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"Nashville" - "We Live in Two Different Worlds" - Oct. 31, 2012

We open on Rayna in Teddy in bed. He asks if she knows how much he's missed this. She says "a lot?" He agrees. Of course this is just Rayna's dream as Teddy wakes her up.

Across town Juliette wakes up to the police coming to arrest her for shoplifting. They assume she's seen the You Tube video since 4 million others have. She tells them to get a real job and shuts the door in her face.

At the Jaymes-Conrad house Tandy tells Rayna that Teddy is down 12 points in the polls and is practically on life support. Tandy tells the girls that Teddy will win. Rayna offers to sing at Teddy's upcoming fundraiser at the country club. Maddie runs in and show Rayna the video of Juliette stealing.

At the Barnes house Juliette watches as well and seems unfazed although her manager Glenn is freaking and says her publicist McKenna is on the way. (Apparently, she's also Kristen Stewart's publicist.) Juliette's mother lurks around complaining about the dearth of milk. Juliette thinks any publcity is good publicity and at least she looks good.

Scarlett tells Avery she hasn't heard anything from anyone about the songs she and Gunnar recorded. He tells her not to worry. They start making out and Gunnar shows up.He tells her they got a publishing deal, they're both excited, Avery tries to be excited too.

Later that night Teddy thanks her for offering her services to sing at his fundraiser. He reassures her that things are going fine. She mentions Tandy told her about the polling. He says there's a huge margin of error. She wants more info. He says he's just trying to spare her.She also points out that she can sing anywhere. She clearly hates the country club.

Juliette is beginning to get worried as she watches Katie Couric report on her shoplifting incident on her talk show. (Nice bit of cross-promotion that.) Her mother enters with bags of nail polish wondering why she has to steal. She asks Glen to do something about her mother, like send her away. She has to stay with Juliette until her hearing.. in seven weeks. She doesn't think she can do it and tries to make a break for it with her assistant but the paparazzi await her at the gates.

McKenna arrives as Juliette does yoga. She wants to get a statement out immediately. Juliette doesn't want to. McKenna says they need to get ahead of it or else the fallout will be huge. She says they've scheduled an interview with "Good Morning America." Juliette doesn't want to do interviews or release statements. She wants to do yoga and prep for her tour.

Bucky calls Deacon and asks him to play Rayna's fundraiser gig for Teddy. He says he'll be there. He's actually having a meeting with Coleman, who is his AA sponsor. Coleman notes it's hard to say no to that family but he finally did.

The publisher Jeannie shows Gunnar and Scarlett around the offices and the gold and platinum plaques of those who have had publishing deals just like theirs. She also shows them the writing rooms, patio, and kitchen. Gunnar meet Hayley, the publisher's assistant. She loves his demo. He introduces Scarlett. He makes a point to say that he is single.

Bucky and Rayna go over the fundraising gig. She says to go with the whole band. She figures they'll need to replace Deacon since he probably won't want to deal with the whole country club/Lamar/Teddy scene. But Bucky informs her that Deacon is already in. She's surprised by that and says if he can deal so can she.

Juliette is doing a wardrobe fitting and she hates it and thinks she looks like a hillbilly. Of course, her mother likes it. She goes to Glenn who has bad news: the executive producer of the CMAs has said she can still attend but is no longer a presenter. He points out that she's also the butt of jokes by all the late night comics and "SNL:" He says she may not want to hear it but as quickly as she came up that's as fast as she can disappear. McKenna agrees calling it a make or break moment. She says she has one shot to get it right and be the person the world thinks she is. She tells them she'll do "GMA."

Jeannie takes Gunnar, Scarlett, Hayley, and Avery to dinner to celebrate their new deal. Gunnar tells how he came to Nashville from Austin. She says came to be with Avery and the songwriting thing was by accident. She loves it and talks about how much joy she derives from finding just the right words and images and how they can be both specific and universal. Avery bristles and she says she doesn't want to go on and on about herself since she's just starting out. But Jeannie points out that she's better than a lot of people who have been doing it much longer. Gunnar points out that Deacon is her uncle. She says she's learned more from Avery who is a great songwriter who plays out a lot. The publisher is tepid in response. We learn Hayley is from Colorado.

Rayna meets with the fundraising host committee which is full of old, familiar faces including a woman named Peggy, who used to date Teddy, but is now married.

At the end of dinner Hayley calls for another round but Avery wants to call it a night. He's mad that she mentioned his music and calls what she said "writing process crap." He decides to walk home.

At home Rayna teased Teddy about Peggy, she thinks Peggy still has the hots for Teddy. She gripes about the country club people. He says those are her people. She says not anymore and they're more her daddy's people and they're Teddy's people now. She vulnerably says she feels like every woman in there would make a better politician's wife than her. He says that's not why he married her. She asks why he did. He says because she dazzled him and always has. She tells him she loves him.

Juliette's mom tries to feed her her favorite macaroni from childhood to prep for her big interview.Juliette says she doesn't eat that crap and reads her the riot act about trying to be a good mother all of a sudden when she's just looking to steal from her o buy drugs. She grabs her moter's bag and upends it and all she finds is a picture of them. She begins to weep.

We cut to Gunnar and Hayley waking up in bed. This one isn't a dream. She wonders on a scale from 1-10 how awkward it will be at work. He says he plans to make it very awkward. She says there's no pressure to make it more than it is. He jokingly says if he didn't have proof to the contrary he'd accuse her of being a dude. They kiss and she gets up. He lays back with a smile. Scarlett pulls up just as Hayley and Gunnar walk out of her place.

McKenna tells Juliette that the interview will be with Robin Roberts with whom they have a great relationship and tries to prep her on the potential question: Why steal when you have money? What kind of example does this set for your young fans? She'll bring up other celebs with similar scandals like Winona or Lindsay. She freaks and says she didn't rob Saks or get three DUIs, it was a bottle of nail polish. McKenna tells her not to do that on camera. She is flabbergasted she can't defend herself. McKenna says nope, she's gotta protect the brand and stay on message pointing out she spent a lot of time hiding where she came from and shouldn't expose it now. She tells her ot be honest and take responsibility. Juliette says she gets it.

Scarlett meets with Deacon and tells her she's confused. She admits she feels guilty she got a deal without even really trying and that she knows it upsets Avery, who she came to Nashville to support. Deacon admits he's not the best at giving advice but says it's hard to be the one struggling to catch up but there's not much she can do: Avery will either keep up or get left behind.

Rayna is nervously prepping for the show. She wants to hold a cigarette. She wonders where Deacon is. Bucky is surprised she's nervous saying these are her people. She says they are not her people and that they were all the people who mocked her in high school for liking country music. He says they all graduated and now she's a big star so, there you have it. She asks him to go get a cigarette for her to hold.

Juliette sits down via satellite with Robin Roberts. Robin brings up Lindsay and Winona and asks why a rich person shoplifts. Juliettte claims people are jealous of her fame and money and it was all a misunderstanding. She put the nail polish in her purse because she didn't want it to fall through the basket and then she forgot to pay because she was distracted by fans tailing her. Robin is incredulous and her team behind the camera is beyond annoyed. Juliette says people aren't only waiting for you to fall they're trying to cause it. Robin changes tack and brings up Juiette's mother's arrest. Juliette rips of her microphone saying the interview is over.

Deacon finally arrives at the country club. Lamar gives him a hard time about being late and underdressed. He points out that he's only doing this as a favor to Rayna. Lamar claims he should be more grateful to the family that's carried him on its back for 20 years. Deacon says he's got him confused with Teddy and that he won't be kissing Lamar's ass since that's Teddy's job. Teddy interjects angrily that he didn't even ask him to do it. Rayna tries to get between their bickering. Deacon zings he won't be voting for Teddy and that he's just a puppet for Lamar. Teddy counters that what Deacon knows about politics couldn't even fill a shot glass. They start getting chesty and Rayna continues to try and make peace.

At Barnes HQ the team is freaking that GMA is already teasing the interview and Juliette's walkout. Glenn tells Juliette that sponsors are bailing and that means for now her tour is off.

Lamar talks up Teddy from the stage as Peggy looks on wistfully. Then Lamar introduces Rayna and her band. She lights into a rocking midtempo number. The country club politely claps along. Teddy looks over at Peggy meaningfully. She looks back. He shakes his head at her. Teddy glares at Deacon and then gladhands some supporters. Deacon eyes Teddy rigt back with a sly smile. The song ends and Teddy walks out.

Post-show Deacon says he doesn't know what that "Teddy stuff" was. She says it was him taking the bait and says she doesn't know what he was thinking and can't believe he put "us" in this situation. He asks which "us" and says he thought she needed him. She tearfully says "I do need you." He says he doesn't know what to do with that kind of response anymore. She says she doesn't either but now she has to go home. He asks if they're done here. She says "yeah, we're done" with some real finality.

Teddy enters their bedroom at home. Rayna's already sitting on the bed. They are silent for a moment and then he says "I can't deal with it anymore. I'm your husband." She says she knows and that she's firing Deacon.

Avery arrives home with a terse "hey" for a greeting. Scarlett says she knows he doesn't want to talk about it but they need to. She says she doesn't want to feel bad about the deal and she wants him to support her like she supports him. He says he's trying but walks away.

Later at the publishing house, Gunnar has stocked the fridge with yogurt for Hailey. They do cutesy banter in the kitchen.

Teddy meets up with Peggy in a parking lot. She looks stricken. She says "this is torture, at the club last night I felt sick." He apologizes and says it's the campaign and that they've been digging into his past. Peggy says someone is going to find out. He says he's hoping to avoid that. She says she hasn't told anyone and that they've kept this secret a long time and maybe it's time to come clean on their own terms. He says what they did was stupid but his campaign and their marriages depend on them keeping the secret. (Did they kill somebody? They're not actually saying "affair.")

Glenn comes to Juliette and says they need to talk. Basically he quits her. He says his job is to give the best advice he can and whatever problems she had before, the interview made them exponentially worse. She says she knows. She starts to cry and begs him not to leave and says she wants her image and tour back and will do whatever it takes and she'll listen to him. She promises. He says if she wants him to stay he needs an honest answer on why she shoplifted. She said she did it when she was a kid, it made her feel like she could take care of herself when nobody else would. He tells her from now on she needs to listen and tomorrow they'll regroup and tells her to call a friend to get her mind off it. She says she doesn't have friends. She has people who want to be seen with her. Or used to anyway. She head to the kitchen and eats the macaroni her mother made. She calls Deacon and admits she's not alright. He asks if she's doing anything right now. She's not.


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