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"Weeds" Saplings (2012)

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Nancy comes downstairs to find Silas talking to Crick Montgomery, from a tobacco company. He wants Silas to grow for him. Silas is bummed about the lab work after seeing a machine eat his plant at Smith Johnson. Crick leaves two first class tickets to North Carolina.

Cut to Silas and Nancy on a plane. He's excited to be recruited. He envisions his weed being sold commercially and wants Nancy's backing. She agrees.

Back home, Angela and Shane get ready for work, she calls him "her little parking attendant."

At Temple, Jonah and Matthew fill Andy in on the gossip about Rabbi David "boning" a "goy."

At Doug's foundation, Jordan from the New Haven Foundation drops by. He tells her to ignore the urine jar lady. She drops off a dozen homeless people and reminds him DSS will be checking for 85% occupancy weekly.

Andy over-shares with Mathew about Jill carrying his imaginary baby and then bailing to head back to Oakland. Andy goes to look for Matthew's mom and finds Rabbi David. He tells him about the rumors and David tells him he slept with Nancy. He's crying over a tree he planted for his late wife.

Nancy and Silas meet Crick out at a BBQ restaurant, heavy with people smoking cigarettes. Nancy immediately starts in on it. Crick wants to change his business model by focusing on weed. Nancy has more questions.

Crick takes Nancy and Silas to his giant plantation and confesses all he has is a box design, no lab. He's calling them Kemo-sabes, which Nancy thinks sounds like chemotherapy. Crick has no plan in the event Silas were to get caught. Nancy wants to leave immediately, but Silas reminds her to back him up.

Out at pancakes to console themselves, Rabbi David confesses he feels like he cheated. Andy points out you can't cheat on a dead person. Matthew is mad about his mom's new 29 year old husband. Andy ends up giving Rabbi Dave a pep talk.

The waitress brings their pancakes, serving Andy blueberry even though he didn't order them, because they're in season.

Nancy pokes around Crick's plantation house and finds a bowl of cigarettes. She takes one and meets Crick's father out on the porch. He thinks Crick's pitching "crackpot ideas." They commiserate about their wayward sons and he tells her his dad used to say you have to "bend the sapling for it to grow up to be a proper tree." He confesses he hasn't spoken to his son in two years, even though they live in the same house.

Andy complains about thinking he'd make a good father and waiting for his real life to begin. David urges him to get over Jill.

Andy tells Rabbi David that, for what it's worth, he doesn't think Nancy has loved anyone since Judah died. He eyes the waitress as he sees her cut up an old man's pancake.

Shane goes to pick up Angela in a red sports car with flames on the sides.

Nancy finds Silas in a "curing barn" with leaves of tobacco everywhere. She asks him not to be mad at her for trying to protect him. He doesn't buy into the idea that weed is a medicine, he thinks it's a fun drug that he's not embarrassed about selling. Nancy tells him about Crick's weird dad and how she doesn't want to live in North Carolina.

Doug's homeless people ask where the beds, food and bathrooms are. One of them starts yelling at Doug for trying to take advantage of the homeless. They threaten to report him. He offers to buy them off.

Silas tells Crick everything he'll need to get started. They agree on a handshake.

Shane and Angela park in the impound car and make-out. Two dudes roll by with 40s and recognize it as belonging to a friend of theirs. They jack the car, leaving Shane and Angela in their underwear.

Andy makes friends with Joanna the waitress. She shares stories about her five year old cousins and that she had to get two fingers reattached as a child. Andy is transfixed.

Nancy comes home to find Rabbi Dave waiting for her. He brought her a kiddie pool. He didn't call her back because he needed to figure some things out. He didn't figure them out, but she kisses him anyway.

Andy and Joanna wait to have their names called. Andy brought a lightbulb and handkerchief, he'll show her what they're for in a moment. They're waiting for a marriage license.


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