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  • Everyone is nervous after the hurricane, which caused considerable damage. Andy acts as literal bodyguard for Bobby who is challenged to keep his white t-shirt clean longer than Jules. Grayson gets second thoughts about moving in with Jules because her bitching seems to get even worse. Travis reluctantly but efficiently mediates, laying bare root cause insecurities, just as with Laurie whose most sexy status is challenged by Ellie.

  • Jules and Grayson run into trouble when they are forced prematurely to move in together, Jules and Bobby have a "white shirt challenge," and Ellie tries to prove that she's sexier than Laurie.


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  • Welcome to COUGARTON ABBEY

    It looks like Jules' (Courteney Cox) and Grayson's (Josh Hopkins) plans for not moving in together until after they're married won't be happening, as Grayson's house suffered damage from the hurricane. Their marriage counselor, Lynn () thinks they have to be careful because they might project the problems each of them had with their ex onto their new love, but both Jules and Grayson laugh that off. Yup, you can see where this is going. Barely one day in, and Jules was lying about not flushing the toilet because she was trying to save the planet and 'forgot' to put the recyclables in the bin. Grayson's solution for his anger (overreaction, most people would call it) was to take laps around Jules' house.

    Meanwhile, as Bobby (Brian Van Holt) and Jules each wore white shirts to see who could go the longest without a stain...yes, Andy (Ian Gomez) did whatever it took so Bobby's shirt wouldn't get ruined, even taking a meatball for him...Laurie (Busy Philipps) was having a sexual crisis trying to continually impress Wade when they "bumped the cyber-uglies." (Trying to picture the stars-and-stripes bra on her and...anyway...) Ellie (Christa Miller) boasts of a sexual past in front of Laurie and thinks she can top Laurie in every way. (ELLIE: I am like the : I love you, and then I will KILL you.) Both of them agree to let Travis (Dan Byrd) decide it, and Travis would rather get a colonoscopy with a chainsaw. Of course, that didn't stop Laurie and Ellie (and even Jules) from forcing him to participate. So Travis digs into their history and discovers the one person both Laurie and Ellie slept with, who was interested in having a threesome with them (Laurie and Ellie, not Travis), but did admit Ellie was better in bed. Ellie celebrated...right in front of Andy, who gets sex once a week on Sunday afternoons and Ellie only removes the most minimal of clothing. And that's all he gets: no foot rubs, no ironing his shirts, not even listening to him. (ELLIE: I'm not his friend, I'm just his wife!)

    Jules, guilty over lying to Grayson earlier, went to prove she wasn't like Grayson's ex, Vivian. She made a list of everything Grayson needed to know about her so there wouldn't be any secrets. But Jules' bald spot, hairy knuckles from the medication she uses for her bald spot, and not liking meatloaf because it tasted like cat food (which she's had) were enough for one afternoon, so they decided to leave the rest for dinner. Jules cooked a big feast for Grayson, only he arrived 30 minutes late and couldn't see the big deal about it. Now it was Jules' turn to walk around the house mad, only it didn't work, and Laurie and Ellie had to take turns walking with her.

    Laurie had gotten depressed because she always put on a huge production for guys during sex but it wasn't getting her anywhere. Ellie was feeling guilty for hurting Andy's feelings about sex. And both of them ignored Travis' pleads to stop talking to him about it. Travis gave the same advice to both: don't try so hard. All it takes is for the guy to have a little 'moment' during intercourse where they can connect with you. Solid advice for Ellie, who takes Andy home on a Wednesday and even gets naked for a minute.

    Jules tracks down Bobby to ask him what drove him away from her and into the arms of all those waitresses at the Waffle House, where he always seemed to end up with maple syrup spilled in his lap. Bobby told her to stop being afraid because Grayson would treat her better than he ever did. He was at fault for their marriage; Jules shouldn't blame herself.

    BOBBY: I wasn't good to you when I had the chance, but that's my burden to bear, not yours. Please don't tell me that my mistakes have turned you into a coward.

    Jules and Grayson apologized to each other and triumphantly told Lynn about it. Who was pissed because that was EXACTLY what she told them before all of this happened. But they thought she was crazy.

    BTW, Bobby won the white t-shirt contest. Grayson tripped and spilled wine on Jules' blouse.

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