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Homeland (2011)Still of Rupert Friend in Homeland (2011)Still of Maury Sterling in Homeland (2011)Still of Damian Lewis in Homeland (2011)Still of Claire Danes in Homeland (2011)Still of Diego Klattenhoff in Homeland (2011)Still of Morgan Saylor in Homeland (2011)Still of Morena Baccarin, Jackson Pace and Morgan Saylor in Homeland (2011)Still of Morena Baccarin in Homeland (2011)
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Where's Brody? Is he compromised? The CIA is about to roll up Roya when Brody gets word to them that he's okay. Once his family is safe, he will share details of a planned attack and Abu Nazir's first-hand involvement. The CIA has Mike take the family to a safe house, but should they believe Brody's report? Saul and Carrie check into Quinn's background, the Vice President gets a briefing on the situation, and Carrie encourages Brody with the promise that everything will soon be over.

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