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Unexpected Awesomeness
oceanangel1017 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Hollywood Heights is like the angel version of gossip girl, set in Hollywood but still has all those sexy couple scenes and hook-ups. Nickelodeon isn't very well-known for creating television shows that fall under drama, sophisticated and definitely for teens, like ABC Family or CWTV is. But Nickelodeon's Nick@Nite creation of Hollywood Heights is pure genius. Because it doesn't center around just one main character but instead multiple stories that all somehow connect with each other, the show is intriguing and fun. It's also realistic and relatable because it touches light on fangirls and how far they'd go to meet their idol, while also giving an inside look on the said idol's life. You can go to the show's website for character profiles and how each character is connected. As well as spoiler alerts and videos/full episodes. Currently, the first ten episodes are free on iTunes- and they would be worth every penny if the normal cost was still up. ($2.99) You may think that Hollywood Heights is not your forte, and maybe it isn't; but you never known unless you try. As the audience you instantly connect and feel for characters that in real life come across as cold and rude. A really cool thing about Hollywood Heights, unlike other Nickelodeon shows, is that it's not obvious set. It feels like the show is being filmed in a real home or a real club, etc. And, as a fan of other shows like The Lying Game, Nikita, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Make it or Break it, The LA Complex, Victorious- a wide array, obviously- I can promise you and everyone else that Hollywood Heights is a fantastic show and deserves a shot.
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Addictive show!!
Kdebbo7 August 2012
Very addictive show... Cannot wait for each new episode!!! Recommend this show to anyone who likes a good, romantic, suspenseful, drama...this is your show. My favorite parts of the show are the ones with the two main characters Eddie & Loren!!!! Cannot get enough of this show!! The only negative thing I can say about the show is there are a few actors who are less then impressive in there acting abilities.. Main person being Nick Krause who plays Adam one of Loren's high school friends. The other character I could do with out is Dr. Don, annoying is all I can say. If you are going to start watching this show would highly recommend first catching up from the beginning episodes to the current episodes so you can fully understand all of the drama going on and appreciate the relationships and friendships. All in all excellent show and hope there will be more seasons!!
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Better rating then credited
supasleepy1 October 2012
While I understand that there may have never been plans for a season 2 of this show I certainly hope decisions outside of the original plan are not determined based on the typical Gallup poll. Seems like most networks are still measuring the likability of a TV show based on who is watching the show at the regularly scheduled time but in this day and age of DVR's, TiVo, online viewers and social media trending there is a lot more to measure for the success of a show then the typical polls used 10 years ago. If you look at the amount of fans and followers of the various hash tags and cast on Twitter alone you can see how well this show is actually doing in the fans eyes. And if you were on the fence about having another season that should be reason enough. Seems like there is so much more that can be done with these story lines to continue for at least another season. At this point ending it where it is at would be leaving your loyal fans of 4 months 5 days a week hanging with no resolution and that is really pretty horrible to do to the dedicated fans (including myself) who want to see where this can go. Before making a decision please break away from the old ways of measuring success and look at all of the new ways this this new generation uses.
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Hollywood Heights is Amazing
kimberlyg0515 August 2012
I cant get enough Hollywood Heights.The storyline is great, I was not wanting to watch the show but my 11 year old pleaded with me. It is now my show, I am not a big fan of Todays TV shows, but this one won my heart. it is the only TV show i watch and I must tell you I am very upset that its coming to an end. you have a hit people just haven't seen it yet, because if they have it would be the number one show. Im o,over 40 (shhh.) but if I was younger I would be all about Eddy Duran (Cody). him and Loren are so cute love them together. Max no Norma i am available. but for the shows sake you have to hook up with Nora. Adrianna what a great character(i feel so sorry for her, and her dad wow so not in tuned with her. like many parents today. this show is a 100% awesome. thank you for finally getting it right. i will definitely be following you all. i am impressed and in love with the characters. great job to everyone even those i dislike (chloey and Tyler).
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"Hollywood Heights" Summary
Smart Person8 November 2012
The most exciting and unpredictable t.v. series is "Hollywood Heights". "Hollywood Heights" is infused with romance, jealousies, and many events that people never see coming. This show was directed by Noel Maxam. Whenever you think everything is tremendous something dangerous happens. Some events that made the show exciting and addictive is when Loren gets a her big break to become a singer. Meanwhile, other events is when Eddie gets in the car the crash, when Phil is extremely close to getting thrown in jail, and Chloe's scam on Eddie.

In addition, the actors that play in "Hollywood Heights" do a breathtaking job in this show. However, the two main characters are played by Cody Longo(Eddie Duran) and Brittany Underwood(Loren Tate); they do a marvelous job at acting and they really know how to play the part. Nevertheless, in this show there a lot of actors. Ashley Holliday(Melissa Sanders), Haley King(Adrianna Masters), and Brandon P Bell(Jake Madsen). There are numerous actors and they all play a great role in this show. Lastly with out the actors the show is nothing.

Furthermore, "Hollywood Heights" has everything you would want a show to have. The have romance, jealousies, and so much more. Ultimately, the romance is in every episode, ever corner they round in the show there is always romance right there. What is a show without jealous girls in them. Jealousies starts when Loren meets Eddie, there is a spark but most girls do not correspond to that well. Typically, in every t.v series there are always events that no one see coming. This show boils with events that are everywhere; there are behind every door in every episode. Finally, "Hollywood Heights"is a fantastic and addiction show that has many twists and turns in it.

On the other hand, the directer could have made it a little bit more infused with drama and Chloe's insane plans to get Eddie back. Even though, this movie has so much drama and romance, there could have been more to make it more interesting. Although, of there more drama, romance, jealousies and s much more it would make the show even more addictive then it was before.

Whenever, I would watch this show it was amazing and I got hooked on it after watching the first, two, or three shows. Eventually, in the middle of the show it gets so intense because you never know what will happen next. Meanwhile, you have to wait to find out what is going to happening next on show when the new episode comes out; but luckily it came out the next day! Finally, once you get hooked on this show it is ever hard to desistance yourself from the show!

In conclusion, is "Hollywood Heights" a unpredictable and exciting show? Yes, because everything is intense and you never know what is going to happen next! It is kinda hard to look into the future because "Hollywood Heights" is only a one season show, but I hope that the director see's that a lot of people are hooked on the series and that they make another season and more to come after that. Lastly, "Hollywood Heights" is a great and amazing show , the actors play the parts marvelously and they should make a another season because the show is addictive!
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Eden Roberson11 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I expected to hate this show right off the bat and only watched the first episode because nothing else was on TV. But right away I was hooked and found myself anxiously waiting for every new episode. I was a bit shocked that it's on Nick@Nite though even though at night it's more of an adult's channel it's still fairly pg-13 when it comes to romance and Hollywood Height while it doesn't show EVERYTHING it shows hot make-out sessions and clothes being torn off, and by then I think anyone could figure out what's going to happen.

I would imagine it's more of a girl's or perhaps a less than straight man's show but I recommend for anyone to just give it a shot.
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Awesome Show
Sandy James27 August 2012
Alright, if I had reviewed this show when it first started it would not have rated high (5ish)...but let me tell you that is has gotten SO much better, and it's as addictive a guilty pleasure as anything else!!! You should watch it, if you can afford it buy all episodes on Amazon and DVR all new ones and have fun :) HOPE THIS SHOW GOES ON FOREVER!!! It deserves a 9/10 rating now, and it's only getting juicier!! Great cast of characters, acting isn't great, but it's a soap so you know what I can look past that. Love how everything just "fits", story's and plots are great...kudos on casting, it just has great potential and I hope and pray it is given a good change to shine; more and more people will find this gem of a show and be as happy as I am. Brings a much needed escape from real life, so kick back and watch you won't regret it =)
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So Addictive!
Kelsea_Hollowell8 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
OMG!!!! i love to watch this show its so amazing. it has quite a lot of romance and eye catching relationships. Not knowing what will happen in the next episode. I have 5 hours and 20 minutes till the next episode and it's so good i want to go read spoilers to see what will happen with Eddie and Loren.. This show falls in my must watch category with PPL and Beverly Hills Nannies. I never liked soaps but this is a amazing.. This show is more for like 14 and up at least.. There is scenes (Very Few) that you might not want 13 and below to see. If you love the feeling of being on the edge of your seat for the who show and dieing to know what is still to come this is for you.. If you are looking to watch this show i would go to nick at night and watch the previous episodes to catch up. I truly hope that they will make a season 2 *wink wink producers and writers*. Go and watch this show
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decemberbreeze1 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Hollywood Heights is a show I came across by accident but fell in love it immediately. The story lines are intriguing and there is always so much drama! The music is great! The characters are people you can connect to and root for or absolutely hate which makes it a must watch for me and my family. It would be a tragedy for the show to end now forever. There are a million ways the story lines could continue and it would be extremely shortsighted to end the show where it is at. There are so many things I want to know still, so much that cannot be resolved in the couple days remaining. I hope very much that the show gets picked up for a second season. I do not regret for one moment starting this amazing show. I recommend watching the episodes online anytime. This is one of the few shows that my husband and I can watch with our son. It is rare to find something that we all enjoy!
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Please bring this show back for a second season.
Daphne Jean28 September 2012
I LOVE the show. I think more people need to watch it. It should be moved to a different channel. Its an adult show not a kids show. Please everyone rate this show amazing. I want it to come back for a second season! The love story between Eddie and Loren rocks. I really want to see how far her career gets. I wanna know what happens to Phil. I wanna know if Dr. Masters is still alive. I really miss One life to live and All my children. this show makes up for that. They never should of took those two shows off the air. They should of just moved them to a different time so people could watch them. Hollywood Heights comes on at the perfect time. You don't have to worry about missing it. and I wouldn't miss it for the world anyway. I look forward to seeing it every night.
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this is a pretty decent show
Rick21 September 2012
I'm a middle aged businessman but I have to admit I am hooked to this show and hope there is a second season. The plot is solid, and the acting is for the most part pretty decent. I especially like the actors that play Adriana and Tyler. Even the music is catchy, and I might just add the two songs they keep playing to my iPod. No word yet on whether the show will be renewed. My biggest gripe is the moving over to Teenick, which is not in HD, vs Nick which is, a screw-up if you ask me. Never thought I would ever watch 80 episodes of a daily "soap", but I have, especially with a cast that was virtually unknown, with the exception of Carlos Ponce. There is real chemistry between the Eddie and Loren characters too.
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dragonlady921 July 2017
Awful. Not sure if this is daytime soap opera or prime time but either way this show is unbearable. From the hackneyed dialogue to the paper-thin plot, to the laughable Taylor Swift look-alike, I really tried to give this show a chance, but couldn't even get through one episode. Don't bother with this show or it will be an hour of your life you will never get back! Thank God it only lasted one season 🤢
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Really? Is the acting worse or is it the writing?
jenniferaosburg14 July 2012
Do we really need another show about California? Can't anyone on the West coast think of a theme not about your own state? This show is completely mindless and without an ounce of literary or cinematographic merit. It has that unfulfilling tendency to feel addictive yet never give the viewer any real fulfillment. Come on Hollywood - can't you come up with anything better than this? When considering what viewers might enjoy, perhaps considering how people live in most of the country and trying to connect with American people's lives instead of constantly promoting the unrealistic lifestyle of a privileged few who have money and live in Southern California, might be better for ratings.
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Hooray for Hollywood Heights!
crispy_comments23 November 2012
I tuned in to see two childhood favorites, Meredith Salenger (The Journey of Natty Gann) and Megan Follows (Anne of Green Gables) acting on-screen together. And then I found myself pleasantly surprised by the show as a whole.

Hollywood Heights is current but pays homage to Hollywood's history too. There's a nice blend of pretty much every genre... family drama, witty banter like you'd find on Gilmore Girls or classic screwball comedies, romance, backstage musical/songwriter biopic/showbiz rise & fall stories, even crime drama and film noir elements near the end of the series. As a fan of classic movies, I got a kick out of picking up on certain references (to A Star Is Born and Gone With The Wind, among others), which were well-integrated and fun for those who get them, but not out-of-place and confusing for younger viewers.

I admit I've got songs from the show stuck in my head, and I can't stand most of today's popular music. It helps that it doesn't feel like the showrunners are aggressively promoting soundtracks they want to sell, and wallpapering every scene with songs that drown out the dialogue (unlike all those teen shows on The CW or whatever.) There's some interesting insight into the way the music industry works, and modern internet trends/fan reactions vs. the way rock & roll stardom used to be, and I think a lot of it rings true.

Plot aside, I've got to care about the characters to really get emotionally involved in a story. Hollywood Heights impressed me there too. Most of the acting is strong, and the characterization and continuity is better than I've seen on many recent (and more popular but overrated) shows. The actors and writers really know how to make you root for (or hiss and boo at) the characters and get invested in their story lines, which, again, isn't easy to find on current TV, in my experience.

I could go on about how satisfying the show is from a feminist perspective, with a rare emphasis on mother/daughter and female friendship scenes. I was glad they hired actresses based on talent and included a variety of body types other than the anorexic. And I think the show subtly delivers a good message promoting healthy romantic relationships between independent equals, which young girls probably need to see more examples of in their fiction these days.

I'd buy this on DVD, yes, all 80 episodes, as pricey as that may be. Personally, I'm fine with not getting a second season as this one wrapped up nicely. It's so refreshing to have closure in a TV series, instead of leaving us with unresolved cliffhangers. I felt like I was watching a really long movie, with a satisfying ending that rewarded the time & emotions invested in it. Definitely a rarity in TV. When 80 episodes fly by and never feel like a chore to watch, you know they're doing something right.
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Great Show
luflapy7 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I absolutely love this show! It was my "summer guilty pleasure" as advertised by Nickelodeon. It has a good mix of drama, comedy, music and a surprisingly talented cast. I hope there is a second season, for this show has potential and should be more popular! One of my favorite things about this show is how the characters evolved throughout the season. The characters realize their dreams, become better people, unveil secrets about their families.......... Hollywood Heights is also very inspiring and presents the viewer with a story about a girl pursuing her dream to become a famous singer without changing her personality.

Overall very good. Perhaps Nickelodeon should work on advertising the show, as it deserves more recognition.
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I love this show!
nerdybballgirl216 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I love this show! At first, I thought the show wouldn't be that good, but I was hooked after watching the first episode! Chloe was Eddie's girlfriend, then his fiancé. Loren Tate is a senior in high school, and her friend Melissa sends in a video of Loren singing for the Eddie Duran Songwriting Contest. Loren is chosen as top 25, but she isn't chosen for top 5. Nora, Loren's mom, meets Max Duran, Eddie's dad, who passes Loren's song to Eddie, who loved it! (Eddie also found out that Loren was @lovetoloveyou, which was the twitter name that kept tweeting him lyrics) So Eddie made his manager make the Top Five into Top 15, so that Loren was still in the running. And then Loren won the contest! But Eddie found out about Chloe's cheating scandal with Tyler, who had gone to school in Fresno with Cloe. Eddie was very upset, because he wasn't sure if their love had been real. Eddie starts to fall for Loren, who has had a major crush on Eddie since she was little. Eddie kisses her, which starts their relationship. All the characters are PERFECT for the part they play! Hollywood Heights better have many more seasons! I'm crossing my fingers for Hollywood Heights Season 2!
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Hollywood Heights
audrasck24 August 2014
I would love to see this show come back with new episodes. I feel it was an excellent show. I couldn't wait to see.it each time it was coming on. Every person fits their character. I don't believe they could of chose anyone better for the parts. I hope with the new season it will allow Eddie and Loren to discover their careers together and having them to continue their relationship with each other. This was a perfect show I believe for families. We need more shows like this one. I am so excited about Hollywood Heights till all i do is watch the reruns over an over. Once the reruns started I was at the edge of my seat ready to see each one even though I have seen them all. I am such a fan that i have several saved on my DVR but i still stopped everything to watch all the reruns. I have even began to recor the episodes i didn't have saved. So now i have the whole first season recorded. I am totally in love with this show. Excellent Excellent!! Please return!
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