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Director Carlos Saldanha became interested in casting singer Bruno Mars in his first voiceover role after seeing him on Saturday Night Live (1975). After working with Mars, he rewrote his character to make him less 'macho' and, after a recording session, had a segment reanimated to fit his singing.
This marks the first Blue Sky Studios film to have a sequel outside of their existing Ice Age (2002) film franchise.
Although Eva is portrayed to be a terrible off-key singer, Bebel Gilberto, who voices the character, is actually a very good singer and accomplished musician.
There are roughly 150 Spix's Macaws that make up the giant "2" of the U.S. teaser poster. The number of Spix's Macaws within that formation seems to loosely follow the real-life population of the species left in existence (most of which are kept in captivity around other parts of the world).
Janelle Monáe's participation in the film owes to a meeting two years ago between the singer and director Carlos Saldanha at her Rock in Rio (1985) performance in September, 2011.
The boat the characters take up the Amazon River is called "Céu Azul", which is the portuguese for Blue Sky, a reference to the production company.
Don Rhymer's last film as writer before his tragic passing.
In Rio, after Blu and Jewel escapes from the smugglers, Blu can be heard saying "Have you ever heard 'It's a jungle out here'" In Rio 2, one of the movie's theme is called "It's a Jungle out Here"
During the 'animal auditions' scene, one talent involves a monkey swinging on a rock, tied to a vine. A reference to the notable "Wrecking Ball" music video of singer Miley Cyrus.
In an earlier written storyboard concept, Linda and Tulio's adoptive son, Fernando was to have extended involvement in the film's story. This would have included him going on the Amazon expedition trip with his adoptive parents to assist them in their search for the flock of hidden Spix's Macaws (albeit also showing his newfound skills in field work). However, it was cut due to pacing reasons and was only given a cameo at the beginning, revealing him to have matured physically.
In Serbia, Felipe is dubbed by a famous rapper Ajs Nigrutin, and main bad guy is voice-played by football player Savo Milosevic.
During the scene where Carla and Bia are flipping through channels on the TV, there are clips from previous Blue Sky Studio films shown briefly prior to Linda and Tulio's news report: Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012) and Epic (2013).
The anteater Charlie was modelled after silent film star Charles Chaplin, notably for his mute mannerisms and signature bowler hat.
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