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Open with Hammad waiting to talk to Brody during his jog. She tells him they lost a man in Gettysburg which means he'll have to play a larger role. She'll be wanting him to meet with somebody soon and says "We're almost there."

Saul visits with Aileen in prison. She's in solitary for 23 hours of each day. He shows her a picture of the man who led the Gettysburg attack and she says she knows him. She tells him she wants a cell with a window.

Carrie and Peter speak in his hospital room. They speculate the box removed from the tailor's shop could have held enough C4 to blow up an embassy.

Dana tells Finn she went to the funeral of the woman he killed. She wants to tell somebody what happened, but Finn says they can't do it because of who their parents are. She says she'll do it by herself if he won't help her. He agrees.

Brody tells Jessica he's still the veep front-runner with Avery Phillips his strongest rival. She tells him about her conversation with Mike about Brody killing Walker. Brody says the CIA used him to reach Walker and it got "messy."

The entire Brody family joins VP Walden for a fundraiser at the home of someone named Rex. Brody lingers outside and calls Carrie, furious about his wife knowing about Walker. Carrie says she'll deal with Mike. Estes arrives at the fundraiser.

Peter tells Carrie she needs to find a way to empower Brody.

Saul asks the warden to get Aileen a cell with a window. The warden won't help expedite the process, which forces Saul to go through proper channels.

Carrie meets with Mike about not standing down with respect to Brody. She tells him that a terrorist attack is in the works and knows that he's more emotional about Brody because of his feelings for Jessica. He tells her he'll stop investigating.

Brody has to answer some uncomfortable questions about his years as a prisoner. Walden talks to Estes about Gettysburg. Estes assures him they have things under control.

Saul gives Aileen his word he'll get her a cell with a window if she helps them. She is unable to trust him.

Rex apologizes to Brody for the way he was being questioned. He served in Vietnam and understands where Brody is coming from. Rex says he doesn't like Walden, but is supporting him because he's looking eight years down the road when Brody can be president. Brody tries to assure him that he's not the person he thinks he is.

Carrie meets with Brody in a remote part of Rex's property. Brody tells her that Rex is the kind of person he could have been. They kiss. He says she makes him feel good.

Jessica and Finn's mother overhear the couple arguing. Dana blurts out what happened and they go inside and tell them what happened. Cynthia Walden tells Jessica that those kind of situations need to be handled a certain way and says she'll take care of it. She tells Jessica to follow her lead and Jessica says she has to talk to Brody.

Saul tells Peter he's waiting on the Attorney General and he should be ready to jump as soon as he has a name.

Saul brings Aileen some bread, cheese and wine. They toast to her window and talk about her road trip. He talks about his wife having left for India. Saul gets a call from the Attorney General saying the paperwork is on its way. She doesn't budge until a guard brings the form into the room. She says his name is Muhammad al-Gandhi and he's been in the country for a year. She says he's "gun-crazy."

Cynthia tells Walden about Finn. She says Estes will handle it and Jessica is the one they'll need to worry about.

Jessica tells Brody what happened with Dana.

On his way out, Finn tells Dana "I know how this goes," convinced what happened will never be reported.

Rex tells the people at the fundraiser that he is supporting Walden and thinks a Walden/Brody ticket is the way to go. Walden tells Brody that what their kids did will be taken care of if they "stick to the program." Walden doesn't think their ticket should be derailed because of a teenage screw-up.

From a private plane Peter plans the assault on al-Gandhi's residence. Agents take the door and find out the guy is just a musician Aileen knew from the pool club. She duped them. Saul can't figure out why she would have done that, then puts it together and runs to the holding area. She has cut her neck with a piece of glass she removed from Saul's glasses. He weeps and asks her "Why would you do this?" She says she wanted to spend a day by the window and dies.

Brody tells Dana they're going to the police and they leave. Estes sees this and calls Carrie.

Saul blames his emotion for what happened with Aileen.

Brody pulls up at the police station with Dana and finds Carrie waiting for him. She explains that if he does this his entire deal with fall through. Dana walks up and demands to know what is happening. Dana assumes it's all about the campaign and storms away.
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