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"Last Resort" - "Blue on Blue" - Oct. 4, 2012

It's a new day on the Colorado and things are tense. We know that many ships are hanging out just outside the perimeter that Chaplin declared waiting to pounce. Chaplin says they've become the popular girl at the dance. He decides it's time to test out Perseus. Kendal is worried since the prototype that will make the sub seem invisible is tied into all of their main systems and if it goes down it will take the whole boat down. Chaplin, of course, doesn't care. Perseus is flipped on and the lights go out. But only briefly. Back on Saint Marie Grace is manning the operation and she reports that the Colorado has indeed winked off the radar and is now invisible. In the background Sophie is packing up her stuff and leaving in a huff wanting no part of this.

Over on the USS Illinois, which you'll recall shot at them, they too notice the Colorado has disappeared.

In the water we see the shot of one sub approaching over the other. Chaplin tells everyone to man battle stations and fire a shot at them. Kendal is a little freaked again. But Chaplin is his Zen self and they do it. The Illinois picks up the weapon approaching and braces for impact. It bounces off their rudder. It was unarmed. They head back to the island, message sent.

We also learn they have other problems with crew not showing up for shifts and the continued disappearance of Granite and Cortez. Grace thinks they're AWOL but Kendal won't believe that, especially about Cortez and says it's time to start looking for them.

They go to visit the COB in the island jail. When Grace asks the sailor to open the jail he refuses and COB taunts her calling her a mutinous murderer. The sailor opens it up when Chaplin shows up. COB basically spits nails at Chaplin calling him a coward instead of the glorious fist of our nation's justice or some such and calls Chaplin's uniform "borrowed glory." When Chaplin makes the slightest "but hey the call came from the Antarctic network!" protest, COB says he's a sailor and doesn't have the luxury to question orders. And that's why, Chaplin points out, that COB is COB and he is captain and they leave him in his cell.

Kendal goes to Grace to check on her and she asks to be relieved because she isn't being a good commander. He says too bad, time to become one. Just they they hear a plane overhead and look up. It's clearly within the 200 mile perimeter. At the NATO station Sophie pleads with the plane, a Taiwan 747 passenger jet, to turn back. It does. But they figure it also dropped off a nice complement of Delta Force soldiers who could be upon them in six hours.

Chaplin and Kendal agree that the thing to do is fight. Grace volunteers to go on the mission. They then to surly/drunken SEAL James for advice. He is at the Buzzard's Nest hungover and puking after drinking Tani's hangover cure. He wants no part of their mission, offers no help, and goes as far as telling Grace he would fight for the other team if he could.

So Kendal goes to Sophie for help since she knows the island the best. She's all four million Pakistanis died and you don't care! He calmly points out that they were the ones who DIDN'T shoot so if she could get off her sniffly high horse for a minute and realize that the Delta Force coming to do in the sailors from the Colorado will probably also hurt people like her and the islanders and give him some help that would be swell.

Kendal then gets a call, even though they thought the phones were out.

Back at home two folks from an unnamed government agency have been hassling Kendal's wife Christine, pleading for her help to stop the madness. She has been sullen and unhelpful but they play to her emotions. So she calls and tells Sam the deal: give the government the sub and Chaplin and everyone else gets amnesty. She then walks to the other side of the room and quickly tells him not to believe anything they tell him and that she loves him and they wrest the phone away from her and the line goes dead. Kendal is shaken. Chaplin says this is what they will resort to in order to rattle them. Chaplin asks if he's okay, Kendal replies with a plan: they will set up a kill zone and hopefully the Delta Force walks right into it. Worst case scenario they are all killed, best case scenario the Colorado sailors get the upper hand and they send a complement of body bags home. Horrible scenarios either way. He hands Chaplin a letter for his wife in case the worst happens. Chaplin bucks him up with a story of Russian soldiers. He says sometimes the enemy is just the guy trying to keep you from going home.

Back home in Washington Kylie watches the news about the sub in a bar. Some bro at the bar bets the U.S. will take the Colorado back in 24 hours. Kylie schools him about the sub's weaponry and capabilities. She goes a little over the top. She meets up with her deep cover defense department mole Linus who fills her in on what's happened with the Colorado and Perseus. It works! She orders champagne. He says the government will take it away from her. She says Chaplin says the Illinois fired on them which Linus thinks is crazy but, she says if it's true, that order, if recorded is her get out of jail free card to keep her "tech" and, of course, get paid. She wants him to get it. But he says he can't help her. She threatens to blackmail him and tells him to find the order.

Back on the island Grace finishes up a video to her dad and Sophie enters. Grace says this probably isn't how Sophie imagined her weekend. Sophie says her weekend's actually aren't that boring. Grace says she didn't picture it this way. Sophie absolves her saying if she hadn't killed that sailor they'd probably all be dead. Grace points out that it doesn't matter anymore.

Outside the COB is grumbling in his cell about Grace, noting sometimes in battle "these things" have a way of working things out.

Kendal, Grace, and the gang heading out for the Delta Force meet up are ready to go when James and the other SEAL mosey by. He goes up to a few soldiers and starts grabbing stuff off their chests noting the things they don't need. He notes Grace has her "rig strapped right" but that doesn't mean she's ready for what's out there. He leaves without further help. Sophie jumps in the cab with Kendal saying she'll show him where to go but that's all.

Back in D.C. a government agent is trying to break Christine down threatening to charge her with aiding and abetting a terrorist and sedition and other stuff. He says she doesn't know her husband and that he's a terrorist. He shows her a video of Kendal being interrogated after a mission that killed many men. She wants to know what the video is. They don't tell her.

Kendal and Sophie lead the soldiers on foot across the island. She points out that the men he is about to fight are symbolically his brothers. He agrees and understands she doesn't like killing or war and wants us all to get along, like all people who've never had their back against the wall. She says there is always another way. He says he used to believe that. She wonders what happened to change his mind and he dismisses her with thanks.

One of the soldiers asks Grace to check his weapon for him to make sure it's ready, and to you know, get her prints on it.

Back at the Buzzard's Nest Tani chastises James for letting the other soldiers go off alone. She puts black face paint on him on saying here, when a family breaks apart or a small war starts a man is selected and marked to make the peace and the marks are an honor. She asks if he deserves them.

Christine continues to watch the video in which Kendal talks about being a prisoner of war and being made to play Russian roulette. The officials tell her he was a POW in North Korea and Chaplin went off the grid to save him. She didn't know. The officials know he lied to her and it isn't the only one he ever told her. The click on the video and Kendal talks about losing seven of his men.

Chaplin touches base with Defense Secretary Curry and tells him to call off the Delta, Curry claims they don't.

Out in the field Kendal asks who can shoot, two guys claim they can. Kendal tells them they're going to need to.

Over at her spot, the evil jail guy who was guarding COB and wants to shoot her basically, makes it pretty plain. She tells him they're going to need every gun they have so to wait to shoot her in the back after the mission is over.

She goes to talk to Kendal who bucks her up by saying he plans on being at her wedding.

They get the high sign and prepare for battle.

Chaplin calls Curry and asks again. Curry doubletalks. The British guy tries to get Chaplin's attention but he waves it off.

The Delta Force arrives but Sam can't shoot. He takes off his gear and goes to reason with them. But then the British Guy explains to Chaplin back at the station that the soldiers are giving off a frequency and it ain't American. They're Russian mercenaries basically. They tell Sam this and he runs for cover and a firefight begins. He loses one sailor. Another goes down. Grace's group is pinned down and the evil jail cell soldier turns tail and runs. They radio back to the station that they're pinned down. Marcus tells him to turn down the radio calls.

Marcus makes a video call to a Russian general or diplomat, calls him out on his soldiers and his nearby ship and threatens to sink his ship and bomb where the guys's kids are. (Chaplin is hardcore.) The Russian says he'll check on it.

Grace tries to convince the other soldier with her to try and make a run for it and get out from their pinned down position but he isn't budging.

Chaplin has them get Curry back on the line but tells them to mute him but allow him to listen in. The Russian returns and he and Chaplin reminisce about some old times in the cold war. The Russian says that hypothetically if his men were there all Chaplin would have to do is surrender the sub. Boom they let Curry talk and he's hopping mad, telling the Russian to back off and that this is a U.S. matter and he can't believe he tried to steal their sub and start WWIII. The Russian is mad at Chaplin saying he thought he was a man of his word. Chaplin points out he never gave his word plus, what he's doing is, you know, scummy.

Back in the battle Kendal tells the remaining soldiers with him to make a run for it. He flashes to a memory with Christine, in bed, talking about how little time they've actually spent together and she wonders "who are you?" playfully.

Grace bucks herself up and heads out. She is almost immediately shot but gets off a few shots of her own. A Russian grabs her and disarms her, punches her and is about to kill her when he is shot. Another Russian nearby is picked off. We see James with a sniper rifle in the distance, the warrior paint still on his face. Kendal runs up firing and realizes the Russians are all dead or gone.

Back at the station Chaplin tries to raise Kendal and he reports: they lost six, Grace is injured, they have two prisoners and are coming home.

Back in D.C. they're still trying to break down Grace. They bring in a young, good-looking guy named Paul to cure her of her faith and love. He comes in and she remembers her as Sam's friend from college. He is a lawyer and is here to help her and says the government has overstepped its bounds. He pretends to be her friend and takes her home.

The crew gets home and they get mad and want to kill their Russian prisoners. One gets a little wonky and pulls his weapon. Kendal orders him not to fire but they soldier says they're not on the sub and these guys killed their friends and he doesn't even know what an order is anymore. Chaplin arrives and calms them down saying he knows they didn't ask for this and now have bloodlust in their hearts but vengeance won't give them total satisfaction and reminds them of who they are as soldiers and Americans. He has he prisoners locked up. Grace goes to the COB and tells him she knows what he did and to try it again and she'll still be there.

From his cell the COB yells out to Marcus to spill the beans: his son was killed by friendly fire two weeks ago in Afghanistan. He says these soldiers have been ensnared in a hell they won't be able to climb out of because Marcus wanted payback. The COB yells at him to tell them what they're really fighting for. Chaplin calmly says "you know me Joe." And then says "all of you, you know me." And walks away.

James back at the Buzzard's Nest, face clean. Grace, face banged up, arm in a sling, joins him. He buys her a drink. She says she knows he thinks she came here to thank him, instead she gives him a list of the names of the people they lost. He says he has a longer list of his own. She says one day he'll have to figure out what he believes in. She downs her drink and leaves. He asks her what it felt like and it's a helluva buzz. Tani says he made a difference, made peace today. He says he just ran out of people to kill.

Kylie is depressed to find no messages on her phone at the bar as she watches more news talking about Chaplin. Kylie's phone rings and it's Linus' wife. Linus is in the hospital on a machine. His wife says the government claims it was an allergic reaction but she knows that's not true. She blames Kylie with her seductive smile and even more seductive cash. She goes to Linus' coat and finds a sheet of paper that says Order 998. Linus's wife tells Kylie that she hope she dies alone. Kylie leaves without word.

Back at the station, Kendal reports they have teams looking for Granite and Cortez. He then pulls up a chair to chat with Chaplin. They reminisce about a July deployment, a crazy mess on the sub, Kendal saying goodbye to his wife after 3 weeks of marriage, and watching Chaplin grin like a fool at his son on the pier watching him leave. Chaplin breaks down in tears. Kendal takes his hand and sympathizes but points out that he is his friend and he knows who he is and he trusts him and reminds him of what Chaplin said earlier: they find what hurts us the most and try to use that against them, but that is actually the strength that gets them through. A red-eyed Chaplin nods. He pulls out a piece of paper and hands it to Kendal. It was his letter to Christine. They shake hands.

Chaplin watches a video of his son again.

We see Grace's video to her dad explaining how scared she is but also saying she's not going to run from this, it's not who she is.

Grace, Chaplin, and Kendal watch the American flag fly at the station.

We go back to the interrogation video of Kendal. He is asked why he hasn't told his wife about the incident. He explains the whole time he was there it was his wife who kept him alive. He says she's the one good thing he's got left in the world and he wants to keep it.


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