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It has potential, but keeps falling apart
Warning: Spoilers
"Chef de meute" is a Cannadian french-language short film from 2012, so this one has its 5th anniversary this year. It runs for 13 minutes and was written and directed by Chloé Robichaud, who received a solid deal of awards attention for it, also at prestigious events like Cannes. This is pretty much the story of a young woman and what happens when she, because of unlucky coincidence, ends up with a little dog. We see her first steps and how she tries to understand what it means to be a dog owner before tragedy strikes again. IOt is touch to say if this is a drama or comedy. In terms of the action, it is probably a drama, but the characters' words, interactions and behavior definitely adds a comedic note to it. Still I would not say that it really delivers convincingly in any of these two genres. Somehow even with all of this happening, it feels as if the plot keeps heading to nowhere and the comedy (like the final comment about how ugly the dog's looks were) is not really entertaining either, more on the try-hard side. I don't know if maybe you need to be a dog owner to appreciate this one, but I myself have to give it a thumbs-down and I don#t second the positive reception. Watch something else instead.
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