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Unspoken: unfinished good idea

Author: elroy_geronimo from Holland
21 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I know the unspoken first part of the show was connected to Mac's aphasia, still the writers could've done a better job, things just didn't add up from the get go: Lindsay saw the shooter get out his gun and she does nothing to prevent it and no, being there with her daughter is no excuse. After she hits the ground, she stays on the ground in a crowd: no one could really be that stupid, right!? After that the time-frame for the accidental shooting of the little girl just doesn't add up: Don is in hot pursuit of the victim, but the kids have at least more than a minute to play with the gun... The idea of an unspoken episode could've worked although it felt really forced and didn't last the entire episode, which would've made it a lot more interesting. I especially hated Danny's texting at the hospital. Boy, did that feel like a major cop out! To top it all off the shooters motive and actions were the most unfinished bad ideas of the episode: Writing on the window and leaving a print, the gun belonging to the victim, that wasn't the victim and some half-assed accusation that in the end didn't cost him his job as the reason for the attempted assassination of a high school principal!!

So writers next time run the episode by me or anyone else with half a brain...

Still love the series, although I would've dropped NY and kept Miami of the CSI-franchise!

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Worst episode ever...

Author: Snolind from Sweden
21 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Good idea...that the writers/director absolutely didn't pull off.

If you're going to remove one of the mediums that guides the story forward. You better be really sure that the other ones do a good job. This, in my opinion, was a big fail.

Story not thought through, the "silent" parts not greatly executed (feels like a chopped up music video) and half way through they give up anyway. If you're gonna go artistic, at least go all the way...

And if you want to skip the dialog, at least let the actors act out emotion through other sounds. Just adding music doesn't give emotion. I think that if we could have heard breathes, crying, or anything else than sound effects and half played songs it would have worked better.

Now, they just project the image that they lost the first half of the actors sound recordings and instead of getting the actors back for a sound booth recording they just saved time and pretended to do something "artsy" instead.

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Bad idea

Author: kols from United States
19 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Consciously striving for a Tour de Force is a really, really bad idea - it smacks of arrogance and misplaced self-importance. This is one reason why the French New Wave fizzled and few of its products survived as stand-alone films. Ironically, in an ego-intensive industry, ego translates very poorly to the screen itself.

CSI:NY is one of my favorite shows, always been a fan of Gary Sinise and the series' ensemble cast works extremely well. But this episode began to lose me with the predictable assassination pantomime and Lindsey getting run over by the food cart during the ensuing chaos. It totally lost me when the two kids discovered and began playing with the gun, with equally predictable results. Thank god Nikita was playing on another channel.

My rating is based on the few minutes from the opening scene to the shooting of the little girl, all done with an awful soundtrack with no dialogue or environmental noise. Don't know if the episode got any better, continued the pantomime, or sent everyone to Mars and don't care. Those few minutes of hackneyed story told in pantomime with an atrocious soundtrack did it for me.

I'll be watching next week, however, and write this one episode off as the writers just plain screwing up and over-indulging their egos.

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A pleasant surprise

Author: LoveIsAStateOfMind from United Kingdom
29 December 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Just go right on and surprise me, show! This was one of the best episodes we've had in 4 (?!) seasons without a doubt.

An epic 30 minutes of the show with no dialogue, just Green Day songs playing. The no dialogue really really worked.

Lindsay being hospitalised! Seeing Lucy that grown up freaks me out because I can't believe we're in Season 9. My fandom head is still in about Season 6 or something.

That poor innocent kid/Flack trying to save her <3 <3 <3.

The various flashbacks.

The tension with the killer in Lindsay's hospital room.

Aaaand the senator guy played by Neal McDonough starred with Anna Belknap in Medical Investigation. FANDOMS COLLIDE! Shame they didn't share a scene.

Danny called Lindsay "Montana!" Kid/Flack hug! Wow, this episode held my attention all the way through. I've always said that the most powerful CSI:NY episodes are the ones where a part of you feels a bit sorry for the perp and in this case I did feel sorry for him. Obviously trying to kill the woman at a public event was completely the wrong call but he wins points for actually caring about children, being a good teacher and changing his mind about hurting Lindsay and you could tell he was heartbroken about the innocent girl's death.

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They cancelled Miami for this??

Author: Matt from United Kingdom
22 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Anyone else think this show is going down hill?

Last weeks part made me start to question why I watch this. They used the reflection in a smashed bottle to identify a building in a photo. Conveniently a unique building too. Far fetched and bad writing, similar to the "Enhance!" idea when they zoom in over a mile and see a license plate perfectly. They seem to be using ideas from the real early CSI shows, can't they come up with better, newer, ideas?

Now they try to go all "artsy fartsy" and do a silent episode? OK...admittedly only 30 minutes of it is just music. The executive producer should possibly feel a little embarrassed. In my humble opinion it didn't work. Maybe it was all a ploy to promote "Green Day" whose songs are on during the speechless part?

Producers - Specifically the lady responsible for the silent episode idea, should stick to producing - you know who you are Pam. Writers, you should seriously try to improve your ideas/stories and stop writing CSI from the nineties.

Either way, I hate the fact that cancelled "Miami" for this. Bring back Horatio.....please!

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Interesting Idea, bad execution, awful plot

Author: Ace X from Europe
28 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The idea of scenes without dialogue, without speech is interesting (imho, contrary to what another reviewer wrote), but the writers, the producers, the director didn't put their hearts into it. They only had enough creativity to follow their premise for 21 minutes and then started with insubstantial dialogues, clichés etc. They were just lazy and didn't come up with more ideas to create a whole "silent" episode I must admit I only watch LV regularly, so I might no be into the main and recurring characters of CSI:NY but I felt no sympathy for anyone in this episode. Except for the perp, whose life was destroyed by some hysterical supervisor who accused him out of the blue of sexual assault and abused her power to put him on the street. In the last two minutes a moral is half-heartedly put together, as the perp, being a concerned teacher, is also (made) responsible for the death of a child playing with the gun he wanted to dispose. I couldn't decide if I should be bored or angered by this ending.

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