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It's Your Funeral

The rocky Cape Cod coastline is bathed in blood after one family's fight for a fortune turns deadly. The investigation uncovers liars, cheaters and even imposters on the dark path toward finding a killer in this modern ...


22 May 2014
Duct Tape Divorce
For the DeWilds of Edgewater, CO, family always comes first. But when one DeWild threatens to break that bond, they find the only way out of this family is murder.
17 Apr. 2014
House of Lies
The Jackson family of Borger, Texas shares the same traditional American values as their neighbors. But a dark family secret reveals at least one Jackson is a wolf in sheep's clothing poised to thin the family murder.
Mar. 2014
4 Women & a Funeral
In peaceful Green Cove Springs, Florida, the Jones family lives the good life with a successful business and two beautiful daughters. But when a naïve new houseguest finds skeletons in the closet, one family member will seek revenge by bloodshed.
10 Apr. 2014
Murder Mansion
In the town of Libertyville, IL, Bruce and Darlene Rouse appear to have everything: wealth, success and three wonderful children. But behind closed doors, a toxic mix of scorn, jealousy, and greed is about to boil over into a scene of shocking carnage.
24 Apr. 2014
Home Sweet Homicide
The forward-thinking Santaguida family enjoys a healthy, natural lifestyle in the hippie haven of Evergreen, Colorado. But when one family member is found brutally strangled, homicide detectives discover this peaceful image is all smoke and mirrors.
1 May 2014
Don't Kill the Messenger
The Milo family's Akron, Ohio based cosmetics supply chain is one of the biggest in the country. But beauty only goes skin deep, and an internal fight for company control will expose an ugly underbelly of conspiracy, lies, and murder.
8 May 2014
Hell's Belles
The Allman sisters have deep roots in their tight-knit Oakland community. When drug dealers threaten the neighborhood, the family decides to stand their ground. But after their house goes up in flames, one family member hides a smoldering secret.
29 May 2014
He Said, She's Dead
With a Coral Gables mansion and membership to the local yacht club, life's a beach for accountants Ed and Maggie Locascio. But when suspicion and infidelity threatens to break family bonds, one family member will be hit by the death tax.
15 May 2014
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
The Byrom family of Iuka, Mississippi (pronounced eye-ooka), seem to have it all: love, success, and plenty of Southern charm. They have some very dark secrets;. a penchant for sordid sex and a passion for poison result in murder.
5 Jun. 2014
Desperate House Knives
The Bautista family of Riverside, CA is living the American dream with a nice home and two hard-working sons. But that dream will soon become a nightmare as one Bautista threatens to sever family ties and somebody loses their head.
12 Jun. 2014
Southern Helle
For Starkville, Mississippi couple Joey and Kristi Fulgham, friends and family are one and the same. But when small town hospitality leads to dangerous liaisons, one family member decides the only way out is murder.
19 Jun. 2014
So Lonesome I Could Die
In the small town of Munster, Indiana, the Levine family real estate business is flying high. But life for these jetsetters is about to hit some turbulence as brotherly love turns into backstabbing, revenge...and murder.
26 Jun. 2014
The Widowmaker
Barry and Anita Ford seem to have it all: success, happiness, and loving in-laws George and Jill. But behind closed doors, envy and rumored-flirtation generate toxic hostility-culminating with one Ford executed in a remote industrial park.

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