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I've Seen Better But I've Seen Worse

Author: Madame Monster
18 March 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's not the worst one in the series but it does has its flaws.

1. The duels (which are the main parts of action) are honestly very easy to watch and don't feel like an eternity. I mean no disrespect to the classic show since it did start my love for these shows but some of the duels take forever. This one didn't make a six part episode that only had one card game. It mostly stuck with three and was engaging enough for me to continue to watch.

2. Yuma is probably the worse lead in Yugioh history. I haven't seen the newest spin-off so this is just me comparing him to the other characters. The original character was Yugi/Yami were good and balanced fairly well off each other. Yusei was cool and I liked his dueling style. Jaden was annoying with his catch phrases and tossed away jokes but at least he was a good duelist. Yuma sadly can't duel until way later on and he has to get help from his alien friend Astral. Sure the original did that too but Yugi did know about Duel Monsters but sadly not Yuma.

3. The other characters are okay. Some are stereo types but others have motivation and backgrounds that are pretty interesting. The two rivals are enjoyable.

4. The animation is pretty. It can be dark and gloomy but also bright and colorful. The designs of the humans are weird but it's always been like that in Yugioh.

So yes this does have some flaws into it but it's pretty harmless for kids and old time Yugioh fans should enjoy the duels. So stop saying how Zexal ruined Yugioh. Technically the first spin-off ruined it and began the trend.

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Could Have Been Better And Could Have Been Worse

Author: Brooke White
25 February 2015

At this point in Yu-Gi-Oh history we should just accept the fact that they keep making these shows not out of love but out of wanting to sell more trading cards. That's what it was from the beginning and it's still continuing. Which is one of the TV shows biggest down falls. People not caring enough about the show and more about the product they sell. The main character Yuma Tsukumo is pretty annoying and even worse than Jaden Yuki from GX. At least Jaden could duel but Yuma needs help from an amnesic alien named Astral who should have replaced Yuma. The other characters are okay some are better than others like the two rivals. The animation is very nice to look at so that makes it easy on the eyes. I do enjoy the duels more in Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal. They don't feel like an eternity like the previous versions and honestly the story does flow alright with a few plot holes. So yeah it's basically what Yu-Gi-Oh GX should have been. I still believe that this is better than GX because of how entertaining it is but it does undergo from stereotypical characters, not the best (or worst) voice actors, annoying edits that anyone could clearly see and what irritates me more is how some of the duels were simply misunderstandings. However I still find it more engaging with the animation, some memorable characters, pleasant duels and charming story. Overall it's not bad but I feel as if it could have had more effort into it. So Yu-Gi-Oh classic fans please stop saying how bad this is. It has flaws but so did the other shows. So basically my summary is my conclusion: Could Have Been Better And Could Have Been Worse.

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Yu-gi-oh Zexal, GX done almost right.

Author: destroyer83
20 May 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

NOTE: Minor Spoilers! __________________________________________________

When most people heard of the fourth Yu-gi-oh Anime, they groaned a giant groan, and I was one of them. I first saw the 4kids version...a stupid mistake on my part... and frankly it was very gimmicky, and didn't flow well...that is, until I noticed something... What do my wondering eyes do appear! A Villain, and a darn good one at that known as Vetrix, (Or Tron in the Japanese)! Once we had someone to legitimately fight against, everything began to click into place, I have watched the Japanese version up to episode 104, and it is actually worth it, I am happily surprised! If you can get past the annoyance that is the main protagonist, (My word, he's more annoying than Syrus freaking Truesdale) and you begin to look at the rest of the characters, some of them actually do begin to work. For instance, shy of Akiza, I think this Female lead is actually the strongest yet! Also, the Rivals (Yes, there are 2) are also very strong and likable characters. The Duels are also the strongest yet, using the actual rules this time. (No more normal in defense mode for you!) The side characters and the villains are also fairly good, some making you want to despise them, some making you like them eventually, and some...really not doing very much... (Ahem, Dr. Faker) It has it's ebbs and flows, but it's main strength really is the side characters and the duels. But it also has its weaknesses. The main protagonist is the Weakest yet, barely able to duel at all without the help of an alien who apparently can duel...don't know how that works, but OK... Also, there are the annoying characters, like this cat-obsessed girl, (Not kidding, she puts all normal cat ladies to shame), who when she is cheering from the sidelines becomes rather annoying, and the "Geek" of the group which pretty much does little or nothing to advance the story. There are also a few filler episodes, especially during the beginning that aren't really that entertaining. But once things really pick up, they do not turn back! It's very good from then on, minus a few nitpicky things like the crazy cat-lady, it's rather entertaining.

Zexal is what GX should have been, and while the Main protagonist is still annoying at times, it becomes lightyears better as it goes along. I am so glad to be proved wrong, and I can't wait to see what happens to the Rivals next!

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Absolutely Terrible.

Author: BosinBosin from United States
30 June 2014

This series is disgusting, and repulsive to watch. The plot is dull, predictable, and over used. It is too similar to other shonen anime's, and the main character is a complete rip off. It was difficult to watch each episode without cringing. The jokes are not funny at all, they are way too forced. None of the plot is at all interesting. The whole series is boring and Dull. Everything has been done before and makes this show seem silly. There is next to no character development, and all the characters were idiotic and typical. There is nothing enjoyable about this series whatsoever.

Do not watch this show if you have a functioning brain. I would suggest something more mature like attack on titan, or gurren lagann.

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