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Season 1

15 Oct. 2012
Episode #1.1
Stella works in an advertising agency,Jude in a boutique and Grace is a physiotherapist whilst Hannah has returned from a trip to India. They are not only flat-mates but witches,Jude using her powers to entice a hunk who is actually gay. The powers come in handy when Stella accidentally kills her abrasive,bullying boss Janet's pet cat and the girls bring him back to life. When Stella finally stands up to Janet she gets the sack so the girls use a spell to erase Janet's recent memory so that she believes she is still employing Stella but they go too far,regressing ...
22 Oct. 2012
Episode #1.2
The girls go to see the witches of Kensington,headed by Hannah's former friend Alexa,who apologize and remove the hex,declaring a truce. However when Hannah behaves very badly at a job interview with Janet she comes to see that Alexa has betrayed her and,helped by two naughty little boys Grace is baby-sitting for a widower friend,steal something very personal belonging to Alexa and break the curse on her - at the same time getting her work with the boys' father. Faced with the sack Jude conjures up a nice boss in the form of laid-back,pot-smoking Gerry,who is also,...
29 Oct. 2012
Episode #1.3
Stella has not had a relationship since splitting with Lucy,the other girls casting a spell to make Stella forget her. When Lucy reappears therefore Stella initially fails to recognize her but is soon falling in love with her. Unfortunately Lucy is loud,hyperactive and ultimately violent and when she tries to turn Stella against the rest of the coven Stella ends the affair and is ready to move on. Hannah lands a job testing security systems but finds she is merely being used to shop-lift by her con man boss and the girls get their own back on him with a spell whilst ...
5 Nov. 2012
Episode #1.4
On the eve of the girls' anniversary of their meeting Grace is attacked and robbed and wants to leave London but the others cast a spell making her super-confident,to the extent that she promotes Gerry's band - as well as sleeping with him. Jude's stock is stolen from the market stall so the girls magic up some more. Stella is shocked to find Kensington witch India is her new assistant,bewitching everybody into accepting her ridiculous sales ideas to bring down the company. However India is kinder than the rest of her coven and,envying the genuine friendship of the ...
12 Nov. 2012
Episode #1.5
Fed up with watching Grace and Gerry in unashamed public displays of affection Jude calls upon museum creator Mike for no strings sex and a possible relationship but his violent mood swings lead her to bring in Aaron to pose as a boyfriend to help dump him. Needing the cash Hannah agrees to tutor Cricklewood witch's daughter Tuppence to get her into a good coven. Tuppence is tactless and friendless but,having helped the others create a truth spell - which makes Gerry admit his love for Grace - she comes to see it is better to be in a friendly coven than an elite one.
19 Nov. 2012
Episode #1.6
The girls are heading to the country for the Summer Solstice but,having told him she is a witch,Grace is not happy that Gerry has followed her as he is not the sort of boy whom Gloria would want her to marry. He is passed off as Stella's other half and a delighted Gloria suggests the pair lead the fertility rituals whilst match-making her daughter with dull local Geoffrey. The event is being held on land belonging to Alexa's family,her mother Karina coming in as India's replacement in the Kensington coven,who hex the Camden witches' opening ceremony so that they are ...

 Season 1 

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