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Happy Endings Boys II Menorah
dalydj-918-25517513 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Max is a bar Mitzvah hype guy and everyone else seems so surprised. Max brings the whole group but they are not to do anything. Brad ends up dancing while Alex is not allowed to eat certain things. Jane invites Alex and Dave to go to a concert but they do not because they do not want to. Jane tells Alex she needs to do something different in her relationship that is not gross. Penny tells Brad and Max to do bar MitzVah hype together. When Alex try's to do what Jane told her to do she fails straight away. During the new bar Mitzvah when Max steps out of the circle he sees he is betrayed by Brad because he did Max's signature spin into a flip. Alex try's to do something new with Dave but he still does not do it even leading to asking advice from Jane. Penny has a new client that wants Brad to hype with Max. When Brad comes to apologize to Max about stealing his thunder they start to fight and Brad calls Destiny to do the bar Mitzvah. When Jane and Dave go to the place for his romantic date with Alex, she does not turn up and they think that she actually went to the airport. When they try to get her Dave is thrown down on the ground and Jane is shocked twice to actually effect her. Max was annoying and crazy once again leading to a bad episode overall.

EPISODE GRADE: D+ (MVP: Damon Wayans Jr.)
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