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Awesomeest animated movie ever with out-of-this-world action
rasti_m2327 December 2012
This is truly a great movie. Felt sorry for Z. The straw hats kicked some major ass hell yeah. This had better be in the Japanese Oscar award and win the title of 'best animated Japanese film'. The story and plot are awesome. The action is mind blowing. Overall a masterpiece. Perfection simply perfect. This I heard became the most popular movie with a lot of tickets sold so go to the theater and watch it the experience is even better. I can go on about this for hours. The characters shine- all of the strawhats- luffy, usopp, nami, franky, brook, chopper, sanji, zoro and robin. Not to mention this is the first after-timeskip movie! And of course kizaru and aokiji appear as well we get to see the navy vice-admirals.
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Best movie of 2012
violentrl10 January 2013
I can't express in words of how amazing this movie is. All I have to say is go watch it for yourself.

This review will be broken down into four parts: Music, Animation, Characters and Story.

Music: If you watched the trailers, you know that two tracks of Avril Lavigne would be played in the movie but you won't hear that until the credit rolls. First half was "How You Remind Me" and then "Bad Reputation" played after that. The original soundtrack was brilliant. It was different while at the same time maintaining that One Piece feel we all love; high tension to melancholy themes that played throughout different scenes.

Animation: There was a lot of CGI just like Strong World. The action scenes were animated far better than anything I've ever seen in previous One Piece movies or the anime. The angles and camera movements following every scene was done fluidly.

Characters: The title of the movie is quite self-explanatory. The movie focused on Z, at times even more than the Straw Hat gang. Character Z, also known as Zephyr had such deep story to him and if you love backstories of various characters in One Piece, you'll definitely love Z's. As for our lovable characters, the Straw Hats each got their turns to shine in this movie, however the stronger and prominent fighters such as the Monster Trio(Luffy, Zoro and Sanji) had their own individual opponent to fight. Franky was the next in line after the Monster Trio. Usopp also had good action scenes, but not quite on the same level. Nami and Robin at times were used for fan-service until the climactic battle at the end. Chopper was funnier than ever before, but not entirely important to the story. Brook didn't do a lot in terms of getting into battles, but he had his comedic moments just like Chopper.

Story: This movie as an entirety was built around the Marine lore and back story. This will have it's drawbacks for some though. The story had lots of explanation regarding the principle themes of the Marines and some characters were basically used strictly just for the sole purpose of providing exposition. To fit the plot in a movie length time span, it was surprisingly well done. This was one huge gripes that I had with Oda's previous project, Strong World was a bit of a let down. With Film Z, I feel that he understood what it took to make a movie that retains the breathtaking aura of One Piece series, and he delivered it.

I'd be surprised if this movie doesn't win major awards in Japan, it surely deserves the Best Animated Japanese Film Awards. Perhaps it should even be nominated in Oscar Awards Best Picture because this movie just nailed it.
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Epic Movie
Jv Anidem Zoalliv1 January 2013
This is the first one piece movie that will take your breath away until the end. This packs with a lot of actions and great flash backs especially the story of "Z" behind his past. The management had decided to print out another 2 million copies of the film so they can accommodate the moviegoers. Originally, this movie has 2 million copies and yet weren't enough for us ONE PIECE fans. Luffy shows great fighting ability here as he just always shown in the series. But the thing is, the movie has done with great camera tricks as if you were watching 3D animations and that's the difference. Non the less, this film is a hell kind of epic.This also shows and would make you think that the monster trio were in par with admirals for their monstrous strength shown as the movies get into its epic battle. Even the WG and Marines got shocked after the SHs beat Z and his comrades. Their names resounds all over the world after they took care of the Z pirates.
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Simply Perfect
loosecontroi PL1 January 2013
If something is popular enough, you'll inevitably find a movie version or spin off of it. More often than not, it's because some executive is trying to make a quick buck by using the name value to bring people in to see whatever movie they're selling. While every now and then you'll find a diamond in the rough or a true gem, most of the time the movies feel forced, rushed, or unfaithful to the original material and the quality tends to suffer as a consequence. If a manga is popular enough, you can almost be sure there'll be an animated or live action movie of it. Or two. Or three…

So I went to the theater with a pretty skeptical mind; I'd been somewhat burned with the one of previous movies, One Piece Film: Strong World. I was skeptical, but at the same time, I hoped that the movie would be good. Something that was, at the very least, not a pile of dung. What I got was something I totally was not expecting.

Overall, One Piece Film: Z was immensely satisfying. It wasn't a prefect movie, but as Shonen Jump anime films go, it was the best one I've ever seen. While most other movies have a tendency to buckle under the limitations of being a stand-alone movie, (i.e. they have to end exactly how they started) Z seemed to make the most such limitations and genuinely feels like it is part of the main series. Full size Personally, I feel what they had was good enough that they could have taken what was a single dense stand-alone movie and made it into a two- part masterpiece to further develop other characters and satisfying tie everything up. Personal ideas aside, the movie is definitely well worth seeing for any fan of the series.
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Stunning animation, epic plot.
Philippe_bedos8 December 2013
I think every fan of One Piece, even just anime should watch this movie. I absolutely loved everything. To be honest the end was so touching i got a little teary... And that's from a guy who usually never cries at movies. I thought it was funny, while still epic and the battle scenes were truly awesome. At times the animation makes it look lie you're in a 3D movie and the drawings are incredibly precise and beautiful. The music was also really good, Kuzan's song was perfect. At times I'm not a big fan of anime movies, but I think Oda and his crew really manages to pull it off every time! This one though.. Oh boy, this should receive an award or something.

If you haven't seen it yet... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!?
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one piece
dslelau17 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I LOVE ONE PIECE what else there is too new movie if you can still aired in Indonesia exciting times ya. Oh yes episode one piece please be accelerated Dunk make

I've been watching movies from one piece strong world really pull ya say the same curious z movie one piece movie to make one piece cartoon remains a passion for creating an interesting episode episode

Main character who aspires to be a pirate king after Shank redhead stopover on the island of his birth, Fusha, his straw hat given to him so that one day he must return it if it met again. Straw hats which later became his trademark. Gomu-Gomu fruit eaters, can make all the body stretched like rubber, not hit by a bullet and anti-power, but it is very weak against sharp weapons. characteristic fighting was attacked by extending body. Always give the word "Gomu-Gomu" before knowledge. her stance mostly weapons and artillery used the name (example: Gomu-Gomu no pistol, bazooka Gomu-Gomu, Gomu-Gomu Gatling, etc.). Have a "Gear 2", which is pumping up his blood pressure smoky (but not destroyed his organs because he contortionist) so his body became very fast and add the word "jet" before the attack (example: Gomu-Gomu no jet pistol). In this mode the fist to be very fast to not look (glance looks like a shot). when added to its very fist so blast effect. Having another mode "Gear 3" capable of raising the body so gigantic (bones go bigger because it is made of rubber) in the mode of attack Luffy to be very strong, but slow. Adding the word "gig ant" before the attack (example: Gomu-Gomu gig ant pistol). when added to its very hands become black and harder. One of the three members of the group's strongest straw hat. Value of 400 million berry bounty.
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xile01516 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
i don't like the plot. not that the story itself is bad, its just that i felt that the plot doesn't even involve the straw hats!

first lets look at the final battle. do you remember any of them say anything about retrieving/preventing the Dyna rocks from exploding? no! they didn't even bother saving the world, the only thing they cared about was the **** hat so i think even if you remove them from this movie, it would still end the same way. It was Kuzan that stopped the Dyna rocks (by freezing) and the marines that killed Z. It is true that it was Luffy that destroyed his weapon and i'm not going to argue about this. The Navy is also capable of doing that, with ease.

second is (again) the final battle itself. i was expecting a lot to happen here but what the hell? a fist fight? are you serious? compared to the previous film, Strong World, of course the battle scenes were done better this time because of the 5 years difference in technology. if we can somehow remake the scenes from Strong World today then it would turn out a hundred times better than this!

lastly, a lot of things made no sense to me specifically Ain's ability. if she can regress or make you younger then why the hell doesn't she use it on Z? how the hell did Nami, Robin, Brook and Chopper got back to normal? simply by making Ain faint? and why didn't she use it to melt the ice Kuzan made to trap Z? she used that ability a lot of times to melt the lava and try to hit Zoro, why not melt the ice?

i don't think the movie is all that bad. ITS ONE PIECE. no matter what kind of **** you throw, people will watch it. i just think that the film is overrated.

P.S. (ending song)

i have a feeling that most 80's-90's kid would relate to the ending song/s, the slide show, and Z's flashback. just try not to cry.

when i first saw AVRIL LAVIGNE 'HOW YOU REMIND ME', 'BAD REPUTATION' at the credits i was like What the Flying F, seriously?! i never thought it would go so well with the film's theme! note that i haven't heard neither songs before

i know this doesn't apply to everyone but MY GOD that first song got me good. a few manly tears were shed before i realized how f'd up my life is right now and how it turned the exact opposite of what i wanted it to be a couple of years ago because of some f'd up events that happened to me, just like Z.
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I'm sorry to say this but..
raina_winter16 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
this film is focused more on fan-service, the use of camera and other beautiful effects to cover their flaws. Their fights are very simple and nothing amazed me(except the good use of camera). it has simple plot, too, and the bad thing is it's too easy to see this fact. Nothing leaves me deep feeling, I don't sympathize with the character at all, it feels like something is missing and untold.

Furthermore, except Luffy, others' fights are very weird, they didn't struggle to win at all. The first time the enemy appeared, they were very strong and dangerous. However, later, without much effort, the others can win easily, which makes the enemy looks like clowns. Z and Luffy's fight is also weird to me. It didn't show much of Luffy's and Z's skills in the fight, it shows the skills of the animators instead.

Some points of the movie are confusing as well. This film is about Z, a character who we officially not allowed to 'know' yet, I think that's the reason why it lacks of many things to make a good movie. They're not allowed to be spoiled and it's an unknown event, that's why it's hard to make.

The skills of animators in this movie is really great, in combination with the fan-service (which is very obvious and used a lot) I would rate it 7/10. However, if it's about rating this movie(which must have a good plot and convey it well), I can't bring myself to rate higher. I'm disappointed.
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Compared to 'One Piece Film: Strong World'
Hideki-M3 August 2013
I really like this former movie 'Strong World', in which the writer of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, created the plot, character, and finally did as executive producer to check the detail of the whole story.

I was looking forward to see this movie 'One Piece Film Z', because I heard he was involved with the production too. But it turned out that he just seemed to design the characters in movie.

I'm really disappointed that the story provided a feeling of strangeness, and the characters such like the opposing soldiers, Ain or Binz, never appear in the original story. And the member of the Straw Hats in this movie, who the hell they are? I don't think they are same people in the TV Animation, I mean, they don't think ,act, and battle like this movie.

Well, If you think this movie is anything other than the TV Animation, it will be great, exciting, and entertaining one!
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More About Z than the Straw Hats
3xHCCH4 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I thought the anime title was "Z", not "One Piece". Haha! I thought the lead character was the huge muscular guy with the huge mechanical right arm, not that scrawny kid with rubbery arms. That is how zilch I knew about this anime. However, the word of mouth about this film was good, so I brought my two sons with me.

That scrawny kid with rubbery arms is Monkey D. Luffy, the unlikely leader of his band of pirates called "Straw Hats" on his pirate ship called "Sunny." His crew is composed of swordsman Roronoa Zoro, sleazy chef Sanji, weird sniper Usopp, sexy voluptuous navigator Nami, sultry archaeologist Nico Robin and the other odd characters including a muscle bound cyborg named Franky, a skeleton named Brook and their pet-like doctor named Chopper. Luffy, Robin, Brook and Chopper have special powers derived from eating Devil Fruits.

In this adventure, Z, a giant of a man with a mechanical arm, sets off an explosion with Dyna Balls to destroy the so-called First End Point. It turns out that Z plans to destroy the whole world by destroying the three End Points. Luffy and his crew gets involved when they rescue Z from the sea, and when he found out they were pirates, Z's henchman Bin puts magic spells on some of the Straw Hats. Also after Z are the real Marines, from which Z rose from the ranks and once led as admiral, until tragedies made him turn to his dark side.

The beginning of this film was quite difficult to get through for someone who did not know anything about this franchise as there were so many characters I had to get familiar with. I was also somewhat annoyed with the strange artwork. It took quite some time for the story to clear up and for the action to be exciting. My kids who watch a lot of anime (not this one though) were quite antsy after the first hour and could not wait to go home. On the other hand, I got more and more interested during the second hour to see how everything would turn out at the end.

This film made me interested to read up more about this anime. Now I know what One Piece is and who the Straw Hats were. Knowing them prior to watching would make this film more involving and easier to follow. I was surprised to learn that this is the best selling anime in Japan, but I have not even heard about it till now.

Overall this movie is not bad at all. Those parts where the past of Z was revealed and how the whole story was resolved was very well-written. Come to think of it, this movie was really more about Z than the Straw Hats. Looking forward to another film more about Luffy and the Straw Hats next time. This is after all already the tenth One Piece full length film.
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Disappointing 1 and a half hour of fan-service...
friendios27 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This film is super disappointing, due to many reasons.

First, what makes One Piece a good series? Basically, all the characters has a heart and a good backstory to it, and it makes you rooting for them. This film has the opposite, the villain's motivation is bad, and his backstory is trying too hard to be complex. It is not, and it falls flat.

Second, too many random stuff are happening, basically just to please the fans here and there. You want Nami boobs shot, you got it. You want a really crazy villain, you got it. You want the cute, young Nami, you got it. You want Robin's lap dancing in her teens, you got it. You want Luffy kicking-ass with some black, strong arms, you got it.

To summarized why it's bad, the writing is bad. The characters doesn't have a heart to it, and too many random stuff are happening. Also, as I haven't mention above, the plot is trying too hard to be complicated and mysterious; it just confuses the audience. Like, seriously, Kuzan just suddenly be there, just to give an exposition the Marines already did? That's pretty pointless. I don't know if you'll have to be a fan and understand the series well enough to understand this, but for a not-so- big fan like me, going as simply just a moviegoer, this film has too many nonsensical random stuff that just baffle me.

All and all, this film doesn't have what One Piece need for even the basics, and it deserve a 4 stars.
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Plot is OK but it doesn't feel like one piece.
am-i-crazy4 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
It is good enough to spend some time but it is definitely not a good movie.

The strong point of the film was the animations. They were well done even though sometimes they went overboard. It felt a lot less like one piece and too much like naruto (the running) or dbz (the gear second).

The plot is OK but way too dramatic to be plausible. How could an old admiral that sworn his life to justice and to defend people decides that it is fine to kill thousands of people ? This is ridiculous. If they had changed the volcano explosion killing everyone to a volcano barrier that no one could cross, pirates would have been stuck in the new world and new pirates wouldn't have been able to seek the One Piece. So pretty much the same goal would have been reached.

And the last fight ? What was that ? No music, no powers, just fists, and heavy breathing ? And then they decide to stop ? Just like that ? Very disappointing and anti climatic.

For the music, what is the point of putting avril lavigne in there ? It was so off it completely got me out of the movie.

In the end, even though it is about One Piece and it had a very good story line, they screwed up by overdoing everything. Too much drama kills the drama.
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Really lame movie based on a really lame show
dagurhall76 June 2016
This movie has nothing going for it. The action is really bad, the animation sucks a lot and the characters are just as bad as in the show. The villain is the only thing that is decent about it. He is quite fun. The story makes no sense i will not reveal any spoilers so i'm not going to talk in depth about it but lets just say it has a lot of plot holes and the actions that the characters do make no sense. I watch a lot of anime my name is Oddur Sigþór Hilmarsson and i live in Iceland i love anime and this is the worst movie based on an anime that i have seen i did not even like the show

This movie is just a mess, almost as bad as the show but it does not sink that low. Thank you for taking the time to read this review.
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Best One Piece Film
Electrovator30 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was by far the best One Piece movie so far (in my opinion) I have seen it many times already and it never get's boring.

I absolutely love the bad guy, Zed was amazing and strong as hell too. I also Love how the Admirals were in this movie (Especially Aokiji since he is my favorite of the three)

The thing that I loved most about this movie besides its incredible bad guy (Who has an incredible backstory by the way) was the fight scenes. I'm talking about the One's at the end, I absolutely love how well they were done, especially during the scene where Sanji is fighting Bins.

I only hope that Film Gold turns out to be as good or even better than this one

I highly suggest giving it a watch
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Fight beat me up..a little but still pulling in that emotion
secretzfan28 December 2014
One Piece film Z is quite a treasure of amazingness. It was like we found the One Piece treasure right here, and it was this amazing film. I mean seriously while I wish it didn't have soo much action, and that the final fight between Z and Luffy had more to it the film still won with its overall heart and still outclassed One Piece: Strong World in every regard. I fell in love with the great admiral Z and his back story. The whole thing was quite interesting in my opinion. I did love the whole thing and found the film to be wonderful and magical in every which was possible and I wish I could have seen more of it, but sadly the film was short and finished quite quickly, and I can't help, but wish it was longer in more ways than one.
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"Are we having fun yet?" nope, not anymore
J M26 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Most satisfying part of whole movie was beginning, when Z was waving his cool weapon around, where charge sounds really gave Omph to his hits. And then everything just gets worse.

Gravest sin committed by this movie is reducing whole Strawhat crew character to few bullet points, and then checking them off one by one (apparently, Nami character consists mostly of her boobs). In some cases it flows into story nicely, but mostly it just feels forced. Sidekicks of Z get one appearance to seem strong, then one to get defeated and let heroes show off their moves.

Fact that movie tries to appeal to fans by showing off well known parts of Strawhat crew characters makes next sin even worse. Whole lot of things just conflicts what we know about universe. Sea trains. Multiple. In New World, the crazy sea. Nami as kid with tattoo. Garp being on front-lines. Don't get me started on how nobody is even trying to stop Z or even help people.

Too much stuff was thrown in just for looks, not enough attention was paid to making an actual movie.
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One Piece Film: Z, Last in the Alphabet, but First in Cinema
cpm6061 October 2014
One Piece, written by Eiichiro Oda, is the best selling manga of all time, selling over 345 million copies worldwide. Oda has been writing One Piece since 1997, and in 2010 he finished the first half of the manga. In honor of starting the second half of One Piece, Oda agreed to work on and produce a brand new One Piece movie, titled One Piece Film: Z. One Piece stars Monkey D. Luffy, captain of the Straw Hat pirates. Luffy aspires to be the pirate king and in order to do this he needs to find the treasure One Piece, left behind by the previous pirate king Gol D. Roger. Luffy's crew is comprised of Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky and Brook. One Piece Film: Z is about a former Marine named Zephyr (who goes by the alias Z), commander of the Neo Marines, who steals powerful weapons called Dyna Stones from the Marines, and tries to use them to destroy the world. Z absolutely loathes pirates, so when he runs into Luffy and company he attacks and defeats them, turning some of Luffy's crew into children. Now it's personal as the Straw Hat pirates go after Z to avenge their loss and to restore the age of some of their crew members.

The visual cinematography in this film is quite the sight to behold. From the big set pieces, like an exploding volcano, to simple things like making sure that the characters never go off model, this film is really quite nice to look at. Besides getting the obvious things right, this film also goes the extra mile to enhance its visual presentation. A great example of this is whenever characters fight each other in this movie, whenever their attacks collide, they have a visual accent to them, and the accent changes colors and never repeats its shape. At the end of the film the characters all put on battle gear to go and face Z (pronounced Zed in the English dub and Zetto in the Japanese version). The dominant color for each of the character's battle armor is red, which symbolizes anger and passion, which is exactly what the Straw Hat pirates were feeling when they went to attack Z. Eric Farrar, a man who has done extensive research on film visuals and psychology, said that "Color affects mood along two dimensions; color temperature (warm to cool colors) and color saturation. … Visual frames that are dominated by warm colors can feel enclosed, connote richness, suggest anger (red), eroticism, high emotional arousal, physical warmth and degeneracy." (7) This quite helps to show that the creators of this movie knew what they were doing and purposefully choose to outfit the characters in a color that would accurately represent their emotions towards the upcoming fight they were about to face.

The creators of the movie used music to highlight the wonderful animation in One Piece Film: Z. The soundtrack for this movie is well composed, and I suggest a listen sometime. The standout song from the film has to be Ocean's Guide. This is a hauntingly beautiful song that is played at key parts in the movie and can be considered the film's theme song. A film composer knows this best, so composer Bernard Herrman's statement, "I feel that music on the screen can seek out and intensify the inner thoughts of the characters. It can invest a scene with terror, grandeur, gaiety, or misery. It can propel narrative swiftly forward, or slow it down. It often lifts mere dialogue into the realm of poetry. Finally, it is the communicating link between the screen and the audience, reaching out and enveloping all into one single experience". (Fischoff 1). This quote really drives home how a piece of music can really lift a scene in a movie from OK to exceptional. Besides having great vocal pieces in this movie, the film also makes great use out of its background sounds, like how the use a power guitar rift right before Z attacks Luffy, or the incredible theme called Zeal that plays during the opening credits scene.

After seeing One Piece film after it was released in America, I have to say this film is quite good. The magic that Oda brings to the manga shines through here, and there aren't many bad things I have to say about this film. If I had to say one bad thing, it would probably be whenever there's fan service in this movie it comes off as obvious, distracting and unnecessary, however, there isn't that much of it in the film, so it doesn't take away from the film too much. But other than that, the film really stands strong and comes highly recommended from me. If you like what you see with One Piece Film: Z, then I suggest that you give the series a try, even thought the series is long, both it and this film are excellent. One Piece Film: Z easily comes with my highest recommendation; it's a great movie, so give it a watch if you have 108 minutes to spare.
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Good, but not excellent
Wouter Vermeyen6 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Let me stress that I liked the movie, but I feel some points worth mentioning about it.

  • First while Z is a good villain. But you can tell that the ending will definitely a battle between him and Luffy so that all previous battles will end in his favor or his escape. This takes out a lot of tension and could be solved by some better sidekicks for Z.

  • Second is the navy seriously trying to catch him? After the first attack to come together and all say how dangerous he's and that he must be stopped. But they don't send any serious force after him. At the second island only one squad of the force send to stop is trying to do that while the rest is drinking in a bar and they couldn't even spare a vice-admiral for it only two captains and some regular grunts. Later the entire force of the marines with at least 5 vice admirals and 1 admiral arrives as the fighting virtually over, is this really the response to fight an ex admiral with a huge fleet who has gone crazy. And why did Z need this fleet at all? it seems like he and his two side kicks did everything and could have done it with one ship.

  • Third, it seems like Z was never seriously considering to destroy the third endpoint as he could have done that when he arrived but he choose to wait for luffy and then after a rather inconclusive fight simply gives up and fights the navy to death.

  • Fourth, it was off course completely nonsense for anyone who doesn't know one piece at least well. Virtually none of the regular characters are introduced both for the strawhats and the navy. If you don't know what haki is, you can only guess why peoples fists turn black. Only the devil fruits are touched upon very briefly. Why you can't expected to explain the entire lore, this rather narrows the audience in my

But I still liked it.
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Overall great movie
Donofriobrian619 March 2014
I do know why this movie gets a lot of hate. First it centers around Z and the navy and not the straw hats. Second if you never seen one piece this movie will not make any sense.

That being said if you are like me and have seen every episode and every Sunday morning you look forward to the new episode this movie is excellent. Sure the straw hats could of stayed out of the movie but I guess they cant have a one piece movie without them, even though id be fine if they did in a future movie. (The history of Monkey D Garp would be an example)

This movie builds around the Marines and gives us a good view of them. They are usually the enemies but in the movie their protecting justice and giving us a background of their pasts with Z their old friend and master.
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