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The Mindy Project Hiring and Firing
dalydj-918-2551752 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Mindy on the train narrates her life and all examples of love. The next day he goes to the book job and meets a guy played by Jason Sudekis. He has to buy so much food for her in the end buying a pretzel. Mindy calls a meeting to deal with Beverly who is taking blood and calling people weird names. When hiring a new person Mindy is picked because she uses the colour card. When trying to fire Beverly Jeremy has a hard time to do it. Mindy has lunch with Gwen and shows her a picture of a guy she took. So Gwen decides to try the hair photo once again. Then when Mindy try's to hire someone Chris has to come in and say he is better at it. Mindy then tells (Whistleblows) on him but now they must both work together to hire a new person. The two then talk to some people coming in, just when they like someone they ruin it by fighting in front of her. They are then called in to get along but they talk about how they see each other outside of work sometimes. By the end of the day the two are unable to hire someone. Then when Jeremy fails to fire Beverly Mindy must do it but she then gets hit in the nose. Then she hires the last person they interviewed because there was no one else. Nice episode not as good as the pilot but I still love Mindy's comedy.

EPISODE GRADE: B (MVP: Mindy Kaling)
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