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Calvin Norburg's public diatribe against Aster Corps results in two significant events. One, wealthy venture capitalist Vikash Nayar, an investor in Aster Corps, decides to pull his money from the corporation and invest directly in the work Calvin is doing. And two, Martin and Lucy become aware of the importance of Calvin in finding Amelia. As it is near impossible to get close to Calvin due to this publicity, Martin and Trevor believe the best way to gain access to Calvin is through Vikash. Although Martin does manage to gain access to Vikash, he finds that he must first assist Vikash on his latest personal mission. Martin is yet unaware that that mission is to associated with Amelia. Other associated stories include that of a librarian named Frances, who is trying to explain to her colleague and lover Carl why she is retiring and going "underground". Lucy and Jake befriend a mother and daughter at Santa Monica pier. And Guillermo Ortiz tries to find the next name of his list, ...

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