best actor to portray him. Jonah Hill or Seth Rogan would have set this show off greatly in the roll of Wade.
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Uniquely funny!
Ðaniel ßula28 October 2013
Unique and original. An utter masterpiece - Merchant hits jackpot with his new role.

A funny portrayal of life's bittersweet moments - all can relate to. If you like Karl Pilkington an Idiot Abroad or English humour look no further - this also coalesces finely with American humour too!

Merchant's masterpiece will have you in stitches from the start!

There's a lot to this seemingly small, intimate comedy. It's lucid and engaging on all levels and, as well as being an interesting, well-thought through plot, it's one of those rare, truly funny shows

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