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There simply aren't enough scares to build tension throughout.
Caruso's direction is slick and fluid enough, and gifted cinematographer Rogier Stoffers (Quills, School of Rock) makes the most of the house's dark, eerie corners. But the performances are highly variable. Beckinsale delivers the goods, but Mel Raido as her impatient husband David never generates much sympathy.
Disappointments has the strange confidence of a much slicker, more decisive movie, and all of its sort-ofs don't add up to much.
There is more mood than matter to be sampled in “The Disappointments Room,” a spooky psychological thriller - or, perhaps, a psychological thriller with spooks - that is initially intriguing but ultimately, unfortunately, lives down to its title.
The script telegraphs things, but also often descends into incoherence. It tries to be too many things at once, and ends up being nothing.
The Disappointments Room lives (and dies) up to its name.
Named as if it knew its destiny, The Disappointments Room brings together those horror movie standbys that just can't quit each other - a creepy old home and a troubled family - for some truly convoluted, non-scary, and execrable psychological mishegoss surrounding a hidden chamber and the noxious historical shame it holds.

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