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A stunning first episode
fksj21 April 2017
Wow. Everything about this episode was just incredible. The acting, the music, the script, and the cinematography are like nothing I've ever seen. Everything is pitch perfect, and the mystery that develops from here is very intriguing. Broadchurch is a little known masterpiece outside of the UK.

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Introduction to the Events That Will Play Out
Hitchcoc21 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This series is going to revolve around the death of an eleven year old child who has been found on a beach. Suicide has been ruled out because of the distance from a steep cliff, and the fact that he was strangled by a strong hand (or something). We are also introduced to the two principle detectives on the case: one, a sullen man who likes to do things his way, and a middle aged woman who was passed over for the chief inspector's job in favor of the former. The camera is very careful to give us a continual view of people who will probably be looked at. There are some odd doing, including the erasing of a computer by the boy's friend. There is also a loose cannon daughter who is enamored with an athletic looking man and who messes up the security by visiting the site of the body. Good start. Let's see how it played out.
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