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Welcome to COUGAR TOWN Are we still on TV?

The Cul-de-Sac Crew apparently missed Thanksgiving last season because everybody went away and weren't sure when they'd be coming back. Jules (Courteney Cox) decided right then and there they would celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow. Laurie (Busy Philipps) and Ellie (Christa Miller) agreed but were skeptical.

LAURIE: We could celebrate Thanksgiving in the fall.

JULES: What if we're not around next fall? What if a new group comes in and replaces us? Everybody's going to be like "What happened to the Cul-de-Sac Crew? I miss them. And who are these new people? They're not so good."

ELLIE: Nope.

The rest of the gang is assembled and they weren't too thrilled about the idea. Andy (Ian Gomez) had to work, Travis (Dan Byrd) didn't have any Black Friday sales to go to, and Bobby (Brian Van Holt) wanted to go to Nickel Taco Day at Nickel's Tacos. But Ellie shut all of them down hard and nobody would say no to her.

LAURIE: Damn, Torres! If you were a dude, I'd be totally turned on right now.

ELLIE: (equally turned on) I would wear you out.

But first, Ellie and Andy had to deal with Stan spraypainting Grayson's garage. And the garbage cans at the mall. That'll teach Laurie to answer his questions about the bus schedule. But Grayson (Josh Hopkins) was furious when Ellie laughed it off and thought Stan was very spirited. And Andy was more worried about the pizza dough-tossing contest he had to enter as part of the race for mayor. Laurie even warned him a business degree wouldn't cut it when all the people will remember who traded meth for sex, who shot a dolphin and ate it, or who ended up with pizza dough on their face.

Jules badgered Grayson to start writing his vows for the wedding, thinking he'd need four months to do it. But he ripped those out in about a day. Naturally, Jules claimed she had hers written, which she didn't. Travis said she should say her vows at the Fakesgiving (everyone's calling it that) dinner tomorrow night.

BTW, Ellie defending Jules' idea of a Fakesgiving dinner? She had ulterior motives. Bobby even warned Jules about Ellie 'buttering her up', but Jules thought they were too good of friends to pull something like that. Ellie asked if Stan could be the ring bearer at her wedding.

JULES: That bitch just buttered me up!

Fakesgiving was upon them, only Laurie also missed Halloween and Christmas, so she dressed for all three. Happy Thanks-mas-ween! (GRAYSON: Well done, you just took something completely absurd and multiplied it by three.) Grayson's and Andy's job? Get a centerpiece. Bobby's job? His usual job of drinking beer and watching football, although he needed to get a tape of a game from 1949. (LAURIE: Is that quarterback smoking? And where are all the hot black guys?) Travis' job? Write Jules' wedding vows because he put her in this mess in the first place. Bobby and Laurie help Travis with Jules' vows, although they kind of run out of stuff not related to beer or having sex with Matt Damon. Ellie's job? Prove Stan can walk down the aisle without getting distracted. Despite Jules putting out permanent markers, a hammer next to a glass full of shells, and even throwing rice at him, Stan is successful. That is, until he tosses Big Carl into the air and breaks it. Oh does Jules lose it, even calling Ellie a bad mom. Ellie walks out.

After a failed practice attempt, Andy was ready to cave on the pizza dough toss. But Grayson wouldn't let him quit. Grayson wanted them to be a team who could take on Ellie and Jules instead of knucking under to every last thing they wanted to do. Andy agreed...and totally nailed it. Meanwhile, Jules took Tom (Bob Clendenin) with her to apologize to Ellie. Jules wanted Ellie to use up all her anger on Tom so she could swoop in with an apology. And Tom was OK with that, only Ellie was more depressed than ticked. Jules apologized for freaking out like she did, (and her descriptions of Big Carl were doing wonders for Travis' vow-writing), but Ellie admitting ignoring the things Stan did because she didn't want to admit he was a little nightmare. Jules promised to help Ellie keep Stan in line the proper way. But Ellie was still worried she wouldn't get that 'cute' moment with her son every other mom seemed to have.

Fakesgiving dinner is upon everyone, and the watermelon painted orange for the centerpiece was a nice touch. But it was vow time.

JULES: Grayson, I love that you never judge me and the that the thought of you can make me smile. And I love I can fit an entire bottle of wine in you and carry you around.

LAURIE: (to Travis) Maybe we should have changed a few things.

JULES: Eh, alright. What I love most about Thanksgiving, even in the spring, is that I get to be around all the people I love. Thank you all for being my friends.

And dinner is Stan. It was the cute moment Ellie needed. It only cost Jules 4 cans of spraypaint and Grayson parking in the garage for the next few weeks.

And Big Carl gets a proper burial. Welcome, Big Lou!


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