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After testing out and falling out of his anti-gravity socks, Kowalski is approached by a platypus named Parker, who asks that he come with him. Kowalski asks for a reason and Parker says he needs to say one word. The next scene shows Kowalski grabbing a myriad of items from his lab and leaves in a hurry. Curious, Skipper unveils a monitoring station on their HQ's multi-purpose door (which is the same door to Kowalski's lab) to check the surveillance tapes. After accidentally showing footage of Private doing an impression of Skipper and Rico drinking spoiled milk, they find the footage of Parker and Kowalski, revealing that the platypus said, "Doris", Kowalski's dolphin crush. Skipper declares this to be trouble; Private, slow on the uptake, realizes that Skipper has been spying on them all.

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