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  • Martin, a 19 year old post high school bum is on a year long extended summer vacation when his world gets flipped after learning that his Mormon girlfriend is pregnant. With the help of his offbeat best friend Randall, Martin must turn from his slacker ways and man up or risk losing everything.

  • Martin, a 19 year old slacker, has his life turned upside down when he gets his Mormon girlfriend pregnant so he moves in with his stoner best friend, Randall, who teaches him to be a man.



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  • It's summer and 19 year old Martin is looking forward to chilling with his girlfriend Madison who is now out of high school. But Madison has other plans. After dropping the bomb on Martin with the news that she is pregnant, she decides to skip town to focus on her future apart from Martin who is nothing but an ambition-less lazy bum.

    With Madison gone, Martin has nowhere to turn. He gets kicked out of the house for getting his girlfriend pregnant on top of being a slacker with no job who has been avoiding college for over a year. He is forced to crash with his goofball best friend Randall who was recently abandoned by his mom and left to fend for himself. All alone in the world, Martin and Randall must put their dull-witted heads together and figure out for themselves what it means to be a man.

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