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  • Tom is still haunted by memories of his time with the aliens and begins to wonder if they did something to his mind. Pope, who is in charge of questioning Tom, plants seeds of doubt about him among the group.


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  • Tom dreams feverishly about Red Eye, his nemesis skitter, creeping into his bed and attacking him. He wakes up with a start.

    The next day, Anne checks him out. He's worried about what they might have done to him. He's angry he fell for their ploy with Ben, getting him to go with them willingly.

    Tom learns that Rick didn't make it, but she tells him not to worry about Ben, he hates the skitters. She says his crusty skin is spreading but she needs an x-ray to be sure of the effects.

    Jamil checks out a bridge. Hal gets busted checking out Maggie's butt. Ben still feels guilty for accidentally shooting his dad.

    A beamer flies overhead. Dai shoots at it with a really big gun and hits it, but shrapnel also takes out a piece of the bridge they were hoping to cross.

    At camp, Weaver briefs Tom on what he missed. Ben found a soft spot in their lines when the skitters surrounded them in Fitchburg; but they still lost more than 100 people. Now they aliens are surrounding the resistance again.

    Weaver is eager to have Tom's input again. But Tom is reluctant to take up arms. "I don't trust myself, and you shouldn't either," Tom says.

    Lourdes fixes a gouge in Pope's hand. Pope wants to know what happened to Tom, but she has no info.

    The scouts return and take people out to the damaged bridge. They try to figure how to get across the four foot missing section. Jamil has a boat but Tom thinks that'd take too long.

    Tom and Jamil come up with a plan to patch the bridge. They need a scout to check the other side. Ben offers to swim across.

    Back at camp, Hal explains to his dad that Ben can run for miles without breaking a sweat.

    Tom tells Hal he can't remember big chunks of time from when the aliens had him. He asks Hal to promise to watch him and stop him if he does anything strange, by any means necessary. He doesn't want to hurt any of the boys. Matt hears outside the tent. Tom starts yelling at Hall and blood comes from his eyes. He collapses.

    Anne looks at him. She looks in his eye and sees a tiny swimming wormy thing. Weaver holds him down as Anne pulls it from his eyeball and puts it in a specimen jar. It snaps curls up from a wormy shape to a hard, almost metal ball.

    Late at night, Ben easily swims across the river as Jimmy waits on the bank for his signal.

    Tom, Weaver, Jamil and Anne debate what to do about it the parasite they took out of Tom. Tom wants them to put him in restraints until they're across the river.

    Ben looks around in the woods and finds the wreckage of the flying skitter. Its radio frequencies start squealing in his head. He finds the core and snaps a picture of it then stamps it until its dead.

    He follows the path the hit beamer took until he finds a giant alien structure set up in a clearing. He snaps pictures.

    The next day, Matt doesn't want to see his dad.

    Pope comes looking for information. He doesn't think Tom should go across the river with them. He draws on Weaver and Hal, but backs down when Anthony joins them.

    "Don't kid yourself, captain. Sooner or later you're going to have to deal with that human lojack you got in there," Pope says.

    Ben visits his dad. He can relate to the nightmares Tom is having. Ben's secret to keep them from controlling him is hate. He thinks he's a freak. He shows his dad his spine, which is covered in crusty spots where the harness was. Tom tells him hate is strong but it was his love for his boys that kept him going.

    Ben reports his scout findings. When Jamil asks him if he heard any frequencies, Ben lies and says no. They make plans to take out the structure, figuring it's a communications tower.

    Pope and the Berserkers mount up to take on any mechs that try to follow them across the river.

    Hal and Maggie flirt as Lourdes wishes Jamil good luck and sends him off with a kiss.

    Matt is reluctant to ride on the med bus with his dad, whom he now doesn't trust. In the bus, no one notices as the alien worm from Tom's eye unrolls, cuts its way out of the specimen jar and crawls all over Lourdes before sprouting tiny wings and flying away.

    Under cover of darkness, Hal, Maggie, Ben and Dai take the boat across the river. The rest of 2nd Mass waits on the other side as Jamil oversees putting the bridge patch in place.

    Ben leads his group through the forest toward the communication tower. Maggie notices the stomped on beamer. Ben and the group reach the communications tower as Jamil and the men prepare to blow the bridge once everyone's safely across.

    On the bus, Tom tries to reassure Matt he's OK and he still feels like himself. He's not entirely convincing since he's handcuffed.

    Hal and his team hear Pope and his team start firing on the mechs, which means they're near the teams on the bridge. Ben holds his head as the frequency hurts his ears, but tells Hal it's nothing. They watch a few beamers take flight.

    Dai runs down the hill to get a closer shot at the communications tower.

    On the bridge, they fire at the beamers overhead.

    Dai hits the tower signal squarely.

    With no signal to guide them, the beamers head back to the mothership.

    Pope tells Weaver the mechs are coming and Anne slowly drives the bus over the patch. It breaks in one spot and she gets stuck. On the bus, Tom tells Matt to forget what he said and cut him loose.

    Anne doesn't want to leave the wounded on the bus.

    After some hesitation, Matt frees Tom and he runs straight for the big gun to fire on the skitters and mechs. Matt follows, with an automatic weapon, taking out a skitter.Tom gives his toting eight-year-old son a nod of approval, but shooes him away from the fighting.

    The troops push the bus across the bridge. Everyone makes it to safety, but Tom stays behind, firing on the skitters and mechs. Weaver shouts at him to get out of there so they can blow the bridge.

    Tom runs toward them with skitters right on his heels, telling them to blow it. They all wait to give Tom the best chance, but finally Pope grabs the detonator and blows it. Tom is lost in the explosion but it looks like he hits the water. Everyone thinks he got caught in it and Weaver yells at them to get moving.

    Safely on the other side, Weaver tells Hal that as soon as they're at the next camp, they're going back with a search party. They lost three vehicles, a food truck and six fighters.

    Maggie reports an abandoned airport five miles away, a good base.

    Matt feels bad for being afraid of his dad. Pope tries to tell Hal that what Tom did was brave, but Hal slugs him, saying Pope saw a chance to frag him and he took it.

    They're arguing when Tom comes sloshing up out of the river.

    Back on the bus, Lourdes notices the parasite is gone from the jar.

    It flies away and finds Red Eye the skitter. It lands on its face and crawls in Red Eye's good eye.

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